Monthly Archives: February 2021

How Layers of Foundation Made for Her Viral Success with Meredith

  They said you need to switch things up in order to keep people paying attention. But not for TikTok star Meredith Duxbury. Following the same setup for her content, she has amassed millions of followers and likes on the platform.... Read More

Finding Self-Love And Confidence In TikTok With Deanna Giulietti

  What used to be seeing so many people made up and at their best on social media has now evolved to something even more authentic. With TikTok, people can get behind the scenes of people’s lives—be it at their... Read More

Real Housewives On TikTok With Michael Martinez

  TikTok is full to the brim with varying content, from the simply interesting to the outright silly. But only a few highlight reality shows, particularly the Real Housewives series. Together with The Bunny Barbie is Michael Martinez, whose TikTok... Read More