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Is TikTok the new mecca for diversity? As far as social media platforms go, it appears to be so – more so than Instagram, YouTube or anywhere else. The Bunny Barbie thinks so and so does her guest for this episode, the super-cute Chinese-Canadian TikTok influencer, Taylor Wang, who you most probably know better as Taylorwjc. In this short but sweet bedtime chat, we will hear snippets of Taylor’s Chinese heritage, their move to Toronto (another diversity heaven), how they started on TikTok, and why they prefer the platform over Instagram or YouTube. Taylor also throws in some of their opinions on the ongoing issues of Asian hate, racism, and gun violence, and the marked contrast of acceptance and inclusion that TikTok offers as a platform. Based on where they are right now in terms of followership, it’s not far-fetched to say that Taylor is on their way to one million by the end of the summer! That is so much for them and their community to look forward to.

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A Deep Dive Look into Asian Hate and Diversity with Taylorwjc

Tell me more about you.

I moved to Canada since I was eighteen years old. I was in business school. I studied Accounting, and that was horrible. We do cashflow, like let’s say we have twenty numbers, you have to add them together and calculate something. Every time I double-check it, I got a different number. When I triple check it, I got another number. Every time I do the adding, I got different numbers. Then I moved to human resources. While I was deciding which school I should go to for university, I was planning to go to the UK for a Fashion Design study, but considering the immigration status, it’s harder to get UK citizenship. It’s easier to get a Canadian one.

Canada is diverse. When people are talking about racism like Asian hate which is popping and had floated recently. Personally, I did not experience any of that because in Toronto where I live is 50% of people are immigrants from different places. Before I moved to Toronto, I have lived in China. I was always in the majority. Sometimes, I’m not as sensitive as some of the Asian-Americans who live in the States who have been experiencing those types of issues. That’s the reason why I haven’t spoken on that issue because I cannot relate in a certain way.

BTB Taylor | TikTok Diversity

TikTok Diversity: Instagram gives you such a pressure of being perfect.


It’s sad. It’s crazy to me that in different parts of the US, everything is different. I grew up in New York. It was very diverse. In the South, it’s not like that. It’s very different.

It’s wild. A lot of people who are being racist or sexist are lashing on their last bit of power because they are losing it fast and quickly. They do not have other things that’s the value that they can provide to the society or competing in the society. They are lashing on the last bit of power, but it’s like sand. It goes away fast. Instead of being mad and hateful, they’re more panicking about losing power. The whole situation is sad.

At the same time, I feel like as much as we try to come together, we also tear each other apart.

It’s normal for people to have been prejudice against different groups and to make them feel better about themselves, that’s natural. Even in China, if you’re from Rural China or from a certain area, I came from the city like Beijing and Shanghai where I live, people give them side-eyes. Even my mom does the same. I’m like, “Stop. They are somebody’s son and daughter. You should not be rude to them.” Even my grandma, she’s being rude to the waiter, she was saying, “These dishes.” I was like, “Can you shut up?” I curse her out. They’re somebody’s grandson and granddaughter. Why can’t you step into other people’s shoes and think about the other way. I’m like, “Stop being stupid.” I moved to Canada and my life has been spoiled. I didn’t work in general. This is the first time I’m mentioning that I’m getting an interview with TikTok as a Human Resource Manager.

People who are being racist or sexist are just lashing on their last bit of power because they are losing it so fast. Click To Tweet

In China?

Yes, but it’s a global position like a global strategy.

Did they reach out to you?

I applied. I think they cannot find somebody else that’s better, and they came back to me. I’m getting the sloppy second, but I’m taking it.

Do you know what your job position is?

Human Resource Business Partner.

You need to help me get verified.

I hope so if I can do that. I don’t know why you’re not verified yet.

I don’t know either.

A lot of people have less followers than you.

How long have you been on TikTok?

I started in March 2020, but I’ve been a troll online, leaving comments on people’s pages. I only started posting in May 2020 when Lady Gaga’s new song came out, Rain On Me. That was my first video about me reacting to it. I didn’t start posting regularly until January 2021.

I saw you. I feel like everyone blows up and knows them in TikTok, and then they slowly gain more of a following. I can tell like when someone starts getting traction because I’m like, “I’ve never seen this person before.”

Instead of like, “I hope this is my plan. I wish my account can grow slowly,” instead of blowing up, suddenly I’m getting no bills. Sometimes I was like, “That is sad.” You suddenly have millions of followers and you cannot sustain it.

Especially if they have one funny video.

I’ve been on the internet since I was fourteen, playing with Facebook. I know all the ins and outs.

Did you use Instagram a lot or no?

I do, but I’m not posting on that. Instagram gives you such pressure of being perfect. The feed has to be coordinating with each other. I’m like, “I’m going to post whatever I want.

I post my TikToks on Instagram.

I’ve heard you’re getting a lot of brand deals.

Yes, I get a lot of brand deals. I get six emails a week.

BTB Taylor | TikTok Diversity

TikTok Diversity: It’s amazing how you can learn so much about different people on TikTok. That’s something you can’t do on Instagram or YouTube.


That’s a lot. I got 3 to 4 a week, but it’s random brands.

Some of them are good. I hired a full-time COO, a Chief Operating Officer of the Bunny Barbie brand. She’s going to be doing all of my brand deals and everything involving my brand. She has to know what I’ll say yes to, what I’ll say no to, things that we have to go back and forth with. A few months from now, it’s going to be smooth and everything’s going to run so much smoother, but I’ve been taking way too much on for sure.

You’re running a lot in your business.

My brand is a whole business in itself now. Once you hit a million, it’s a little bit madness.

My projection is I hope I can reach one million by the end of summer 2021. I’m not saying the number is everything. I’m 700,000.

You’re going to hit it by the end of the summer 2021.

I hope I can come up with new materials instead of unboxing. I’m sharing my stuff in my bedroom. By the way, I designed this bedroom when I was fourteen. This is Lady Gaga. I’ve been a Lady Gaga fan since forever. I have a whole collection of her CDs.

Did you see that thing with her dog being kidnapped?

I was shocked. She’s in Italy. She’s filming a movie called the House of Gucci.

She wasn’t there and someone was taking care of her dog, right?

Yes, that was wild.

That poor guy, they shot him for no reason. They could have taken the dog and not shot him.

I can’t fathom the idea that you can get a gun easier than getting a pack of cigarettes.

I think you should have a doctor’s note to get it done like if you’re stable.

In Canada, you have to get lessons. You have to take two weeks of courses like driving lessons. That would be fine if you know how to do it and have a mental evaluation. You should not be walking into Walmart and just get a gun.

Even here being in the South, where I am it’s not super Southern. It’s more of a city, but still they have billboards, gun shows and I’m like, “Why do they do that?” It’s sad. That’s one of the main reasons that I want to homeschool my son too because of school shootings. It’s not worth it for me to send my son to school here.

I went through Chinese education in elementary school. There’s a lot of repetition, doing the same thing again and again. They encourage creativity. It’s a smart choice for you to homeschool your son. Are you teaching him Basic Math?

It’s hard to fathom how people in the United States can get a gun easier than they can get a pack of cigarettes. Click To Tweet

He’s four. He’s not even school age yet but he’s healthy. I’ll teach him everything, but he’s got to learn Math. He’s into being a pilot as well. He’s got to learn how to read and do Math to be a pilot alone. If you ask him, he’s like, “I am a pilot.” His learning will stem from doing like you have to do calculations. You have to know how much each person weighs on the airplane.

That would be so much more interesting learning stuff.

You have to have a certain weight before you can take off. You have to calculate that versus how much fuel you put on. Let’s say I can’t make it to California with eight people on the plane, but we can with three because you can put more fuel on the airplane and that kind of stuff. He will be able to calculate hopefully soon. He’s still young.

Before, I was like, “Why are you learning Math and all these formulations?” After university and doing a while with my own studying, I realized Math skill is more of a way of logistically thinking.

He’s going to learn more from doing real-life things.

I heard Elon Musk is doing something.

I stole Elon Musk’s idea. He started a school for his kids. When my son was in preschool age, when he was two, I started my own homeschool school. We only do it once a week. His is every day because it’s like an actual school, but these kids are older. These kids are in their teens now. I started a whole nonprofit school for my local community. We had 100 families. It was from ages 2 to 18 years old. We would have classes that they would go through and shuffle through throughout the day once a week. We are starting to get back up after Easter, after a month because we shut down with COVID. We didn’t have anything in person, but we’re just starting. We’re going to do some physical classes, and then my son’s going to do a robotics class.

I love how amazing I can learn so much about different people’s lives on TikTok. It’s something I can never do with Instagram or YouTube. It opens up my mind.

Especially because you see many different people. I never watched YouTube before. Whereas I feel like now I get to see little peeks of a lot of different people’s lives, which is nice. It’s so much more diverse.

YouTube is a lot of unnecessary information. They’re trying to fill the time. On TikTok, people have to catch each other’s attention. The information is condensed. It’s not only because it’s short, there’s not much value in a shorter video but the information is condensed. Every second counts.

I saw that they might be changing TikTok at three minutes per video. I hope they do because I will literally launch my TV show on TikTok. It feels like a different one. This was my other thing. If they move it to three minutes, it depends on what time, I would like to do a new episode every single day for two months. I think that will do so well on TikTok.

What’s your plan for your career in the next few years?

I’m going to launch this TV show.

Are you filming now?

I am not filming yet but I think we’re going to start filming.

Can I get a cameo?

Of course.

I will fly myself over to Wyoming to wear my gay cowboy outfit.

Can you imagine the outfits we could wear in Wyoming together?

I cannot even imagine like I’m going to Kanye’s house.

There’s this cute town called Jackson Hole. It’s the richest zip code in the entire United States. All the billionaires live there.

Are you there?

I’m near there.

I will visit your place and I would go out on a walk and put on my best outfit and go to the neighborhood like speed walking.

They have a cute downtown area.

One thing I want to do is to go to Utah in Canyon Point. They have a hotel that all the celebrities go there. It was like $2,000 a night.

Did the Kardashians go there?

Yes. It was $2,000 a night. It’s affordable when you go with friends so you guys can split the fee for the room. I travel a lot by myself. I have a funny story. I cannot sleep, so in the morning, I booked myself a 6:00 AM flight to New York. I took a bus. Imagine me taking a bus without anything and went to the airport. It was a ten-minute bus ride. I flew to New York and have lunch, hangout. I went to Saks Fifth Avenue and tried on stuff. I didn’t buy anything, window shopping. I got back home by 7:00 PM. That was amazing. That was like you, I’m flying my own plane. I hop on a commercial flight and go. I want to be like you when I grow up a little bit more.

You are so cute. Thank you so much for spending so much time with me. We should talk soon too. I’d love to have you back again sometime.

Thank you so much.

I’ll talk to you soon.

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