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Planning to use TikTok at first as a way to put themselves out there doing comedic skits, Antoni Bumba’s TikTok channel has evolved into a platform to blend art, fashion, and social justice, as well as to get people some wholesome advice. Antoni works in fashion as a personal stylist at Nordstrom’s. They join The Bunny Barbie on today’s show to talk about TikTok, relationships, and everything in between.

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Antoni What With Antoni Bumba

I am excited to talk to you. I feel like you may be one of the most interesting people that I’ve ever virtually met. I found you first. You were on my For You page. I was like, “I’m obsessed with you.” You were like, “Is this the Kardashians lady?”

I found you a few months ago. I remember I was going through a page and I was like, “This is epic.” You commented. I was like one of those Gen Z kids and see you on For You page all the time and never hit the Follow button. When you commented, I was like, “What?”

You can introduce yourself may be what you’re doing, what you’re trying to do in life, your name and where you’re going and where you see your TikTok going?

My name is Antoni Bumba. I am 22 years old. My pronouns are “they, them.” I am working in fashion as a personal stylist at Nordstroms. I am working to alter my career into solely modeling in 2021. I only had a plan at first to use TikTok as a way to put myself out there. I started getting into ranting and talking shit. I started doing goofy little comedic skits. I got into being wholesome and getting people wholesome advice.

People like you being yourself is what I’ve learned. All those different aspects are great. People like genuinely seeing people be who they are.

Although it’s very vague, TikTok itself is my way of being able to communicate with a large amount of people at once. I’m working right now on shifting and putting more of my modeling portfolio into my Instagram. A lot of people pinpoint certain things about my outfits or certain things about my nails that allude more fashion environment. I make a lot of my TikToks when I’m at work.

Do people recognize you at work?

It’s all the wrong people. It’s always my managers and my coworkers who are like, “You are on my For You page.” I have had times where people run into me on the streets that are like, “You’re always on my For You page.”

People know a lot about you and you don’t know a lot about them. It’s a very strange feeling to get used to.

The weirdest thing about it is I’m still very young. The weirdest thing is I don’t sometimes think that out of however many thousand people follow me that a large majority of them or a good percentage of them could be people that I went to high school with. They’re like, “I follow you on TikTok.” I’m like, “No, please. Don’t tell me that.”

When I post things, I rarely will post, I started posting TikToks to my Instagram. I feel before TikTok, most people that followed me on Instagram, I didn’t talk on Instagram. I would post pictures and stuff. I become this new person with TikTok and sharing more of myself and my personality and stuff. I see people that I’ve known for years and they’ll comment on stuff like, “Same you.” I’m like, “I never posted that before.” I’m not into YouTube. I felt nothing fit my vibe, but TikTok is so me. I love it.

When I was growing up, a lot of people were always telling me like, “Your personality inspires. You would love doing a YouTube channel.” I’m not sure about that, but when I did TikTok, it’s 15 to 60 seconds, it’s super lit. I’m happy about it. I have a lot of fun.

Did you say you want to move to LA?

Yes. Welcome to my life. I’ve been working alongside a couple of my friends that I’ve been friends with for a while. We’ve been managing music artists since we were probably fifteen years old. We got into managing music artists that were specifically from Korea. We worked hard marketing them to an American audience. They’re some of the most talented people I’ve ever met before. They’re genuine and kind.

How did you meet them?

I haven’t met them. My business partner moved out to Seoul. He made all these connections. I was like, “This is super fire. Let’s do this.” Since we’re confined to using webcam all the time and talking to someone, this is the only way to safely meet people oddly. We all built a dope connection, but I met them because he’s outgoing and scouty. He picked them and then we were all together in love with each other. It got to the point where I realized that I was doing it to help him. I’m a good friend. If my friends need me, especially if it’s dope and for the betterment of their career or their brand. My parents are very business-oriented and I was like, “I will help you build this entire thing.” It got so wild that I was like, “I don’t think that this makes me happy.”

It’s good for you to realize that too. It’s hard working with friends or doing anything business-wise with friends. It changes your relationship a lot and puts a lot of pressure on your relationship. I personally advise not doing businesses with friends. Yours seems it’s okay. You got to do what makes you happy and you got to try everything and do everything. My biggest advice is do everything that makes you happy and figure out something will stick and ten businesses will fail.

My friend, my partner, part of our friendship is we’re so ambitious. It might work. We had a plan to move to LA. They’re still moving to LA and I have a lot of friends out there. I was like, “I’m going to go out there with them. We’re going to get a house. We’re going to work.” Once I made the decision to not be a part of the company anymore, I was like, “I’m going to do what I’ve always wanted to do since I was fifteen. I’m going to move to New York.”

Now you want to move to New York?


Hopefully, it will be cheaper rents now post-Corona. We’ll see.

TikTok itself is a way of being able to communicate with a large number of people at once. Click To Tweet

I feel like what it is, is I don’t necessarily want to live in the US for much longer. It’s not my favorite place on the planet, but I will say one of the most organized places on the planet for sure.

Where are you from?

I’m from everywhere. I’m first-generation Congolese. Both my parents are African. They’re from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I was born in DC. I grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina. I traveled a lot as a kid. That’s probably why I don’t have an accent. I grew up speaking French and English. I’m from a lot of places. I went to private school for a lot of my life. I spent a lot of time with kids that came from Bengali, Egypt, Spain, places from Asia, everywhere. When people ask me where I’m from, I’m like, “I don’t know what to tell you.”

It’s everywhere, which is good. I’m raising my son the same way. We travel him all around the world. I’m going to homeschool him forever and do our thing with him.

You guys are the cutest thing ever.

He is so much fun. He’s getting into such a good age and he is the best. Do you plan on having kids?

Yes. Oddly enough, I plan on having kids. It doesn’t matter right now. I can’t decide if I want to do three kids or do 5, 6, 7 kids.

Did you say 3 or 7? That’s a lot.

Yes. I come from a big family. My mom is 1 of 6 and then my dad is 1 of 23.

Are you serious?

Yes. In the Congo, they’re weird. If you have a lot of money, the way that you show you have a lot of money is by having a lot of kids. My grandpa was all right.

Multiple wives or one wife?

It’s multiple wives.

Do you have lots of family members?

I do. I have an abundance of family.

Do you have a lot of brothers and sisters?

I have two sisters. My mom was like, “I’m not going through that.” One of them is older than me by eleven months. She’s my best friend. She’s smart and grounded and super chill. My little sister is ten years younger than me. She’s the best thing in the world.

That’s nice that you’re close with them. Are they all in the US?


Your parents too?

My parents as well are in the US. Everybody else is not though.

BTB 4 | Antoni Bumba

Antoni Bumba: You can tell a lot about people with the way they carry their shoulders.


Where do you see your TikTok going? Has it changed your life? Do you see yourself using it as your career or a starting point?

I see my TikTok being a platform for me to blend art, fashion and social justice. I feel there’s this weird thing that happens with all of everyone’s favorite artists, everyone’s favorite brands where they’re all on this platform that’s so far away from reality. A lot of people feel it’s far away from them and they can’t relate. I believe that with this app and what this app is able to do with people, I can use this as a platform to do all the flying shit, but then be like, “We can do it too. Here’s how.”

I wear many different hats. I have different businesses and stuff, which I don’t talk about on my TikTok anymore because these little girls were showing up in my office and harassing my receptionist and stuff. My husband was like, “Take it down. Stop talking about the businesses.” It was a lot. It’s so nice to show that I can fly a plane. I can be a good homeschooling mommy. I can own businesses. I can do it all. Me and my husband are both pilots. We take our son, fly around and do our own thing. If you ask him like, “Do you want to be a pilot when you grow up?” He’s like, “I already am a pilot.”

It’s surprising though. First of all, from the moment I saw you, I’m intuitive. I’ve always been. There’s this thing called reading faces that I didn’t know that I was doing it until someone told me like, “You should read this book. You’re doing it.” I can see the way your genetics develop and the way your face and your body, it can tell you a lot about someone. I don’t know how to describe it because I’m not super educated on it in a way that I can lay it out and like, “This is what’s going on.” I could tell that in your face, from when I saw it, the length and the proportion from the top of your brow, your hairline, and then down from your chin that you’re intelligent.

It’s crazy that you can tell that with my big forehead.

It’s not even just that. You can tell how it travels down your nose that you’re a jack of many trades.

What’s it called?

It’s called Reading Faces.

I never knew that you could read faces, but just palms.

Which brings me to a fire subject. One of the things that I did for a while, one reason why I feel people trust me with the advice that I give them sometimes or suggestions that I propose to them about how they should handle things is because I’ve had the fortune/unfortune of seeing myself in a lot of different spots because I go with the flow. For three years, I ran a small business at some point in my life where I was doing tarot card readings, astrology readings, and natal chart readings for people. I was getting into reading palms and it was super fire within the market for it. The people in the market freaked me out. I was like, “I’ll keep it to myself and doing the fun.” Something that I picked up in that time because there’s a lot of reflection that you do in mindfulness work. I realize that you can tell if a man is a waste of fucking time.


Let’s talk about it. God help all of the men that I put through the interview process. I promise you it’s not heavily intense, but I am heavily looking. I’m watching everything. You can tell a lot first about the posture and the way that they move their hands. I talk with my hands. You can tell when people talk with their hands, they’re passionate. When people are talking and their hands are moving, then they’re anxious. You can tell when people are nervous or anxious. They’re two different things. Now that I’m watching us having this simple conversation and I’m watching your body respond and your posture, I’m weighing out your self-esteem versus my self-esteem, which is go ahead and lay out whether we’re going to have a healthy relationship or not. I have a pretty high self-esteem. A lot of toxic relationships are rooted in people having low self-esteem.

It’s unbalanced in that too. I’ve dated so many men that felt they weren’t good enough for me. It ended up in them let’s say cheating on me or whatever else and not being good men to me because they felt they weren’t good enough for me. That’s on them.

I make jokes about this every single day about being super anti-men except I’m not because I am empathetic. It’s annoying. Sometimes people can see it as all men cheat, all men are jerk, all men are whatever. My perspective is you went out of your way so much that you didn’t even notice that you created yourself cheating on me so that you could get yourself out of this relationship because you felt so uncomfortable by my high self-esteem and your low self-esteem that I’m always reminding you of.

I’m thinking of an ex-boyfriend in my head right now. He was uncomfortable. We’d fight and he’d be like, “You’re going to leave me one day for somebody who has money.” I’m like, “I love you.” It happened.

Hands are important to look at. I’m observing and this isn’t just for men. This is for women, for everybody. Children are usually so innocent that they don’t hide.

I talk a lot with my hands like how you are. Even when my son was a baby, he’s expressive with his hands. Everyone was like, “He gets that from you.” I’m like, “I don’t think I do that often.” I started seeing it in myself from watching him be so expressive with his hands.

You can tell a lot about people about how they carry their shoulders. My parents were super strict. I love them. They’re the best. Compared to other Congolese parents, they were extremely chill. Posture was always super important. When you see sometimes that guys will sometimes have their shoulders be more inward towards their chest, they might be looking around or not wanting to present themselves with an open chest. Either that person is feeling more nervous, uncomfortable or does not want to be in that situation. Even if a guy is telling you that he wants to fuck you, his body language can totally say that he doesn’t. His intentions are not pure.

Body language towards you or away from you. If their legs are pointed towards you while you’re having dinner rather than towards the bar or something is where they direct their attention more at.

Also moving on upwards though, for a lot of guys that seem to be more masculine. You usually find this a lot more in cisgender straight men, cisgender masculine men. Pay attention to how much they move their chin when they talk and they nod their head and how. If they’re listening to you, they’re nodding their head. They’re looking at you and looking at you in the eyes, they’re into it. They bought the package, opened the package up, made the Kool-Aid, drank the Kool-Aid. They fuck with you. They’re all the way in. Every single woman in the world can relate to this. If the guy looking at you and nodding his head while he’s talking to you or while you’re talking to him and he’s not looking at you in the eye, he’s looking at you all up and down, he can’t see you.

He’s looking at not you. He’s looking at and focused on other things.

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More importantly, he’s not looking at you. He’s looking at the idea he is making up of you. That’s the thing. For me, I speak to everybody looking at them in the eyes, 70% to 75% of the conversation. Even when you’re in a camera, I’m looking at you in the eyes. I would move around. I feel those things and body language are important. As you get to men who are in their 20s, 30s or 40s, I sometimes pay so much attention to being like, “Your pores, I know you don’t drink water. I know you drink Mountain Dew. You wake up in the morning and drink the leftover Monster that’s open in the refrigerator because you need energy. You go get an Americano and smoked your little vape pen and call it a day. You don’t take care of yourself so how can you take care of me?”

If you don’t love yourself and take care of yourself, then you’re not going to be in a good relationship with someone else. You’ve got to love yourself first and take care of yourself.

I do not condone people being overly analytical when meeting anybody. At the same time, I love being surprised and I, believe it or not, loved being proved wrong. It makes me feel so good except for when it’s like, “I thought you were a good person.” It’s important to use your natural human instincts to pick up and read the room.

It’s important in business too, working with people and feeling their vibes and knowing if their intentions are pure or not. If you’re not a good reader of people’s body language and their energy, I would recommend that to anyone who’s getting into relationships or starting a business. Do some research on people that you’re dealing with and feeling out the vibes that they give you. If they’re right or wrong or whatever, it’s important in all your relationships to feel that out and when to cut off toxic people or friendships or whatever. People do change. They’ll drag you down if you keep having these people that aren’t good for you and your life.

As you’re saying all this stuff, I’m thinking about how prevalent that is in my life right now. It’s been for the past few years for me. I didn’t even realize until I started using TikTok. The video that maybe you might’ve found me on was when I was saying something about taking advice from people who have what you want. All of those videos are things that I learn in my life. I’m saying it more for myself at first, but then I’m like, “The rest of you guys are going through this too.”

When you start opening up about things that are happening to you or happened to you or whatever, and your advice on things and everyone’s connected with it. I never thought in a million years, little girls would find me inspiring. I was a crazy wild party girl. The last thing I would ever think is that these little girls would love me. They love it so much.

I feel like I relate to you a lot because you definitely hide your whole “I’m having fun” phase, “I’m having just fun” phase. Now you’re in this space where you’re like, “I’m having fun. I’ll always have fun, but I care about a lot of things. I realized that I’m intelligent. I can make that happen.” The way that you’re allowing us to all be on the ride with you as you go and develop and create these things, you respond to all of the comments that need to be responded to. Even the ones that are shitty and the way that you gracefully own that. I watch you handle these things. I was confident for a long time and that I went through a period of my life where I wasn’t super confident. I’ve been getting my confidence and personality back. Watching you, I’m like, “This is literally how you deal with haters.”

You can’t let people tell you who you are, what this is about. I respond to a lot of hate comments because for me too, I don’t want to keep that in. I don’t want you to say something mean to me and I’m like, “I’m so sad.” No. You’re the one saying something nasty. This is your issue. You’re projecting onto me. I have no time for the haters. I don’t care. I’ve been through so much in my life. I have my family and other than that, I’m good. I don’t need you to love me. I never did this so that people would follow me. I was just sharing about my life. It was mainly off of my voice that people like. It’s been a weird ride. It’s only starting.

You said something about you can’t let people tell you who you are.

People who throw these judgements on you, you don’t know me at all. This one lady wrote me something nasty. She started fighting with all the people in the comments saying how she was right. It was something towards me being a mom. I’m not a real mom because I had a C-section, something like that. She’s a mom. She’s like, “You’re not a real mom. You’ll never be a real mom because you had a C-section.” A month later, she DMs me on Instagram, which I never responded to.

She was like, “I’m sorry that I judged you right away because now I look at the rest of your videos and this is exactly how I want to raise my son, homeschooling and traveling the world. I automatically assumed you were this rich, blonde, bougie girl.” I’m like, “I didn’t even do anything for you to say something nasty to me.” People pass judgment right away when they shouldn’t. You don’t know me. I’m cool. I’m chill. I’ve been through a lot. I’m accepting of all kinds of people. People see me and don’t get that impression right away just from the way that I look, which is ridiculous.

I’m big on comprehension. Anybody is able to type a comment on the internet to someone else. For me to respect that and take it personally, the bare minimum is a comprehension level of understanding at least that things are not as they seem. For me, seeing the white roses and the gorgeous closet, I’m going to have that one day. Seeing all that directly, I was like, “This is aesthetic.” That’s what that is.

I don’t know why people are so mad about it right away. Because I come from nothing and building everything myself and whatever, I built that closet myself. It’s not like, “I’m a rich housewife.” No. I built the whole thing. I put the flowers on the wall with a staple gun. People assume that I’m a certain way, and then they don’t get the chance to get to know me.

When is your birthday?

It’s on November 15th.

You’re a Scorpio. I’m not surprised at all, but that’s fire.

If I told you my birth time, would you know what the thing is or no?

I’d have to look it up. I asked because I wanted to ask.

I get asked that a lot. I feel like people on TikTok are into astrology.

That’s probably because astrology is a certain category of information that has to do with understanding personalities and interpersonal relationships, which is essentially what everybody needs to do to survive. When I saw your closet, all the roses and I saw all of your things, I don’t know how I knew it was all hard work. I’m not an inch surprised at all. That’s cool. That’s such a huge part of what you said before is you can’t let people tell you who you are. I remember when I was 18 or 19, I spent two years after I graduated high school. I was in college. I was living with my parents. I had so much anxiety because I was having an identity crisis. I was like, “Who am I?” I feel everyone had those.

I’ve had those moments. Maybe five of those moments I’ve had in my life that were all at 7:00 AM after partying all night, alone in my room like, “What am I doing with my life?” kinds of moments. I’ll have dreams about them sometimes. They’ll pop in my head. I never would have imagined my life being like this. I believe in manifesting your dreams and envisioning where you want your life to go. A lot of my younger years, I was like, “I hate my life. I can’t live like this.” At some point, I started drinking a lot and partying a lot. I popped out of it.

BTB 4 | Antoni Bumba

Antoni Bumba: You got to be a little bit more selfish, considering if you have a vision and want to make it happen.


I relate to what you were saying. I don’t know why, but I want to talk about manifestation. Before we talk about that, I want to say I did go to parties now. I like to go out. I love to dance.

Are you single?

I am single.

Are you dating?

I stopped dating.

Do you date during COVID? How does that even work?

At the beginning of COVID, I was talking to this guy. I was like, “This sucks.” I felt bad because it had been three guys in a row where I was like, “I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m not interested anymore. This isn’t it.” I ghosted him. His last text was like, “I wish you were here now. I want to cuddle with you.” For me, dating, I’m focused on developing my brand. I am a sensitive person in relationships. I can navigate it, but relationships that are romantic are normally heavily emotional in a good way. When things aren’t going good, I don’t like to stop an argument, not see each other for two days and come back together and argue again. I want to talk about what upset you and fix it. Not everyone is like that.

Me too. My husband is not like that. My husband is ignore and walk away. I am like, “We need to talk about this right now because I cannot go to bed mad at you.” He’s chill. He’s perfect for me because I’m insane. I will rip someone’s head off. He’s a Libra. He’s October 14th. Nothing irritates him. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard him yell in my life. We do have that weird communication where I’m like, “Let’s fight and talk about it and get it over with.” He’s like, “Let’s just ignore it,” which is good sometimes. It brings me back down so we don’t get into heated arguments.

For me, I like to be with someone who can be mature about these things. I know that if I’m trying to work and I’m having a busy week. I have all these things going on and I’m trying to do this and do that. When you make me so happy or at least not to put all my happiness on you, but if this relationship makes me happy because it’s working and it’s not right now, not only am I thinking in my head like, “What else is not working?” I’m thinking everything that I normally would pass by thinking heartedly, I’m thinking about you. I don’t like that. We haven’t resolved it. If I don’t have closure, it takes me a minute to get over things. I’m passionate, smart, outgoing. I am very about making life a party. Let’s keep those vibes always. I also acknowledge, unfortunately, that I can be emotional. If I don’t have that clarity, I feel weird.

I like to close things out before it gets bubbled up more. You just think about it more and then put yourself in situations. You’re dreaming about things and situations that are never going to happen and give yourself anxiety. It’s better to work things through rather than ignore them.

The thing that I’ve always been without getting to the point. I sometimes can be theatrical if you have it. It makes things interesting. I want to be with someone who’s confident enough to tell me this in a way that doesn’t gaslight me. It will be like, “I love you. You’re totally overthinking this. You’re being super dramatic right now. Don’t freak out. We’re upset at each other. I love you. I need space.” That worked for me.

That’s my husband. Sometimes I’m like, “No, let’s talk about it.” This was years ago. We don’t fight at all now. I feel like we’re in such a vibe of our relationship at this point. It was hard for the few years especially before my son too, because we were on unstable ground. There was nothing binding us together as much. We’ve come a long way. The only thing we used to fight about was he always wanted to buy a second home and I don’t. I like going to new places, doing new things and whatever. COVID happened and then we went to this place on vacation in Wyoming and then I was like, “I love this place. We’ll just buy, build a house here.” Now we’re both happy.

Why is everyone going to Wyoming?

It is the coolest place. I know most people in Wyoming are in the middle of nowhere, but this place, you have to be a pilot to own land there. Everyone are pilots. It’s on its own runway and you just park your plane inside your house. Everyone has helicopters, airplanes, ATVs and snowmobiles. Everything is modern. All the houses are modern, not like Wyoming, like a farmhouse. It looks like it’s from a Batman movie. It is the coolest place I’ve ever been in my life.

I was like, “Everyone is buying a property in Wyoming. What is over there?” Now I know.

I don’t think many people know about it. There are a couple of places like this, but a lot of people are buying ranches. The Kardashians have a lot of land in Wyoming. Jackson Hole in Wyoming is the richest zip code in the US, which is shocking. Billionaires live there. It’s crazy. Where do you live? Where are you now?

I’m in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Do you like it?

This is a great place to raise kids.

That’s what people say when it’s too suburb-y.

My thing was I didn’t want to move anywhere permanently because I was so afraid that I wouldn’t like it for a long time. I didn’t want to make a commitment, but I wanted to travel and I wanted to go to different places. I wanted to see what the world had to offer, but this place I felt I knew how it worked.

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After talking to you for a while I was at the beginning, I could see LA, but I see it more in New York now, the longer that I’ve been talking to you.

Something I did not realize until a few months ago is how performative people in that city were.

Please bring it up. You’re very welcome to talk about it. This is a very safe space.

I have some friends that live out there. A good friend of mine lives out there. I’m always learning more about how that city works. I don’t necessarily like it. I haven’t lived there. I don’t want to say that I know, but I do want to say that there’s a culture in LA of people who aren’t constantly chasing clout, who are very artistic and cool. Especially with what I want to do, it’s not effectively going to help me grow as a business person the way that I would like to be. I understand that you’ve got to be a little bit more selfish considering if you have a vision and you want to make it happen, everybody else has a vision that they want to make happen.

If you want to work with other people, you’ve got to keep eye on your ball and not lose it. The vibe that I get from New York a lot more is less of the performativeness and more of the get it done. Even the way that people go about business over there, although it can be extremely fucked up. The ladies that I style on Nordstroms that do a bunch of business all over the world give me all of the T, always telling me all the things. This one lady was like, “No, it’s hard as hell. I had to work super hard to get to where I am, but it was real. It wasn’t fake.” I like that.

With your career, it fits much better in New York than in LA. I love LA much more than New York. I don’t like going to New York anymore, being a mom. It’s a drag. When I was younger, I loved it. With kids, you’re strolling over everything. It’s not that great. Go and live in both. You never know what you want to do.

My parents, that’s where they met. I feel some people have this experience with New York, but I grew so much there. I’ve been in New York for fifteen years. My mom hates it there. I thought I hated it when I first lived there. When it got to the winter, I wanted to kill myself.

I’m from Albany, New York which is why I dislike it more. It’s not near the city. It’s the capital of New York. You couldn’t pay me $10 million to live in Albany or New York City. Again, another reason I like LA is it’s 70 degrees year-round. It’s so good to do when you’re young because you don’t want to have kids in the city. Do it up and do it hard.

I have this whole manifestation about how I want to work my ass off for the next five years so that I can move out of the country. I want to start having kids in my later 20s or 30s and live in year up.

Have you ever been to London?

I haven’t been to London yet.

I think you would love London.

I’m going to hate the food.

Why? It’s cultured.

That’s the thing. I didn’t consider the fact that it is that cultured.

It depends on which part. There’s outside of the city things too that I’m sure aren’t. There are all kinds of food in London. We liked it.

She was in London, but then she went to Manchester. She hated the food. It was terrible. I don’t know enough about the UK. When I was in high school, I remember all these artists like Drake would go there and bring artists. I was like, “There’s culture.” Part of the whole weird thing about the US, why I love traveling so much is because I don’t want to think of a country a certain way and not know that there’s so much rich culture there.

My husband grew up there. We usually go three times a year, which we haven’t gotten in 2020 because of COVID. We spend a lot of time there. If London was where New York City is, we would probably live there, but it’s too far away from everything.

How is the weather there?

We usually go in the summer and it’s still almost a little chilly, but it rains a lot. It’s a little gloomy, but you would like it. It’s probably one of my favorite cities.

I’ll have to do it.

BTB 4 | Antoni Bumba

Antoni Bumba: Part of the process of growing and manifesting and developing that manifestation is getting rid of the dead weight.


Do you have any advice on how to manifest what you want?

There are a lot of different things. Two things. One, I know a lot of people talk about visualizing and stuff, but it’s very important that you take committed action. It’s important that you use your visualizations to get clear that this is what you want. Do everything you can even if you can’t have that specific thing. At that moment, every single day you should be taking steps towards that.

You should feel like you’re already living that life. I’m not saying, “I want this,” rather than, “I am this,” which is a big important part of manifestation. People will do a vision board and they’re like, “I want this house. I want this car,” rather than sitting there closing their eyes and being like, “This is me driving the car. This is me walking into my house,” which gets you deeper and more towards your goal.

One of my friends is big on manifesting and she created this entire brand for herself. The job she has, any way that she makes money, any way that she supports herself. She does everything that she likes. There’s my car. Lo and behold, she has the car. Sometimes people are afraid of failure and disappointment. They don’t want to take that step. When you’re manifesting in that way, sometimes saying that you have things that you may not like in this time right now yet have. It might feel a little bit inauthentic and that’s the moment where your feeling of inauthenticity about your manifestation. “I don’t have this yet. Can I have it?” That’s the opportunity where you have to shift your mindset to be like, “Yes, this is mine.” Sometimes there are things in the way that we don’t realize, but sometimes when you ask for something or you’re not even just asking, but you’re creating something. The part of the process of growing and part of the process of manifesting and developing that manifestation is getting rid of the dead weight.

If you’re manifesting, it might not be for you. There might be something bigger or better out there, but keep working towards those goals. Maybe that specific job that you wanted shouldn’t be for you. There are reasons that things don’t happen exactly as you pictured them, but keep working towards those goals.

My favorite situations in life ever are the ones where I am like, “I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to go.” I ended up having the most amazing times.

You have to get over that anxiety. When you push yourself to do the thing is when things happen for you. I enjoy talking to you.

I enjoy talking to you too.

Tell everyone where they can find you on TikTok.

I am a naive kid who decided to put my first and last name as my @. My Instagram and TikTok is all @AntoniBumba. You can literally find me anywhere.

Let’s say goodbye to everyone. I hope you enjoyed it. We’ll catch you next time.

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