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Being totally made up on video is passé. As TikTok gradually inches its way to become the number one platform for beauty content creators, more and more people are showing it like it is. Among those leading the charge is Erin Dugan Jurchak, a disruptor who refuses to put “beauty mode on” on her videos, letting people see the actual results of the products she reviews. Joining The Bunny Barbie in this lively chat, Erin takes us behind the scenes of her beauty tutorials and product reviews on TikTok and shares her thoughts on the beauty industry and the beauty content creation space. She talks about the difference between YouTube tutorials versus keeping it real on TikTok, showing people the realness minus the lighting set-up, and then gives her top makeup tips and go-to beauty products. Plus, Erin lets us in on her life during the pandemic and offers great advice on how aspiring content creators can start their TikTok journey. You don’t want to miss this conversation!

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Beauty Mode Off: A Beauty Content Creator’s Take On Keeping It Real With Erin Dugan Jurchak

How are you?

You look so cute.

With the blue eyeshadow, it’s so adorable. There are not many makeup artists that I follow, in general. I’ve never been into YouTube and on TikTok. It’s just a few and you are one of my favorites. I love when you review stuff and give honest reviews on everything. I feel like you try everything and tell us if you like it or not.

I feel like you have to be like that. This isn’t the days of YouTube where everything was completely airbrushed and people were doing all this crazy stuff.

Don’t you do your stuff without beauty mode?

I have never made one video with beauty mode or a filter. I refused. I won’t do it because it’s not true. I don’t want this to be knocking anybody who uses it either.

Mine’s automatically on.

If you do it, they’re like, “Why are you doing it?” I’m a beauty content creator. I can’t have people looking at my skin and being like, “I need that foundation. That’s bomb.” I’ve got to be honest with people and show them what things look like. You see no tears, pores and stuff in my videos and I don’t give a shit because I am who I am and the stuff’s going to look like when you buy it. That’s how I do it.

I think it’s so hard too when you see a makeup artist on YouTube, you think it’s going to look so good. Even in your house, your makeup will look good and then you go outside, it’s so intense.

I’m going to see if it changes. I have a Hollywood light. That’s why my makeup looks good half the time because I have good lighting. With a background in television, lighting is everything. That’s my outdoor filter so I can see what natural lighting. My little Hollywood mirror, do you see the difference? It’s fluorescent lighting.

I like the fluorescent. My husband hates it. I liked the white lights.

Look at you. You could look good in a garbage bag, a cardboard box and a dumpster on the side of a highway.

I even had my beauty mode on the Zoom because you can add it to Zoom, which you didn’t know.

I didn’t know that. I’m all about it though. I’m not one of those people who are like, “Don’t use a filter. Don’t do it.” If it makes you feel better, who cares? Use it.

The one on TikTok, I liked it because it’s super subtle and it looks natural. I feel like on Instagram, all the filters make you look all wonky.

They aren’t coming across. I used to use it way back when I first got TikTok and I didn’t know that I was going to be a beauty creator. I was trying to find my way and doing stupid skits with my husband. I would use it then but I was like, “This is what I want to do.” The beauty content is what I want to make. I’m like, “I’m not going to do it because I don’t want to be unrealistic.”

What’s your favorite foundation? I need to know.

Bunny, I’m going to give you two. Is that cool?


I just got a foundation. I can’t say this is my favorite foundation but there’s this new brand called Arrive. I checked on Instagram. I feel like makeup brands are trying to do too much. They’re over here. They’re over there like these huge lines. They have five products. I was so intrigued by the minimalism of it. They have a skin tint, it’s called.

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I’ve been trying to do a more natural look.

Me too with the blue eyeshadow on. I’m like, “I want to be natural.” For every day, I only wear sunscreen. When I’m going out, I don’t wear makeup.

Did they send it to you or you saw an ad?

I get sent a lot of makeup PR that I have a little bit more of a following. They sent it to me. It’s called Skin Boost Perfecting Tint. I’m telling you, it looks like a beauty mode or a filter in real life. It doesn’t look like foundation. It’s crazy. This is what I have on, the Wonder Beauty.

Do they come in different colors? I’ve never heard of that either.

It’s minimal. It’s light, medium, dark. I just got this and tried it. I’m obsessed with it. I don’t know too much about it yet. For a low maintenance look, it’s amazing. I don’t even know how to explain it. It dries matte. This is also what I’m loving.

Where is that from?

I got this at Sephora. I got it as a sample. I fell in love with it. It’s gorgeous.

I’ve been using the Pat McGrath. Have you ever used her foundation?

No, Bunny, because I don’t have an airplane. I can’t afford Pat McGrath.

It’s expensive but it lasts. I’ve had it for a year. It’s been so long but it’s the best. I feel like her color shade is the best one that’s ever matched me.

I’ve heard amazing things about all the Pat McGrath stuff.

Her eyeshadows and everything are so expensive. You need to get them to send you a PR.

Pat McGrath, NARS, Laura Mercier, where are you at?

The last time we talked was so long ago. We’re doing it again, rocking it out. I’m glad we’re talking. I can always do a second round of chatting with you.

I was overthinking everything I said in the last one. I was like, “I’m going to sound like a dumb ass.”

We’re doing it again, anyway.

The same exact thing will happen again this time.

Do you know Sarah The Corporate Mama on TikTok?

I love her.

I interviewed her. It was about to come out. I checked them and it sounded so bad. Something was clicking the entire time. I was like, “I’m so sorry. We have to redo it.” She was like, “I’d love to do it again.”

BTB Erin | Beauty Content Creator

Beauty Content Creator: Put your highlight on top of the setting spray. It gives it a little bit extra gleam, something to hold onto when there’s a little bit of moisture interest.


I’m happy we’re talking again though.

How’s your baby? He’s so much older.

He’s so smart. He amazes me.

How are the holidays and everything for you?

It’s good and low-key. My husband and I ended up getting COVID.

How was it?

It was awful, honestly.

Do you know how you got it?

It had to be only from going into a store. I haven’t seen my friends. I haven’t seen anybody. I’ve only seen my parents who already had it. It had to be going into Target or going to get groceries because I wasn’t around anybody and that’s super scary.

You seemed like it was a hard time recovering from it. You were sick for a while. How’s your taste and everything now?

It’s starting to come back. It’s been almost a month. That was the hardest part because I love food so much. I had nothing for a few weeks. I would dump hot sauce in my mouth. I was eating jalapeno peppers out of the jar for some experience. Now, I have it back but I still have a metallic taste in my mouth and it’s freaking me out.

Is it all the time?

All the time right now.

Did your son get COVID?

I’m guessing he did. He didn’t show any symptoms but he was around my husband and me. I’m sure he had it. There’s no way he wouldn’t. I was kissing on him and hugging him when I suspected I had it. I’m a stay-at-home mom. What am I going to do?

How have you taken care of him with COVID? Did you and your husband stay home and try to figure it out or did you get help with your son?

He got it maybe three days after I did. There’s not much you can do when you’re in the same house. When I was laid up in bed, he was taking care of the baby. Once he got it and we were both down for the count, the baby went to my parents because they already had it. They weren’t afraid. It worked out great. Thank God for my parents when we were both in the thick of it.

Were you throwing up or just fevers and chills?

I had no fever ever and no chills. All I had was extreme fatigue to the point where going to the bathroom was hard. I also had bad muscle aches and horrible headaches. I had one headache that lasted the whole night. It was intense. I was like, “I want my mom.”

You can’t take aspirin either. They tell you not to take aspirin?

I’m not sure. I took Tylenol for sure. I wanted to call my mom.

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I’m so excited for you. Your TikTok is blowing up. I love watching your videos and all your content. If you guys do not watch her, she does lots of great honest reviews on products. Is that mainly the stuff that you do? What’s your favorite type of content you make?

It’s trying out fun trends that are going around TikTok just because it’s fun to see different people’s takes on certain techniques. I did a video. You know Meredith, the foundation girl who does all the foundation. Back before we started doing that, I did it for fun. I like seeing the different trends that are going around and trying them or putting my spin on them. I’m always honest about stuff. If it doesn’t look good, I’ll say it and things like that. I try to be as transparent as possible.

It’s a good way to be too, especially with YouTube where I think it’s so easy to be like, “Why doesn’t my skin look like that, my pores and everything like that?” I’m sure people appreciate seeing the realness behind not me in beauty mode. I’m not doing makeup tutorial so it’s fine.

That’s what it’s all about. I’m trying to do it more and more now. When I’m done with a makeup look, I’ll go over to my window or go on my front porch and show people what it looks like in natural lighting as well. I do have great lighting but with the background television, it’s like oxygen for me. I need a good light.

Would you wear the same makeup you wear on camera outside or would you wear different makeup if you knew you were going to be outside?

The thing is I don’t wear makeup. I haven’t worn it to leave the house for some time. I used to wear it every single day when I was a reporter and a host. I love it so much. When I’m going out, I have sunscreen on. That’s it. Most of my looks are for videos, for fun and trying to teach people somewhat of a technique. That’s another thing. I’m always upfront and honest with people. I’m not a classically trained makeup artist. I learned on my growing up loving beauty. My flaws are my areas where I feel like I’m not so skilled, I’ll always say that like eyeshadow blending and things like that. I don’t find myself as skilled in that area. I always tell people like, “I’ll give you a tutorial but this was worst for me. I’m not a professional. I’m not trained.” I think people don’t care as long as you’re being honest with them.

What do you see for your future? Do you see yourself doing your makeup line and stuff?

That will be awesome. I don’t know. I had a YouTube channel years ago. I went back and watched some of the videos. It’s so embarrassing. I’ve always wanted to do this that’s why I’m so grateful and happy. I’ve wanted to do beauty content forever I’m talking. I went back and deleted all my old videos because my makeup was disgusting. I looked horrendous and horrible.

I want to see one.

I will send you screenshots because I privated them all. I’m like, “Erin, you thought that looked good? What is wrong with you?” I had a beauty blog called Glam Girl Tips. I would do tutorials, makeup videos and things like that. I forgot to renew the domain on It turned into an Asian porn site. Don’t go into that. People are going to go to that now. If you go to my old blog, you’ll see some danglings. It’s funny. Now, I wish I had just paid GoDaddy and not forgotten to do that or whatever it was. Even on my old YouTube makeup videos, it was water stamp with Glam Girl Tips.

What’s your top two makeup tips?

How about using tape to get a crisp eyeshadow?

I never use tape.

You’ve got to try it.

Is it just regular tape?

You can use Scotch tape. You can use anything with a corner. You can hold it like that but I love Washi tape, the craft tape.

I have a ton with my son. That one doesn’t irritate your skin as much.

You put it on and then do your thing. Often the line is super crisp.

I’ve always done my foundation before my eyes. I know that’s super weird. Everyone does eyes first but I’ve always done everything first like powder. I think it’s because I like to put a base of foundation on my eyes too. I use that instead of a primer, especially if I’m not doing anything. I’ll put foundation on my whole face and then I do my eyes. I don’t know.

I do both.

BTB Erin | Beauty Content Creator

Beauty Content Creator: Do your own takes on the big viral trends that are going around. That way, you can gain a little traction.


I feel like my eyelids get oily if I don’t put powder on them. If I have liner on and I don’t have any powder on, it will get to the top of my eye. I have hooded eyes. I like putting on powder before I put an eyeliner or anything so it’s extra dry.

I know what you mean. I do both.

That’s why I feel like the tape would wipe off the rest of my makeup.

For that method, you might have to switch it up if you want to try.

I’ll have to try doing eyes first.

Try it. It helps a lot with fallout, especially if you’re doing an intricate eye look like I was doing. You get the fallout underneath and things like that if you’re doing intricate work and you bump it or something. I like when I’m doing an intricate eye. Do the eye first, take some micellar water, wipe away everything and then go. For the most part, it feels better to do foundation first and then go from there.

You do both. It depends if you’re doing more of an eye look. What’s your next makeup tip?

I have a good one. I have a lot of people who are like, “How do I do a smokey eye and not have it go everywhere?” Here’s the tip especially underneath. You get a long-wear eyeliner. You put it in your water line. You’re going to take a makeup brush, a small pointed one. You’re going to spray it with setting spray, dip it into a dark eyeshadow, a black or a dark brown. Go right up to where you were and then buff it out right underneath. Take some translucent setting powder on a beauty blender, go underneath and stipple it right underneath. It will catch any of the fallout or any bleeding. Once you do your translucent setting powder, go over it and do the same thing one more time, the liner, the shadow, the translucent powder, then go and do the water line again and buff it out with the eyeshadow. It will stay all day.

Does the setting spray irritate your eyes?

It never has. I don’t go in the water line with it though.

You just go on the bottom.

You’re not saturating it.

I saw someone post a video. He does his liquid foundation first, uses setting spray, uses powder, uses setting spray again, does his whole makeup then use a setting spray again. What do you do?

I think I know what you’re talking about. I tried that method. I looked like an actual porcelain doll for two hours and then like a swamp monster. It’s horrible. Everything broke up, my nose and my laugh lines. It was not good. Everything has changed. I did everything so different when I was on TV because of the lighting and I needed it to last fourteen hours. It depends on my needs is how I do it.

Do you go last?

Do you mean the foundation one?

No, the setting spray. Do you do everything last?

I’m complicated and extra but I normally do the foundation and then any cream products like a cream contour, cream blush and then I do the powders over the top so setting powder, bronzer or any kind of blush that’s a powder. Before I do highlight is when I do my setting spray because I like to put my highlight on top of the setting spray. It gives it a little bit extra gleam. Something to hold onto when there’s a little bit of moisture. That’s another little nugget tip there. Setting spray, give it a second so it’s not super wet. Take your brush and then dip it into your highlighter. It will give it an extra pop.

What’s your favorite highlighter?

It’s BECCA, 100 %. That’s very old beauty YouTuber. That’s from that era but to me, it’s the smoothest buttery look.

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I loved that one until I used the brand Ofra. I’m obsessed. They have one that’s called Rodeo Drive. It is the best color I’ve ever used.

I’m sure it’s amazing. All of their products are amazing. I’ve only ever used the highlighters. They’re stunning. They’re right up there with BECCA. They’re creamy and buttery. They look amazing on the skin.

It’s cheaper.

I don’t think over as much cheaper than BECCA.

I think when they first came out, they were almost a knockoff.

I don’t think so. I think they’re still considered like high-end. I could be wrong but I don’t think they’re an inexpensive brand.

You go to the store and get makeup. You go to Walgreens or CVS.

That’s mostly where I get everything but I do love going to walk around.

I mostly shop at Sephora, I feel like. I don’t know why.

I used to do that. Honestly, at least in my area, I’m from Northeastern, Pennsylvania. There’s not a ton around here. Our Ulta is good, their collection but their point system is amazing and so much better than Sephora’s. I’m saving up my points to get a Dyson Airwrap. I’m going to keep all tidying it up.

Sephora doesn’t let you use your points for anything but samples.

It’s ridiculous. I used to be the VIB Rouge, the top of the line like you spend a mortgage payment there every month. I didn’t feel like the reward system was that great. Ulta gives you money to shop, which is at the end of the day, that’s the best.

They have the same type of products too.

I feel like Sephora has better high-end skincare and things like that. They also don’t carry drugstore products. Ulta has an entire section of drugstore products. There’s more selection. I like the mix of both. I like a mix of high-end with drugstore.

It’s more the product, not the brand. Where are your favorite eyeshadows from?

I am so into the Morphe eyeshadows. The thing is I never considered myself to be good at eyeshadow so I never got into it.

I feel like I always see you doing eyeshadow.

That’s because of TikTok. Honestly, I never thought I was going to be good enough to attempt a cut crease. I never thought I’d be good enough to attempt any of the crazy stuff I do. By giving it a shot and putting myself out there, I realized that I could do it. Now, I love eyeshadow. I don’t have any expensive eyeshadow pallets. The Morphe 35XO is my favorite palette. Unfortunately, this one is sold out. I feel bad when I do tutorials with it because they’re like, “I want that.” This is only $25. Look at these colors. There are neutrals, roses, pinks and tans. It’s perfect for everyday glittery moments but it’s sold out. They have a ton of eyeshadow palettes. Morphe does.

I have the Pat McGrath one too that I like. What I’ve been using is the Pat McGrath one. I feel like it stays on well. If I use a liquid liner again, it fades on the top of my eyelid a little bit. Instead of a liquid liner, I’ve been dipping her black eyeshadow and making it as a liner. I’ve been liking doing that.

I love doing that. It takes away a lot of the pressure.

BTB Erin | Beauty Content Creator

Beauty Content Creator: Be yourself. Don’t try to look like somebody else. If you’re just yourself, then there’s not going to be anybody like you.


The liquid is harsh. I feel like it gets thicker with a liquid. I do my eyeliner a lot thicker with liquid. When I wear it, I regret it. I’ll put on liquid if I’m putting on lashes. It’s like a little bit thicker but I don’t want that anymore because I don’t go anywhere. Are you still lockdown or are you in self-lockdown?

We’re not hanging out with people. We don’t go anywhere. We only see our parents.

How’s your state though?

Pennsylvania is not in lockdown or anything. Bars and restaurants just opened. They were closed for a while. Pennsylvania got bad. I can see it got bad because I got it with running into a store. That’s scary. It was prevalent in the area. I understand why they had to do it and get the numbers down. Things are getting a little better but the numbers are still not great.

I know things are getting better here too. I’m in Florida and everything’s been opened this entire time. Everyone thinks I’m insane that I stay home and don’t do anything. Everyone thinks life is normal. It’s crazy.

I was already a stay-at-home mom before everything hit. It wasn’t a big culture shock for me because I already stay in my house all the time.

At least you have TikTok so you’re working from home, which is nice.

It was honestly one of the best things ever, being able to start doing what I always wanted to do and I’m doing it. I’m so happy.

Do you have any advice on someone who wants to be a makeup artist? How do they break into that doing it on TikTok?

I would say try to maybe do your takes on the big viral trends that are going around. That way, you can gain a little traction. Maybe have a video or two go viral and get some followers. Start there. The biggest thing I can say honestly is to be yourself. Don’t try to look at somebody and be like, “I have to try to do something like that. I have to be like her.” If you’re just yourself, then there’s not going to be anybody like you.

I think too when people watch people on TV a lot, they try to be their personality sometimes. If you’re just yourself, it comes off so much better. People can feel it if you’re not being yourself. If you are acting or not being yourself, people can see that through the screen.

If you have true passion for it, the things come out. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and I’ll write down twenty TikTok ideas.

I bought a voice recorder because I’m so tired of looking at my phone because it keeps me awake. I think of ideas as I’m going to sleep so I record it and then I go to sleep.

The local newspaper did like a story on me, my TikTok and everything. The reporter was like, “Do you ever worry that you’re going to run out of content ideas?” I’m like, “I pull up on my phone. I go into my notes app. I start scrolling like this. I’m telling you, I’ve got hundreds of things that I want to shoot and don’t have time to because I keep doing new stuff. It’s insane. My brain is full of beauty information, skincare and makeup.”

Do you have any advice on self-confidence? I have a lot of young girls that always ask me, “Where’s your confidence from? How do you deal with haters and stuff like that?” I like to ask everyone that.

I remember even from having a Twitter back in the day, being a reporter and a host, people would constantly comment on my hair, my weight, my makeup and everything. A lot of that prepared me so well for TikTok, now having a bigger following and dealing with a lot of hate, especially on the big viral videos. The most important thing to remember is that if you’re happy, you’re content and things are going good with you, you’re not going to go on the internet and start to drag down people who are happy. I try to have as much empathy as I can and think like, “They must be in a bad spot. They’re on the internet saying that I’m ugly and this and that. That’s sad.” I try to keep that in mind that they’re not happy people. Can you imagine going on somebody’s video and being like, “That’s not for me. I don’t think you look good. You look bad?”

It’s so sad. Maybe this is different for you but I feel like 90% of the people that hate me are women in their 40 plus. They have no filter. They think that they have a right to be mean to me. They know more than me. They’re better than me. I think that they come from a different generation where it’s normal to talk about people’s appearances and shame them for their appearances and stuff like that. Whereas TikTok is creating a different culture for people that are on it that may be older and even the younger generation, it’s not okay to talk about someone’s appearance. I rarely look at a hate comment from a young girl.

They’re in it. They’re dealing with it. Being a young girl is hard. Most of my hate comments do come from the older generation of women but also, which is so weird, is young boys, especially on my viral videos. There are hundreds and hundreds of them saying, “Makeup should be illegal. I’d never take you swimming,” all those stupid thirteen-year-old boy phrases. “Catfish. You’re so hideous. You went from a 2 to a 5. Thank God.” Most of the time what I say to them is, “I hope you talk with your parents.”

My TikToks have never gone to a young male generation. I’ve never seen a young male comment on my video ever.

Those are my only videos. I’m talking of the big ones, the 5 million, 6 million ones where you’ve got every comment but it’s strange.

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My TikTok sends me to only women. There have been two videos ever that they have sent to men. I have a creepy man every once in a while, that lingers.

It’s so funny. I feel like if a man comments on one of my things, I’ll block him.

This isn’t for you.

That’s one thing. I am not on straight male TikTok at all. I had never even seen one and I love it.

I know as soon as a video gets sentiment because my following is 91% female. One was a flying video so I know why it got sent to a male audience. I don’t know if maybe they sent it to a few and then it started. It wasn’t even just a male audience. It was an older cowboy type of guy. It was hundreds of them. It’s so funny.

That’s what happens. I feel like the algorithm, once it finds out that it’s having a certain reaction with a certain demographic, they send it to all the thirteen-year-old boys, all the cowboys. They know because of the algorithm.

It’s like, “The cowboys like this one. We’ll send it to the rest of them.”

“Hang on, John. We’ve got one. Send it off to all the cowboys and go.”

There had only been two videos ever that have been sent to males. It’s also not that many but I get some gay men as well, which they’re more than welcome to happy and stay. They’re usually so nice and friendly. Everyone else is, I don’t know. I would say it’s 50/50 if an older woman loves me or hates me, but the ones that hate me hate me so much.

People that hate you, they hate themselves. I hate to say it.

Maybe I’m triggering something in them. I’m trying to be me and be myself. The comments about my weight, my appearance and my voice irritate them so much. It’s the way that I talk. I could understand if I was pretending to be someone and I was using this acting voice but I can’t change the way that I talk. It is what it is. It’s annoying to me.

People who are happy and secure don’t feel a need to try to bring others down. Light a candle. Say a little prayer for them that they get happy and something good happens for them.

Do you meditate?


What do you do if you’re having trouble sleeping or you have anxiety?

I have anxiety all the time. I’ve dealt with it for years. I should meditate. A lot of people seem a little bit taken aback because I am outgoing. I definitely deal with anxiety and sometimes have sleep problems because of it because I cannot shut my brain off. I can’t do it. It’s just going and going. I have some social anxiety as well, which is funny because I was on live TV for ten years.

I feel like you’re super social.

I can be but I like being by myself as well. I have a mixture of both. I get social exhaustion. When you’re around people and you’re on for a long time, I shut down and I want to be by myself for a while.

I get like that a little bit too. If it’s overwhelming for a long period of time and you feel like you’re on too much, I want to be by myself. I feel that but that’s not a problem because there’s nothing to do. I hope this is over soon. I cannot wait to get my vaccine. I’m trying to get on every list possible to get my vaccine. I’m sure you’re not super worried about it because you already had it. You’re good for at least three months.

That’s what I read. I think I read they know for at least five months. I’ll be good for a while.

BTB Erin | Beauty Content Creator

Beauty Content Creator: The most important thing to remember is that if you’re happy and you’re content, you’re not going to go on the internet and start dragging down people who are happy.


I haven’t had it so I want my vaccine.

You don’t want it. You don’t want to lose your taste. It is awful.

I planned my first time seeing my friends in so long. We’re being super safe. It’s just us. It’s not a huge deal. I need to see my friends.

I miss my friends so much. We did a little Zoom bingo. That was fun. My friend made a jeopardy board. There were trivia questions and bingo boards. We all had a glass of wine and got to talk but it’s not the same. I want to brunch. I want to go out to eat. I want to do this and that but it will come.

Florida is wide open. Some of my friends are going every single weekend, traveling and doing stuff. Their lives are completely normal. I’m the most conservative out of all my friends that don’t do anything. I’m excited to do something with my friends. It’s so different. I feel like in every part of the US, it’s so different. People here don’t care. LA is completely shut down still. Clubs are fully open here and no mask clubbing. When I tell you, it’s like back to normal. It’s insane. I’ll see people going out to the clubs. There are videos. It’s packed and grinding on each other with no masks, nothing. It’s disturbing. I know the Super Bowl is going to be in Tampa. I have a feeling it’s going to get worse in all of Florida because of that. People are going to travel. Everything’s wide open. People from all over are going to come here and be like, “Nothing’s closed. Let’s go out.” I think everyone’s going to suffer.

The numbers are horrible. My aunt lives in LA. She’s an aesthetician. Her place to work got shut down again. She can’t work on anybody. She said that there are no more ICU beds. What are they going to do? The numbers are still rising. It’s not over just because we’re sick of it.

I know we’ve been saying that for a year but it’s definitely not over. It’s crazy.

I see and feel that there’s an end in sight at least. It’s a little better.

My husband’s mom is in her 70s and she just got her second shot of the vaccine, which is great. There’s a little less pressure on us to be super careful. She’s a smoker and diabetic. If she gets it, she’s not going to be in good shape. She’s the only one in our lives that’s concerning about. I feel so much better that she has the vaccine. I feel like I’m going to be last to get it because I’m young and healthy but I’m waiting.

I can’t wait to mentally feel better about it all and have it. Parents have it.

Thank you so much for talking to me. Let me ask you two questions before we get off. The first one is, what was the best part of your day?

The best part of my day was getting a kiss from my son when I went in to get him from his crib. It’s the best part of every single day.

My son woke up and he was like, “It’s snuggle time.” He snuggled his feet underneath me.

My son started saying, “Cozy.” When we lay together and we pull the blanket up, I always go like, “Let’s get cozy.” He started like, “Cozy.” It’s amazing.

The second one is, what did you learn?

People in Florida got to get their shit together. Why are you clubbing? Get out of the club.

What I learned is that I’m going to get off this call, go to Arrive makeup and order some foundation because that sounds amazing. Is it on Amazon or is it on their website?

I think it’s on their website. I also got their bronzer, which I liked too.

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What’s their website?

It’s Arrive Here. I wore it all day and I was like, “It doesn’t even look like foundation.” It does not at all.

Thank you so much and hopefully, we won’t have to do this again. I’m hoping I will have you back for a second episode at some point.

That would be great. I would love to chat with you anytime, Bunny.

Thank you so much.

Bye, honey.


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