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Social media has grown from being a simple communication tool to a full-blown community filled with various discussions and interactions. Social media strategist Rachel Pederson focuses on this advantage, helping businesses reach their full potential by improving online reach. She sits down with The Bunny Barbie to talk about her career and the available opportunities to those without a degree, her challenges as a woman in the business industry, how she dropped her Minnesotan accent, and the changes she made with her diet. They also share experiences as a mom, how they work with their partners, and how one interesting story of a dog pooping in a plane created a shared connection between them.

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Career Experiences And Challenges Of A Social Media Strategist With Rachel Pederson

How are you? I’m excited to chat with you.

I’m excited. I’ve been waiting for this.

Why don’t you tell everyone where to find you, who you are, and what you do?

I’m Rachel Pedersen. I’m @TheMrsPedersen on all social media platforms because it’s easier than trying to find Rachel Pedersen on every single platform. I’m a social media strategist who started my business in 2014. I wouldn’t say accidentally. We have had quite a bit of success in our business and it’s been awesome. Over the years, we’ve helped a lot of companies to cross either their first, their next, or their multiple leaps in million-dollars in revenue. We’ve had fun with lots of social media strategies. I’ve got a decent following on some social media platforms but I’m a Minnesota mom of three.

You’re verified on everything.

It’s crazy. I feel normal sometimes. Do you ever feel that way? It’s just me.

I feel normal.

It’s been fun though. We get to travel quite a bit. I speak and I get to do awesome things like talking to you.

What made you start your career? Do you do it with your husband? You say we a lot.

I say we only because my team is amazing. I started the businesses myself 100% and I used to always say I. When Paul came into the business, I had to learn how to say we and that was hard for me. They’re still technically 100% my businesses for tax reasons and everything. We do everything in business together but his office is the back office. Hiring, firing, payroll, HR, finance, and then I handle everything on the front end from sales to products, development, marketing, and working with clients.

What a great team.

It’s fun. He’s cool to work with too.

Does that ever get sticky with your relationship or not?

Not anymore. For most people, I’d say don’t ever try it. It’s challenging and it can be easy to make your whole life be about work. I could talk about it all the time. He’s not wired that way. He’s like, “At 6:00 PM, let’s do dinner. I’m ready to take the weekend off. Let’s not talk about it.” I could talk about work, social, TikTok, and everything for the rest of my life. It doesn’t get sticky only because we’re on the same wavelength with our goals. We want big things to happen. He supports my dreams. It would be harder if we weren’t in the same business for him to understand this crazy drive I have with the business.

That’s healthy for your relationship if it works for you.

I wouldn’t recommend it for most people because you have to stay out of each other’s business and be like, “You handle the back office. I trust you. I’ll handle my office. We’ve got this.”

Do you do ads and stuff for businesses? Do you do for Facebook Ads?

We do Facebook Ads. We’ve dabbled in Pinterest Ads. They’re decent and comfortable. We’ve done Twitter Ads, YouTube Ads, TikTok Ads. TikTok Ads are crazy cost-effective.

Do you reach out to influencers or you go through TikTok backend things?

We don’t do a lot of influencer sponsorships, partnerships, or management there except for my brand. We’ve built all of our businesses under The Rachel Pedersen brand. That sounds like I’m talking about myself in the third person but I’m talking about the name behind the logo. Everything is built there. I do get sponsorships but we don’t handle sponsorships for influencers. We do run ads not for influencers but for businesses like physical products or online offering software, etc.

You don’t deal with influencers at all. You do their ads.

Almost 0%. The only time we work with an influencer is if they have a business behind their face if that makes sense.

What type of companies do you work with? Is it products and software?

We’ve done a whole bunch of stuff. I’ll share my favorite companies to work with. We worked with an organic skincare company and grew them from $4,000 to $6,000 a month in revenue to $286,000. That was exciting. We brought a weight-loss company from $300,000 a year in revenue to $3 million. We have worked with some Fortune 500 and big Inc. 5000 companies. I like established small businesses. We’ve done tech company and physical products.

BTB 11 | Social Media Strategist

Social Media Strategist: TikTok Ads are crazy cost-effective.


A lot of my audiences are young so they ask me all the time. How do you get into business? How did you find what you love? How do you start a business?

There’s no one path if that makes sense. For some people, you go out looking for ideas for business. For some people, that’s their nature. For me, I was always looking for where can I own a business. I used to be a hairstylist back years ago before I started all this. I would always think like, “Someday, I want to own a hair salon or there’s something I want to do with this.” I don’t know what it is but I was looking for those ideas. There’s the other path where your ideas find you. It’s a perfect opportunity. There’s a gap in the marketplace or something that people are asking for advice on, they need a product or something along those lines.

There’s no one path but I wanted something that was my own. I wanted that badly. I remember when I was working in this tech company, I was their director of marketing. I got written up for missing work one day when my daughter was sick and I was mad. The next day, the president of the company was like, “I’m going home because my son is sick.” I suddenly realized I’m not mad at him. I’m mad at myself because I’m building someone else’s company so that they can be with their kids. I’m frustrated by that. That’s when I started looking for opportunities and I was like, “Where are the ideas? Let’s go. It’s time to build something.”

Was spending more time with your kids a big factor in you wanting to start your own business?

I’m going to say yes because that was part of the reason why I wanted to do this. We hired a full-time nanny 9:00 through 6:00, Monday through Friday but it is my mother-in-law. I like the freedom to be able to spend time with my kids.

I have the same. I have someone here but she’s another mom to him so that I can hang out and then do a show or work on other things. We all hang out like a big family.

Let’s say they have a half-day on school or off school, I’ll be like, “Why don’t you guys come hang out with me or I can take some time off and we’ll go to Barnes & Noble or whatever.” Most of the time, I work Monday through Friday 9:00 to 6:00 and I would work longer if I could but I decided not to work more than that.

You had marketing businesses before doing your own social media is what I’m understanding.

I was a hairstylist when I got my first client.

I have my cosmetology license too.

I could sense that in you. I feel like former hairstylist knows each other. I didn’t have experience. I had posted on social media, saw some results, and that was for being a hairstylist. I would always post these before and after. I loved blondes and extensions. Those were the two things that I did for my clients and a client sat in my chair one day and she’s like, “Can you show me your Twitter?” I was like, “What do you want me to do?” She’s like, “Show me your Twitter, the bluebird.” I was like, “Twitter.” I realized that I didn’t feel like an expert but I knew that to this couple who bought this business, I could be an expert because they knew nothing about social media. While I started securing clients, I left my 9:00 to 5:00 as a hairstylist and jumped into marketing. I still don’t know how I got the job as a director of marketing. It doesn’t make sense but I know that I was following the right path and then it felt like doors opened. I got that job with little experience. Still to this day, that’s crazy if you think about it.

I have a similar story. When I was 19 or 20, I got a job as the dean’s assistant at a college. I never went to college so I have no degree. I was the only person that worked there without a degree. Other things happen. I was the fiscal analyst for the college. It’s insane at nineteen years old and without a degree. Those kinds of things happened to me too. If you exude that energy that you’ve got it, you can do it. It opens doors for you without the experience.

I’m a college dropout. I got pregnant and then left college. I have my cosmetologist license or at least used to until it lapsed. My husband is a high school dropout who got his GED. What’s amazing to me is he goes into meetings with American Express. They assume he’s got this college pedigree and I’m not even close but he shows up.

If you could get one of the companies we were talking about like American Express if you have those connections.

We have some connections with that.

It’s great if you have those connections. I don’t want to discourage people from going to college especially if it’s a college that’s already paid for and you don’t have to take out a ton of debt to do. My thing is I would say 95% of my friends have never used their degree for anything. They have a lot of debt and they’re still paying it off. I try to encourage young girls to find out what they like before committing to getting a degree. I know it’s what we’re supposed to do but I’m not traditional.

I feel that way too. There’s a lot of pressure sometimes. At least I felt this where I worry that people are going to think I’m not smart if I don’t have those degrees on my wall. Do you ever feel that pressure too?

When I was 18, 19 but I don’t anymore. Mostly, I’m going to homeschool my son so I’ve done a lot of research into this education and what it’s even for and stuff like that. Being with my husband at a young age who is successful. He has a degree but he’s never used it for anything. He didn’t care that I didn’t have a degree so it made me more confident in not having it. His ex-wife and I were different in education and stuff. She also didn’t get a degree. She is not into the homeschooling thing.

She’s traditional. The kids have to get degrees, they have to go to college, etc. We get along so nothing is weird. I was speaking with her because she is the CEO of her own company, we own part of it, she owns the other part. We all work together. Not me specifically which own it. She does everything. She is a major player in her industry. She feels now the power of not having a degree. She’s like, “I got here and I grew up in a trailer.” She’s got this great story. She was in the military when she was eighteen. She was in the Marines. She had a husband who abused her, she met my husband and this whole thing. I feel empowered by not having a degree now that I’m older.

I haven’t got there yet but I feel like it’s going to happen soon.

I also think it’s a generational thing too. I’m a Millennial. My audience is Gen Z. With them, they don’t care and they get it more. The way that education is changing, people are not going to see a value in spending $100,000 on an education that they might not even use.

I look at the loans we took out for 2.5 years of college. I’m like, “That was such a waste.” I learned the business, but what I learned there did not prepare me for real-life business and entrepreneurship at all. Social media and marketing classes can’t even keep up with what’s changing. That’s one thing that has always been easy for me. I do sometimes feel that pressure that I should get a degree to prove to people I can talk about X, Y, and Z. I was talking with my friend, her name is Ann Grace, she’s a writer. She writes on alcohol whether or not it’s a good thing for different people’s lives. She earns $500,000. She is on the cover of many doctors’ books as their main endorsement. She was like, “Rachel, you do not need a degree.” I was like, “Okay.” That’s one of my journeys.

Did your parents focus on you having a degree?

Yes and no. I grew up in poverty. Thanks, mom and dad. They wanted me to have a degree. They wanted me to marry but then right as I turned eighteen, my home life imploded. It was interesting. My parents were separating, getting back together, and then finally divorced. Everything was messed up by the time I turned eighteen. In a few years, I find my way out.

Going into that, I know you have a crazy weight loss story.

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Did you lose weight?

A little bit. It is a little crazy.

It’s a lifestyle.

This is why that threw me off. I used to eat whatever I wanted. It was back in May 2020 when lockdown started. I looked at some pictures of myself and I was like, “That is not me. That is not okay.” I stepped on the scale. The crazy thing is on a scale, I still weigh the same which is why it doesn’t feel like a huge weight loss, but I completely changed my body composition by going fully plant-based. I was a size 12 to 14 then and that was high for me. After three kids, I was like, “This is not me. This is not what I’m going to be for the rest of my life.” I switched to vegan plant-based and started working out regularly and I felt good. I’d say I fluctuate between a 6 and 8 now. I feel good about it.

It’s all about how you feel. It’s not about the size.

The weight is the same and that was what threw me off. I worked with an expert who helped me to calculate my body fat percentages and stuff. He’s like, “You traded pounds of that for pounds of muscle.” It was the coolest thing for me.

That’s awesome that you weigh the same. It goes to show that it’s not the weight. It’s not what’s on the scale. It’s how you feel and what you’re doing. Did your husband come along with you on the journey?

He did. He’s been on a two-year journey since we had our third kid. I was looking at some pictures of him from 2018 and he has got fitter. He was at his highest weight ever in 2018. I don’t even know if I’m supposed to share all this info because he’s private but I’m going to go for it. Now, he’s at his most lean so far and he continues working towards it. Our big goal is we’re going to Hawaii. Hopefully, in January 2021. We’ll see if the lockdown lets us or not. I’m excited to see where he goes but he’s got healthy.

Is he plant-based as well?

Absolutely not. He made it clear he will never be plant-based.

Is that hard for you cooking at home or do you guys do your own thing?

We do our own thing. It’s like, “What are we going to figure out to feed the kids?”

Do you guys make your own meals?

We make our own meals. For me, it’s simple. It’s having a bowl of kale. I’m putting Amy’s soup over the top of it and I’ve been following at 98.

You eat a bowl of kale with soup on top?


Is it warm?


Is it cooked kale or raw kale with soup?

It’s raw kale with soup. You sit down and chow away and I’m like, “Whatever.” I’m sure I’m not setting a great example for plant-based.

I like that. It’s just I’ve never heard of doing that.

It works. He will have eggs and then a sautéed spinach, a steak and carrots or a steak and broccoli. He’s doing more of the paleo style. I go plant-based I feel good on it though. I’m sitting there eating warm soup on raw kale. This is the most ridiculous thing. People come over and I’ll be sitting with a can of soup, eating it from the can and they’re like, “Do you want a bowl?” I don’t care. I have many other things to care about.

It’s weird especially not cold or hot.

It’s room temperature.

BTB 11 | Social Media Strategist

Social Media Strategist: Find out what you like before committing to getting a degree.


They say that eating hot food isn’t good for your esophagus and stuff anyway.

Either it’s cold apparently. I’m focusing on my esophageal health.

What do your kids eat?

They’re like normal kids so they eat chicken and broccoli or mac and cheese with peas and carrots in it.

You essentially have three different dinners going on.

I will say that within the next years, one of my big goals is to get a full-time chef in-house. That’s been one of my dreams for a long time. That’ll be helpful for our three different meals.

I have a lot of experience because I’ve had a private chef for the past years. I’ve gone through two different people. My recommendation in finding someone if you’re interested is to reach out to a local school that has a culinary program and someone who’s graduating. You work with the school. It’s like a placement program. They’ll place someone with you.

That is perfect. We had some good culinary schools here. You would be surprised but Minnesota has phenomenal good restaurants.

You don’t have a Minnesota accent. Do you work on it?

This is ridiculous. I love that you’re asking about that.

I think of Fargo when I think of Minnesota.

It sounds like. When I went to college, I remember there were all these people from different states. On the first week, this guy is like, “You sound like Sarah Palin.” I was like, “No.” I started working on my accent and I worked to drop it. It’s a lot better now than it was before. People always say like, “Be authentic. Have your accent.” I’m like, “You don’t accuse someone with a Minnesotan accent of sounding smart or easy to listen to.”

Do your kids and husband talk like this?

Not at all. My husband is originally from Honduras even though his dad is Danish. He’s half Danish, half Honduran. English is his second language but he learned universal English that is in movies, on the news, and stuff. That’s the accent he learned. He hadn’t heard my accent until one day when I got together with my sisters and he was like, “What happened? Fargo popped up at this Christmas event.” It bothered him because he was like, “Who is this woman?” It was interesting. I don’t like how it sounds so I worked on it.

My husband grew up in London and he doesn’t have an accent. He won’t even talk to me in an accent until we’re in London and he has a glass of wine. All of a sudden, he has this English accent.

He dropped it too.

He trained himself not to have an accent.

What was his reasoning behind dropping the accent?

You would think that people will think that it’s cool here. He went to college in Florida because he picked a place on the map and decided to come here. He and his friends all worked on dropping their accent but I like an English accent. It’s cute.

Where are you from?

I’m from Albany, New York and then I moved to Florida when I was eighteen. I moved from LA back and forth. We’re in Florida and we bought some land in Wyoming. We’ll be half-and-half. I’m excited.

I love Wyoming.

I didn’t think I was going to love Wyoming because I’m not a country mountain girl but the place that we bought, you have to be a pilot to own land there. It’s all other pilots with young families. It’s a cool place to live.

I love that countryside. I don’t get to tap into it as much as I’d like but we’re leaving to go to Idaho Falls.

We went to Idaho Falls. That is 30 minutes from our place in Wyoming.

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I love the rancher life, watching roping, horseback riding, and I can throw on cowgirl boots and jump on into it.

Are you taking the kids?

The two girls. We have a 10-year-old girl, a 6-year-old girl, and a 2-year-old boy. We’re not bringing the boy because our main goal with this trip is horseback riding. The two girls haven’t done it before. This is going to be interesting. They’re going to freak out a little but I also hope that they’ll get on a horse. We’ll see.

Are they going on a long ride or do you think they’re going to freak out in general?

I think they’re going to be a little intimidated and it’s going to take 3 or 4 days to get them even to hop on horses.

My son has ridden horses fifteen times. He loves it. No big deal. He’ll walk up to a horse and pet it.

My son totally would but our daughters are different. They get stressed out about things like that. They’re going to be panicking and spazzy and they’re going to hoop.

Are they excited?

They’re excited. It’s going to be an interesting trip.

That’s cute.

I’m excited.

I hope it goes well and you all get to go horseback riding a lot. Hopefully, it’s not that cold. It was a little chilly when we were there.

We have an indoor arena where we’re going so that’ll be helpful because we were preparing for it. I will say living in Minnesota, we do get used to the cold. Have you lost touch with cold coming from New York?

I could not ever live in the cold again. It was 55 degrees here and I had a jacket on, a sweater on, sweat pants. I was freezing.

It was 55 degrees here and I put on shorts and went on a walk outside.

It’s different. My perfect temperature is 80 but it’s not 80 often here. It’s normally 50, 90, or 100. There’s not in between. This time of year, it starts to get nice.

I like Florida. It gets amazing. We’ve been there a few times a year.

In Wyoming too, we plan on spending more summers there when it’s hot so we’ll see.

Are you guys going to get cattle or anything like that?

I don’t think we’re allowed to have animals. One, there’s a horseback riding place that’s right outside of it. There’s a lady who manages the properties. We went to her house last time. It was ten minutes away and she has horses and all this stuff. She loves people coming over. It’s cute. We had a good time.

That’s fun.

My son is into the outdoors over there. It would be a cool place for him. It’s the total opposite of here. We live on the beach. It’s a beach and then the mountains. It’s two different worlds.

What made you guys want to get into that? Do you watch Yellowstone or anything like that?

It was random that we had no reason. My husband has been dying to buy a second home for years because I want to go to new places. I don’t want to have a second home because we lived in LA and Florida. It was a lot of back and forth. When I got pregnant, I was like, “I can’t do this. I’m not going back and forth anymore.” We need to plan and have a baby. He’s been begging me with South Carolina the weekend before we went to Wyoming and he was wanting to buy a place there. I was like, “I hate this place.” It’s on a lake.

I don’t drive so I’m like, “How am I going to get anywhere?” There are no stores, there’s no food, there wasn’t even a restaurant. The restaurant was an hour away. I’m like, “I cannot live here.” I’ll maybe spend one week a year here. I can’t spend any more time than that. COVID happened. The year before, we had bought at a charity event, we were at a pilot thing and we auctioned at this Wyoming place. We got there and we were there for five hours and we put a down payment on the lot. It was fun because you look outside, all the houses are modern.

BTB 11 | Social Media Strategist

Social Media Strategist: Social media and marketing classes can’t keep up with what’s changing in society.


It’s mountain modern. It’s beautiful. It looks like a Batman movie. It is cool. Everyone has helicopters and little airplanes, ATVs, snowmobiles. Everyone hangs out with each other. It’s a whole community. It’s cool. That’ll be fun for my son. I finally committed. Since we got it, my husband is like, “Why don’t we get a place in LA? It’s only two hours away from Wyoming.” I’m like, “Okay.” I could totally live more in LA especially with COVID, we don’t want to go to hotels a lot anymore. The world is different now.

It will be interesting to see if it ever goes back to how it was.

I don’t think it will. It will be normal to wear masks out for ten years. I don’t think it will be expected maybe in a year or two from but it will be normal. Remember, you would see people in airplanes with masks on and they would be like, “Are they sick? Why do they have a mask on?” Now, we will be like, “I need a mask so that I don’t get sick.”

I remember seeing that all the time and being like, “Isn’t that weird that that was the assumption? Are they sick?”

It’s like, “That’s why they have a mask on.” I can’t even imagine flying in a commercial plane without a mask on.

I don’t even know if I would tell a story. It’s gross. We always fly first because it’s a business ride off but also, I like it. We’re flying there and people can have dogs in first class because there’s space. We look over, there’s this little Pomeranian and this Louis Vuitton. They hold a big dog carrier thing. Halfway through the flight, we start smelling dog poop.

Was the girl blonde?

I don’t know. Is this you?

It’s not me. Was it a tan Pomeranian?


I think it’s my husband’s ex-girlfriend. Where were you going to?

San Diego.

Did she clean the dog in the bathroom on the plane?

I don’t know. The dog is pooping the whole flight and you’re smelling it. I’m like, “This is nasty.” This air is pressurized. This is going straight up my nose into my brain. You can smell it the whole flight. It was bad.

My husband told me that his ex-girlfriend changed the dog’s food a cup a day or two before the flight and the dog was pooping all over the entire flight.

It’s worse when you’re sitting next to it.

It’s not your dog. It’s gross.

I put mint ChapStick under my nose. I do not want to smell it the whole flight.

Did you guys complain?

No, I’m not a complainer.

What are you going to do?

I don’t complain about that stuff. I’m like, “Whatever.” It will make for a good story.

Did she seem embarrassed or no?

Not at all. It was crazy like nothing was happening.

Do you want to give some advice that you would give as a business, personal, or anything you feel near and dear to your heart?

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We’re encountering a lot of mean comments and it’s interesting that you said you’ve been feeling it too. Your past 500,000, I’m getting closer. I do wonder if it has something to do with that level of growth. You’re exposed to a lot more people every single day. It’s shocking to me how intense it is and it’s everything. It doesn’t matter what you say anymore. Every single thing you say by daring to breathe, there’s a tax. That’s been interesting for me sitting back and being like, “I need to be comfortable with who I am.” I’m not someone that loves that yell at the camera because when I want to yell back at a comment, that’s the voice I use.

Those are the videos that do the best. People love that. Some people are like, “You shouldn’t do that.” I get many messages from young girls and they’re like, “I wish I was like that. That’s helped me and grown my confidence to stand up to people and whatever.” I’m like, “I don’t care.” It helps me not harp on the negativity of it. Instead of going back and forth with someone, I don’t do that. I make a video and then that’s it and they delete their account.

They go private. I’ve noticed that. It’s crazy. That’s been a big one. When you get big enough, people don’t care what you say, just you existing. You, me, or anyone, it doesn’t matter who you are, how you show up, it offends people, they’re upset, they want to fight, and want to poke at things. Learning how to be strong and honestly not care what people think, that’s been big lately. That’s been one big lesson.

Comment filters. If anyone’s listening, it gets a lot of hate. I love them. I have all these bad words in my comment filters and I don’t even see most of the bad comments because then it doesn’t even rile you up especially trigger words like gross, eww, whatever. You put all of those in there and you weed out a lot of the negativity. It makes your mental health better. I still get a lot of hate comments because I’m still posting about them. It filters out a lot. Something happened with my account. In the last video that I posted with my son and he had in his costume, everyone is mad about it. For no reason, you’re dressing your kid as Chucky and Tiger King. It’s a Halloween costume. What is the big deal? It’s not a big deal. I’ve gained 11,000 followers or something. With those new people coming in and not knowing what I’m about, I always say comments from women and they’re like, “I didn’t you at first and now, I genuinely love you.” They’re like, “I’m sorry I judged you from the way that you look.” I’m like, “I get it.”

I don’t like it when people make those snap judgments. Anyone who gets to know you at all, even though I don’t know you, I know you from the way that you show up. It’s like, “You’re fun. You’re articulate. You stand up for women, you stand up for many different things you believe in.” It’s amazing. Anyone who makes us snap judgments even if they come around to the idea of you, why are you still making that snap judgment from the get-go?

I’m sure people do the same thing with you. Do you ever feel invalidated being a woman in business?

I’m going to say both sides. Sometimes yes and sometimes no. I step into those opportunities a lot and I’m grateful for them. We’ve got a lot of mansplainers in our marketing industry and they love to explain to me that profit is not the same thing as revenue. I’m like, “Thank you. I had no clue. How was I running this business this whole time without knowing the difference between profit and revenue?” It was interesting because that happens a lot in everything that I do. That’s common in the marketing industry. Guys will be like, “There’s no way you’ve done over $1 million in that house.” I’m like, “I’ve only done for almost $5 million in revenue. This is our first run at this.”

Are they talking about the physical house you live in?

Yes. This comes up all the time. I’m like, our next house upgrade isn’t going to come until we’ve set up ourselves and our next generation.

Why does it even matter where you live? I don’t understand.

That’s because there are a lot of marketers that are guys that lead with Lamborghinis and DMC houses. Oftentimes in that space, they’ve rented them and they rent them for a photoshoot and then they let it go. It’s the craziest weirdest thing.

They’re expensive.

It’s all marketing. My goal isn’t to get into the biggest house the fast as I can. I love the idea of always having that high on the next dream and vision.

I haven’t seen your house but it looks cute from what I’m looking at. I don’t post anything about my house.

I’m not good at decorating, that’s why I don’t show off my house. I’m bad at decorating. I’m jealous of people who can do it. I have 0% skills there.

I don’t decorate either though. I do like design. I don’t decorate. There’s a big difference.

You do a cool wall of flowers.

I like to be more minimalist.

Our room is cool. I should do a TikTok of it sometime because it’s Hollywood glam and minimal view. I found this legit secondhand vintage. They’re art deco drawings of these women wearing these pearl headdresses. They’re huge. I love them because they’re the pictures where most people who see them go, “That’s disgusting.” I’m like, “It’s cool and fascinating.”

Is it because they’re naked?

One is wearing a feather wrap.

Why is it disgusting?

It’s creepy. People get weird out by them and I love that.

I need to see them. You need to send me a picture.

One holding a cat in front of her chest. The other side of it is there are a lot of opportunities that are open to me because I’m a woman. My husband is Latino. Him being Latino and me being a woman, there are advantages that come from that.

It’s 100% minority-owned which also if you are a woman or minority, if you want to get into the business, you look into what benefits you.

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Social Media Strategist: Always have a high idea of your next dream and vision.


The biggest thing that I found is I don’t complain a lot about being a woman in a boys’ club or whatever. I assume that there’s a spot for me at the table, I’ll grab a chair, and pull myself up to the table. People are saying, “We need a speaker for X, Y, and Z.” I’ll throw my hat in the ring and then it happens. I’m like, “If I had sat back then how come it’s all guys, I wouldn’t have got an opportunity.” I’m going to pull up as a woman and doors open.

Surrounding yourself with people because I’m sure your husband treats you as an equal. My husband would almost prefer a woman running companies than men. He’s all for it. I run companies for XY friends companies. I never feel like there’s this hierarchy between us or whatever. That’s important to have those kinds of people around you that believe in you.

My husband is the coolest person ever. People sometimes say like, “Why did you marry him in thirteen days?” I’m like, “He’s the coolest person I’ve ever met. He’s chill. He’s legit. My best friend. You have fun.” He’s not a sit back supportive person. He’s also a little arrogant in a fun way and competitive.

My husband is the same. He’s super chill. I love that though. I don’t get along with a guy that’s salesy and outgoing. That’s not like my husband but he could say five words and that’s it. He’s a strong salesperson. That’s the opposite of his personality.

It’s almost cool, calm, collected, nonchalance. That’s how he is.

All my friends are slightly terrified of him because he doesn’t talk to them a whole lot. It’s funny because I don’t think of him in that way because he’s silly and fun with me. He’s not social. I’ve heard him yell twice ever. He never gets mad at anything. It’s funny that people think that he’s a scary person.

It is funny. Paul does the firing in the company. He does the hiring, he does the firing and people can’t read him at all. People think like, “I’ll impress Rachel.” I’m like, “I’m easy to impress. I like everyone by nature.” Paul is the one you’ve got to win over.

I’m good at hiring because I can tell right away. I have such an instinct even in other companies that I’m not involved with. My husband is like, “Will you look this over?” I’m a Googler and researcher. I will find out anything about everyone. I’m much better at hiring. My husband is nice.

That’s the opposite. That’s amazing.

There are lots of other people involved. He doesn’t do any hiring. He would hire everyone. He’s nice.

That’s how I am. I love people. If someone is nice to me and they’re like, “You should do this.” I’m like, “You’re hired.” I used to do that quite a bit. Paul was like, “I love you. I’m going to take over this because you hire anyone who smiles and we’ve got to not do that and protect a bit more.”

I’ve kept a lot of your time. I’m going to ask you two questions that I ask my son every night before he goes to bed. The first one is, what was the best part of your day?

Laughing about the poo on the plane.

I have to narrow down what year it was and see if that was it because that was funny.

That’s one of the two highlights. The second highlight was waking up Dominic, my son. He was snugly and wanting extra snuggles and it was always, “Okay, mama.”

The second one is, what did you learn now?

I learned that during election week, avoid social media because people are cranky.

Especially now that we don’t even know what’s going on. What’s happening? By the way, this is going to come out a while later. We still don’t know who the president is. Everyone is writing nasty comments to everyone. People got in a political fight on the video of me and my son. They were like, “You’re a Biden supporter. You’re a Trump supporter.” They’re arguing with each other. I deleted all the comments.

I would just leave them. I’m like, “Thank you for all these free engagements.”

The video is already a million views. People were arguing and I’m deleting it. Thank you for talking to me. Do you want to tell people where to find you?

The easiest place to find me is @TheMrsPedersen on all social media platforms. Thanks for having me, Bunny.

Thank you. Hopefully, we’ll do this again sometime.

Let’s do it.


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