As TikTok continues to gain a bigger community, many content creators find a special place here to connect with their own followers, and an entertaining one at that. Gabi Daiagi joins The Bunny Barbie to talk about her rising TikTok career, discussing how she takes advantage of the platform to grow her established Instagram following. Together, they share how they handle negative feedback from social media, the type of content they publish, and the other influencers they look up to. Moreover, Gabi talks about her experience of flying a plane, meeting Bill Gates’ daughter, and the challenges of dealing with IBS and hyperactive thyroid.

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Chatting with the Style Icon Gabi Daiagi

I was tidying up from my TikToks. I have clothes everywhere when I need TikToks.

Me, too. My closet is a bombshell off, and then I put them to the side.

It’s unbelievable.

You’re cute.

You’re my inspiration for what I want to be when I grow up.

How old are you?


You’re such a baby.

I feel like I’m sixteen. I’m not an adult.

Sometimes, it’s hard. Do you live with your parents?

No. I moved out and came to Arizona for college. I stayed here and now my parents are moving here.

They’re following you?

Yeah. I’m like, “Do you not understand I moved across the country for a reason?”

Did they just want to be closer to you?

They fell in love with Arizona. It’s so nice. The weather is unbelievable. It’s not freezing but I’m in sweats.

I’m in Florida. It’s 90 degrees outside. If that’s 80, I’m in sweats.

My parents are there. I’m like, “Stay there.”

Are you from Florida?

I moved to Florida when I was a freshman in high school. I moved to Wellington just from the area.

Did you like it?

I hated it.

It’s an older crowd, right?

Yeah. Not only that. Everyone was so mean all the time. I was like, “Why is someone so mean?”

They went to high school there?

I like me to tell you that. When you called me, I fangirl so hard. It was like a joke. I was with my friend, Mikayla, and I started screaming. She’s like, “What?” I was like, “She followed me on TikTok.” She was like, “Oh my God.” I was like, “I’m dying.”

You’re on it next. I can’t wait to know more about you. I feel like we have the same style.

The only difference that we have is that I wear a lot of black.

We wear the same things. You wear more neutrals and I wear more color.

I’m trying to wear more though.

One of my best friends is obsessed with you. You’re her style icon.

I want to meet her. I love everyone.

I have to make it to Arizona.

I’ll come back to Florida for you.

You were on Instagram before you were on TikTok?

Yeah. I was on Instagram for a while. When I moved to Arizona, I joined a sorority at ASU. As soon as you join a sorority at ASU, you automatically have 10,000 to 15,000 followers, and then from there, it popped off.

Because people knew that you were in a sorority?

I don’t know what it is. People follow Arizona State sorority girls because college babes would post mean stuff like TFM. I’ve been working hard trying to get rid of all my male followers.

Same. That’s why I never used to post on Instagram because I only had male followers. I’m like, “This is not a vibe for me. I would never post.”

I used to post some slutty pictures in college. I won’t lie, but I was like, “I don’t post that anymore. Unfollow me.”

“You can go.” Every once in a while, they’ll come and say something and I’m like, “Get out of here. I’ll block you.”

You should hear my Lives. The second someone says something, I’m like, “Roast. Let me click your profile.” I’m like, “You’re plucking eyebrows. Don’t come for me.”

I say the same thing. Do you have moderators? Do you know you can put moderators in your Live?

I have a few, but I struggle because I made two moderators named Tiffany, and I can’t tell them apart.

Which one to delete or you just know that there are two?

I know that there’s two Tiffany’s and they’ll talk to me, and then I’m like, “How’s your kid?” She’s like, “I’m fifteen.”

Do you know that if they’re under eighteen, they can’t block anyone? You might have to get rid of the fifteen-year-old. Just to let you know.

That’s probably what’s happening. There’s a lot of hate comments in my Live and I was like, “Bye.”

BTB 17 | Rising TikTok Career

Rising TikTok Career: Be thankful for learning a lot and growing in just a short time.


You got off?

Yeah. I was like, “Bye. I’m over it.”

I’ll start singing and I’m like, “Who wants to get blocked today?” I’ll then start blocking everyone.

A girl sent me a journal thing. It’s the cutest thing ever. She put quotes for me and it’s like, “You’re blocked,” and then I wrote, “I muted you.” That’s me. Accurate.

I don’t ever mute anyone. I just block them.

I mute people if they ask me what my workout routine is. I’m over it. I’m like, “I have hyperactive thyroid and IBS. I’ve said this a million times. I have health issues. Stop asking me what my workout routine is.”

My moderators will say the same. They’ll answer for me. I just ignore it because, in every single Live, people are like, “Give me a house tour,” and I’m like, “No.” They already know. They’ll yell at people and be like, “If you ask again, you’re getting blocked.”

The workout routine. The only thing everyone asks me for is, “Can we have a tour of your closet?” I’m like, “I’ve done it twelve times on Live. I’m not doing it anymore. It’s not that interesting.”

Everyone always asks me to do it. I don’t mind my closet because I’m always in there, but I don’t want to put my whole house on.

That’s your safe space.

People are weird. Did you do influencing? Did you work with brands on Instagram or is that started with TikTok?

I did influencing on Instagram first, but my thing was I was doing well, and then I left college. I then steadily declined for a while.

With followers?

Likes and followers.

I guess it’s because you’re posting fashion stuff instead of bikinis?

Yeah. I think of TikTok for my entire Instagram career coming back to life.

I never even posted on Instagram. Just pictures here and there, and then that was it. I would never post on my story. Nothing.

Can I ask you a question, by the way?


I was like, “I don’t want to be weird and start interviewing you.” How did you start posting on TikTok about your life?

I first started because I used to make cute videos every once in a while and post them on Instagram of me and my son. I did that at first, it was just a video of us or whatever. I posted them on Instagram or on TikTok, and then I started posting shoe videos. They’re old.

That’s how I found you. That is how I found your videos.

I posted these shoe videos and they did okay. I posted a mask video of how I made a mask of my face, and then that blew up and everyone thought I sounded like the Kardashians. I don’t know why. A random video is blowing up because they think I sound like the Kardashians. I don’t know what is happening. People are obsessed with it.

It’s crazy because I get what people are saying.

Everyone talks like this.

I was about to say that. I was like, “Why is it like the Kardashians’ voice? This voice has been around for a long time.”

People didn’t invent a voice.

“I chose my voice back when I was born. I want this one.” That’s my biggest hate comment, which is hilarious because I’m like, “If that’s my voice, they come on good. I don’t give a crap.” “Your voice is so deep. I wasn’t expecting your voice to sound like that. You sound like a man. You sound like a boy,” and all this stuff. Anytime a guy says it, I’m like, “Are you mad that I sound better than you do? What do you want from me? Grow a pair.”

Your voice isn’t even deep.

I didn’t think so. Never heard that before on TikTok. I was like, “Whatever.”

Can I say we’re the two fashion girls on TikTok and we’re sitting in sweatsuits?

As I was getting ready for this, I was like, “I should wear a cute outfit, but I don’t want to.”

I’m wearing pants and everything. The same thing.

It’s so cold. I can’t function.

I get dressed for TikTok and that’s it.

Same. Every time I get ready, people are like, “Where are you going?” I’m like, “I’m making content for you. Don’t try to counsel me because of COVID. I’m not doing anything.” It’s crazy. Your son is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

He’s fun. I enjoy being with him every day.

If I were to ever have kids, and I don’t know if I will, I would homeschool like you do and spend all my time. You gave him the best life. You are going to have the best relationship ever.

People get so sensitive about it, too. They’re like, “He’s going to be socially awkward.” I’m like, “He talks to adults where other kids run away.” He talks like a grown man and he is four. I’d rather have him around people than around kids all day long.

He’s not learning anything from children.

Do you have a boyfriend? Are you single? What’s the deal?

I broke up with my boyfriend of four years. Honestly, it’s so weird being single. I’ve never been single.

I’ve never been single either. I did the same thing.

Everyone’s like, “Where’s your new boyfriend?” I was like, “I don’t know. I’m trying to find one. If you see one, let me know.”

I met my husband when I was 23.

This is fate. I’m going to meet someone. I have to tell you, my dad’s a pilot, too, but just for fun like you.

Does he fly a prop plane?

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He has six planes. He’s crazy, but he has the ones that land on the water.


He has an Epic, that new jet caravan.

He flies them all?

Yes. It’s his only hobby. That’s why we moved to Florida in the first place.

You never took up flying?

I flew the helicopter more with him.

The helicopters make me nauseous to fly.

It’s fun. It’s like a joystick.

It’s not up and down. It’s like those tubes.

I love how, in the helicopter, he has controls and I have controls but I can be in control while he is still in control. It’s way easier to learn that. My dad taught us all how to land the plane. That was what we had to know. He was like, “You all have to learn how to land it. God forbid, I have a heart attack or something.”

My husband’s the same way. That’s how I started flying.

Our families should hang. That’s why we moved to Florida. We moved into airplane development.

You lived at the airport?

It’s called an aero club.

Is it on a runway?

Yeah. The whole middle was like a grass runway, and then my dad became president and paved it. It’s like a big giant oval, and then in the center is the landing strip and all around it are everyone’s hangars. On the other side, there are the people that can live in an aero club that doesn’t have hangars. It’s a weird experience living there. Instead of my dad’s friends borrowing his car or something, they’re like, “Can I borrow the jet?” I’m like, “This is not normal.”

We are building a house in a hangar community like that. It’s exactly the same thing. You walk outside and they’re like, “Do you want to go in the helicopter? Do you want to go run the ATVs?” It’s like its own world. I can’t imagine living in there full time. Was it loud?

I thought it was going to be, but since we have hurricane shutters and all of that, it’s so much thicker glass, so it’s not that loud. Luckily, we were on the side where the planes took off.

They go both ways because of the wind.

When they were landing, it wasn’t super loud because we’re more towards the side where there are people physically on each side of the runway, on the beginning parts. They fly exactly over your house. They don’t fly right over my house. It’s crazy.

Did people in your high school live in that community, too?

There were three people from my high school that lived in the community. One of them didn’t have a runway house, and the other one’s dad was in the Navy, so he had a Navy plane. It was cool. There are some crazy people that live there. I didn’t even know that they were famous until I left. I’d talk to people and they’d be like, “They live in your neighborhood?” I’m like, “Who is this person?”

Are they actors and stuff?

There’s a bunch of sports players and randomly like Bill Gates’ daughter because Wellington is the polo capital of the world.

I have a friend who owns the Wellington Equestrian Center.

I go there all the time. It’s so popular. Iconic.

We went and we saw Bill Gates’ daughter in the show.

She rides around everywhere because, in Wellington, the horses walk along the roads.

They were also homeschooled?


I remember him telling us about how they had a homeschool teacher.

I didn’t know it was her when I ran into her the first time. It was the funniest story ever. I was driving my dad’s car. He had a Tesla and it was the first that came out. I was driving slow because of the horses. Someone stopped me, this lady on a horse and she was like, “Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about your car?” I was like, “Yeah, absolutely. It’s not mine, but it’s my dad’s. I’m sure I can answer some of them.” We had a quick five-minute convo, and then I kept driving. I went to the mall, came home, sat on the couch, and the local news was on. I saw her and I’m like, “I just ran into that girl.” My parents are like, “That’s Bill Gates’ daughter.” I was like, “Shut up. I should have been friends with her. I’m so stupid.”

She lives there by herself?

She’s one of the people who come for the season. I don’t know if she lives there full time. There’s a bunch of random people like that though.

Your dad and my husband would be best friends. How old is your dad?

He’s born in ‘67.

My husband was born in ‘67, too.

They have to meet. I can’t just tell my dad, “Dad, I found you a friend.” He’s going to be like, “What? I’m too old for you to be finding me friends, Gabi.” I’m going to be like, “You don’t understand though. He’s a pilot.”

I’m telling you with our Wyoming house, it’s made in friends for my husband because it’s hard for him to make friends. He’s going to kill me for saying this. I’m talking about him in every podcast and he’s like, “I feel like I’m listening to my life unfold.” He listened to it in the car. It’s hard for him to make friends. Especially with us, I’m so much younger than him as a couple. I will never forget this one time. We were living in LA and I was going to front dinner with our friends or whatever. My friend was maybe 2 or 3 years younger than me. She’s probably 22 and she was dating this guy who was nineteen. He was the same age as my stepson and my husband’s like, “I’m not going to dinner with you. I don’t want to go to dinner with kids like my son’s age.” I was like, “I get that. You don’t have to come.”

I honestly would love nothing more than to see the reactions of your husband to all your videos. He’s going to be 1 of 2 things, either he’s like, “Yes, queen,” or like, “What are you doing?”

He’s like that neither. He thinks it’s funny. He supports me. Everywhere we go, I get recognized because I post many videos and many people see my videos. I averaged 4 million views a day, even though it’s not on each video. A lot of people see my videos all the time, so I feel like a lot of people know me if they don’t even necessarily follow me. Every time we leave the house, they know me. He thinks it’s cute. He gets a little nervous when we’re with my son. I walk away with him and I’m standing there by myself. It’s funny. Especially with COVID, he pulls my son away and walks away, and then I’m half talking to someone and a half trying to figure out where my family went.

Me at the grocery store, I’m trying to find my mom.

I saw you one time. Have you been on TikTok for a while?

I started in March of 2020.

I feel like I’ve seen your videos 1 million times.

That makes me happy. There was one video that I posted that got over 8 million.

BTB 17 | Rising TikTok Career

Rising TikTok Career: Talk about your learnings so you can help so many people, especially if no one talks about a particular topic.


The fashion one with the sound. I did the sound because I saw you do the sound.

I saw yours and I died. I saw every one of the creators that I love was doing it and I was like, “I did this. I started this.”

It’s definitely from you.

That is what I feel like when my account started blowing up even more. I had 200,000 maybe or something, but now I have 400,000. It went up quickly.

You’re going to keep blowing up. You’re so cute and your personality is so cute.

Look at you. That’s why I love you. I’m like, “This is me. There’s a blonde version of me.”

You should post more talking videos.

After I get ready, I film all my TikToks. After I film all my TikToks. I leave and go take pictures for Instagram, and then come back.

I never take pictures.

I have to. It’s my main source of love and I can’t give it up. I do take pictures, and then I come home and I’m dead. I’m done for the day.

If you made videos talking about where people should shop and stuff, they would love that. If you tried stuff on, you’re like, “This is from here. I like this store for this.”

I should do that. I’m going to do that with Akira. I’ll credit you.

Your voice is so cute and everything. People would be interested in listening to you talk. I’m going to join your lives now that I know it’s a block party.

Did you post about me going on to your podcast somewhere?

No. People asked about me on Live.

Someone asked me and they’re like, “Did you go on Bunny’s podcast?” I was like, “How did you know?” I was like, “Did someone get my email? I don’t know if I’m supposed to talk about it or not.” I was like, “I’m going on and I’m so excited.” They’re like, “How is that happening?” I’m like, “I don’t know.”

Do you know Meredith who does lots of foundation on her hand and mixes it? I interviewed her before you. She’s great. I like her. She’s so cute. She’s such a baby.

She keeps doing exactly what she’s doing. I’m like, “She’s a genius.” She knows she’s going to get a lot of comments and everyone’s going to be tearing it like, “Look at this girl’s foundation.” I’m like, “Why do you care? How is that affecting you?”

Her bio is CEO of Just Trust The Process.

The first time I saw one of her videos, I was in-awe because I love makeup but I prefer fashion. I don’t go too deep into it. I love watching makeup videos. I was watching her and I found her account. I spent 1.5 hours stalking her. Every single one of her videos, I’m like, “I need to do this.” I was like, “I probably put makeup on anyway. I just don’t film it.”

I’ve always liked makeup, too. I can’t even put the camera in my face. I’m the same. She said she spends 1.5 hours making each video and she’ll do three a day. She wipes it off and does it again. That is a lot of work. Although fashion is a lot of work too because I have to do my makeup, and then try on all the clothes. It then sits on my floor for a week because I’m too lazy to put everything away, and then it’s a mess.

I don’t have a choice. I have to put them away immediately because my cats, for some reason, love to lay on my clothes. I buy them beds and I buy them everything.

Because they smell like you.

There’s cat hair all over everything. I’m like, “I have to hang up everything immediately.” That’s why my phone was propped up and I was like, “I’ll keep looking over but I have to finish taking this up before they have hair on everything.”

I have two dogs, but they don’t shed a lot. They used to go to my closet, but you can put an automatic door closer. You install it in the back of the door and it’ll close when you go in and out.

I need that.

It’s a little metal piece you buy on Amazon and it’s a little spring.

You’re like the cool mom. That’s what you are. The cool mom that’s smart and will give me wisdom and advice, but is also cool. I’m so jealous of your son.

You’ll be a cool mom, too. Don’t worry about it.

I’m already a mom. I have two children, my kittens.

Do you live by yourself?


Your house looks cute, too. The hallway is beautiful.

Thank you. I begged my parents, “Please. I don’t want a gray couch. I don’t want a white couch. I don’t want a black couch. I want a pink couch like gavino.” I won that argument. I wasn’t chilling on it. I should have been chilling here.

I always think about sitting in this weird chair thing and I need to get something new because I’m still over sitting here and doing my podcast.

I can’t sit still. I was going to do something on my computer and I was like, “I can’t. I have to do it on my phone.”

I have to do it on my computer because I record it. Tell me more about you. What do you think people don’t know about you?

That’s the problem with me. I’m too much of an open book and I tell everyone everything. Sometimes, too much. I don’t know what anyone wouldn’t know about me at this point. Someone asked me that on a live and my best response was, “I was a tomboy when I was younger.” I don’t know what else about me that I haven’t said. I say everything. People are like, “What have you gotten done?” I’m like, “I got my lips done. I got my eyebrows micro bladed. I want to get a nose job.” I’m like, “I don’t care.”

You don’t need a nose job. It’s cute.

It’s contoured, but it’s a little big. I’m Jewish.

It’s not, but it’s cute.

Your eyeliner is iconic.

It looks better close up, and then when it’s far away, it looks weird.

I was watching your live with Bramty and I was staring at your eyeliner. You’re like, “You could just do the eyeliner.” I started laughing so hard. I was like, “If my friends want me to put no makeup on but just eyeliner, I’d be like, ‘Bro.’ I’m going to look insane.”

That is my stepdaughter.

I did not know that. She’s pretty. Her outfits are cute, by the way. I was confused when you posted that.

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Bramty is not my stepdaughter. There’s Bramty who was over, and then my stepdaughter was here. They’re two different people. They do look alike though.

When you posted that video, I was confused. I was like, “This is someone like her. It’s unlike her. I wonder what’s going on.” I saw the other thing and I was like, “Okay.”

Did you scroll past it before you watch the end?

No, I was waiting. I was just watching and I was like, “She’s being negative.” I continued watching and I was like, “Okay.”

They took it down for bullying for a whole day. I was like, “No.” I didn’t think they were going to put it back up because I was like, “Her outfits are ugly.” I was like, “It was going to be a good video,” and then they ended up putting it back up.

That’s weird with what they take down nowadays. They took down my fashion video.


I don’t know. I even messaged them. I was like, “Can you explain to me what is wrong with this so that I don’t do it again?”

Do you submit an appeal?


They still took it down?

I submitted an appeal and normally, you do that and it’ll take them maybe a few hours to put it back up. It took two days. I was like, “What’s the problem with this video?”

That’s happened to me with a few videos. Was it a longer video?

Kind of.

I’ve had some videos where it’s a bikini thing and it takes a half-hour, and then sometimes, it’ll take two hours. This one took half a day. It was probably for twelve hours. It’s because someone has to listen to what I’m saying. It’s not more like an algorithm of someone like yes, no, whatever. I did one where I did a fashion video, which was with the other YouTube blogging moms, Sav LaBrant. I wasn’t into their style, but I wasn’t being mean. I was just like, “Moving on.” It was taken down for bullying, but then they put it up a week later. It was a long time.

That’s super random. That’s definitely not your style. That is like a Christian girl.

It didn’t have shoes on and stuff, but I wasn’t trashing her. I wasn’t even being mean. I was just like, “I wouldn’t wear this.”

Sometimes, I’ll make a TikTok and they’re like, “Can you do some outfits for strict parents or more modest outfits?” I was like, “No, I don’t know that.”

People will be like, “Can you do this for modest?” I’m like, “No.”

I’m like, “What’s so immodest about my outfits?” You could see my stomach. Someone’s going to probably die, honestly, if someone sees my stomach. God forbid, it’s like my shoulder in high school.

I’ve got a few of those comments, too, and I just ignore them. One time, I wore suits. This was so old and I had a suit changing into different suits, but they all had crop tops underneath. Everyone was like, “I could never wear that. These aren’t work-appropriate.” I was like, “First off, I’m not going to work wearing these. This is what I’m wearing out. Second off, you can put a t-shirt on underneath it. Is it that hard?”

I don’t understand that. I’m like, “If I am wearing a dress that is too short for you, then put on some thigh-high boots and a giant jacket. I don’t know what to tell you. Why can’t you figure that out yourself?”

Thigh-high boots and a giant jacket is what I wear with mini dresses all the time.

When I’m going around my parents, I’m like, “I’ll throw on big teddy jackets and thigh highs so they won’t see anything.” They see the top half, that’s it. I don’t know why this wasn’t the first thing I showed you. I don’t know if you’ve seen what my bedroom looks like, but I have a flower wall, too.

That’s cute. Did you make it?

I did. It took forever.

You didn’t do the panels?

No, they are the panels but the dimensions of the wall, I had to cut them to shape it. My cats think it’s also a scratching post.

Did they rip it off?

Yeah. I constantly have to fix it. I let them do whatever they want.

Do you glue it back on? What do you do?

No, because you have the thing to stick back into it. It’s not like that. If I leave for a long time, my cats get mad. I’ll come home and I’m like, “My flower wall. Great.”

I had this thing that was green and white before. I don’t know if you’ve seen it.

By the way, I want to do that swing upstairs because of you. My dad is mad at me about it. He’s like, “Who gave you this idea?” I’m like, “No one.”

I got it on Etsy.

He’s like, “I have to find the beams in your ceiling Gabi. I have to take the fan off the ceiling.” I’m like, “I don’t want the fan anyway. What’s the problem?”

Why? Because the fan is in the way.


You need to find the beams.

He’s like, “Do you know how much it’s worth to get a swing?” I’m like, “I’m a grown adult-child. I want a swing.”

I bought flowers from Amazon and wrapped them around.

I am sickly obsessed with the body thing that you have.

She’s from Etsy as well. Her name is OnlyArt76 or something like that. She lives near West Palm Beach. She makes them in her garage. She’s like a little welder lady.

I’m going to tell my parents. I want one of those so bad, a gold one.

She’ll paint it any color you want. I made mine sparkly. I put glitter on the whole thing. She makes it in metal, too. She’ll spray paint it for you. You can do half a woman and half of a man’s body. It’s hot.

BTB 17 | Rising TikTok Career

Rising TikTok Career: Get broken a lot of times, and you’ll achieve a bulletproof self.


That’s cool. I could go there and she could weld it onto my body. I want my body.

She’ll measure it.

I want to do one of what everyone’s been doing where they sit naked. I’m like, “I want one of these.”

Now I see people and they’re like, “What are you going to do when your parents come to your house?” It was a photo. I had this old poster. It was a big poster of me when I used to be a model and I left it at our old house. When we moved, the people that bought our old house were like, “Here’s this big naked photo.” I was naked. I was holding over myself and they were like, “Are you missing this?”

When I had a boyfriend, I made his contact picture a little inappropriate. I didn’t think about it because I’m dumb. My phone was on the table and I was home. My phone started ringing and he called. Who’s calling? I got it. Thank you. “Please don’t look at my phone again, mom.”

It was of him or of you?

It was both of us. I took a picture of us. We were both topless, but I was wearing the Calvin Klein thong and he was wearing Calvin Klein underwear. It was an iconic picture. I was like, “I can’t post it on my Instagram, so I’m making it your contact picture.” I don’t mind people seeing my body. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. As long as you’re not that, I’m good. I feel like everybody looks the same.

Do you plan on living there for a long time? Do you love it so much?

Yeah, I’ll probably stay here for a while. I want to move to California eventually, but not LA.

Why not LA?

I can’t do traffic. I can’t do those people, lifestyle, and everything about it. I want to be able to drive there, but not six hours away like I am now. When I get older and if I do have kids or when I get married, I want to move back to Jersey for at least a little bit.

Do you like New Jersey?

I love New Jersey. First of all, it’s home. That’s one thing. Where I lived in Jersey was such a convenient area. I was twenty minutes from Philly, an hour from the shore, and an hour from New York. I could take the train. I could just go on it and it was relatively safe. I could go places by myself and my parents didn’t care. In Florida, my parents wouldn’t let me do that.


We lived near some crate. I don’t even understand how Florida made its little map system of neighborhoods. It’s the nicest area, and then it’s the scariest area you could ever imagine and you will avoid it at all costs. I would drive through one of those neighborhoods to take a shortcut to school and my dad would drive through at once. He called me and made me skip school so that he could lecture me about how I should never do that again. I was like, “I’m seventeen.” I promise. “I’m a grown adult.” It was weird. It was sketchy. In New Jersey, I lived in such a family town that I can walk everywhere and I’d be totally fine.

I love that you love New Jersey. I’m from Albany, New York. I would never live back there.

I couldn’t live in New York though. We had an apartment in New York and I love going there all the time when we lived in Jersey, but I could never live there. It’s too much for me.

I don’t even like visiting the city. I liked it when I didn’t have a kid. Now with strollers and everything else, I can’t.

Parents in Manhattan, New York City let their children run through the streets and I’m like, “They’re going to get hit by a taxi. What are you doing?”

Even trafficking, it’s insane.

Trafficking is crazy. How many times a note or some stuff has been left on my windshield?

Are you serious?

It’s common here.

That’s sad. Do you get scared?

I don’t anymore because I don’t leave my house.

I don’t either.

I was scared for a while when I was in my sorority and still in college because I would be out walking to a frat party or something. I’d get a Facebook notification from our sorority group chat and they’d be like, “This happened here. Please don’t go near that area.” It would be constant. Once a day at least. I was like, “I don’t want to leave anymore. I just want to be a woman and be able to walk. Why is that so hard?”

That’s sad. Do you have a lot of friends near you from college?

Yeah. I live more north of everyone because most people stayed by the bars and the clubs. I was like, “I need to get away from the scene.” I’m 25 minutes from them.

You’re so mature for your age.

Thank you. I’ve gone through a lot in a short time and I grew so much from it. I’m thankful for it. I went to a mental asylum for a day because I tried to harm myself. I love talking about it now because I can help many people. No one talks about that side of it. People would be like, “This is what I do for my anxiety.” I’m like, “Your deep drops aren’t doing anything, Shannon.”

Was this with your breakup and stuff?

It was the day Mac Miller died. I don’t know what on that day. That’s why I remember it.

Was it because of Mac Miller?

No. It was coming up to it. When I moved to Florida, I became, in a way, suicidal and I was aggressive. I would talk to my friends about it and talk to people about it. I was open with them. If I needed anything, I had people there for me. I came to college and my ex-boyfriend was beyond toxic. The beginning of our relationship was amazing. It was great, but after that, he became toxic and I was in a loop. I don’t know if you saw that video. That video blew up, too. I was so happy. I hope you saw it. It was like that one trend. It was in the background and it was like, “I’ll be bulletproof.” I filmed it and I was like, “He broke up with me 24 times. That’s an insane amount.”

Honestly, I was happy. It’s a blessing in disguise. I went to the hospital in July of 2020. I was having the worst stomach pains in my life. I always knew I had IBS, so I was just hoping that the pain would go away. I was in pain for 3.5 hours and I couldn’t stand up. A friend sent me to the hospital and I found out I had all these issues. They’re like, “Your colon is failing. Your colon wall is collapsing. You have a cyst in your ovaries.” I’m like, “I’ve never been in a hospital before. What are you saying? It’s my first time even in a hospital.” He was out drinking and didn’t care. I was like, “I need to be done.” It was a blessing in disguise because now I know what’s wrong with me so I can eat the correct things. I’m not in this toxic relationship.

What do you eat that makes you feel better?

It’s more of what I can’t eat and I was eating what I couldn’t eat. It’s super random, too. I can’t have popcorn and any type of peanuts or almonds.

Is it diverticulitis?

It’s a hyperactive thyroid. I have the most aggressive form of IBS. There’s like IBS A, B, C, and D. I have a junction of all of them.

Is that genetic?

Yeah, the stomach issues are genetic. My mom has stomach issues. My little brother and my oldest sister, too, but mine are the worst out of all of them. They just have IBS. I look at the positive things about everything, so that’s fun.

It’s so good for you to talk about it because I’m sure many people can relate to it. Being such a positive influence on how much you’ve grown and come out of it is amazing.

I love being able to go through so much crap that makes me miserable. I’ve learned so much from it. I have a platform to share it and talk to people, even about confidence. That’s the craziest thing. This generation has no confidence.

It’s crazy. I get asked 1 million times a day like, “How do you have confidence?” What is your answer?

I have the best answer, honestly, because this is what I did. I tell everyone, “You have to fake it until you make it.” I pretend I was the most confident girl in the room every single day. I would look in the mirror, as stupid as it was, and be like, “You’re such a bad girl.” If I would go off on myself by the end of a month doing that, you couldn’t tell me crap. I was like, “I own this world.” I always tell people, “If you don’t believe fake it until you make it, believe me, I did it. If you’re all commenting asking how I’m so confident, that is how.”

When I was younger, I didn’t have confidence, and then at some point, I was like, “I’m the fucking shit.” It was when I was maybe 18 or 19, and then I was over with. “I can tell you crap.”

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That’s almost how it happens. You grow up and you’re like, “I don’t care about any of their opinions. Why does it faze me?”

It’s hard when you’re in school because you have to be around those people. Once you realize that your real life does not depend on what anyone else thinks about you, it’s so much easier.

I talked to two people from my high school. I’m like, “Everybody else was so toxic.” Now, they’re in my DMs. I’m like, “You bullied me.” It’s disgusting. People are the worst.

Same. I was kicked out of high school, so I didn’t know. I’ve never said this on my podcast. I made a video about it. I get asked this all the time. I was 16 and I was in 10th grade. I used to be friends with them and then I wasn’t friends with them anymore and they were bullying me. They’re behind me and they were like throwing popcorn at me. I fought her. They have to do a board meeting and decide what happens because there’s a regular school, and then there’s a secondary school where their bad kids go. It’s like a bad kid school.

I was sitting in class waiting for them to have that meeting and let me know if I was going to the bad school. My friend comes in and she’s like, “She’s in the hallway right now.” I ran out of class and the teacher ran after me. I had a hoodie on and she was holding on to the back of my hoodie. I’m running down the hallway, so I assaulted a teacher because she was holding on to me and I dragged her through the thing, which was ridiculous. I didn’t even touch her. Since she’s holding on to me and I couldn’t go. My friend went up and fought her.

Since I technically got in two fights because they considered that a fight. My case was behind and my friend just got in one. She got sent to the secondary bad girl school. They didn’t want to put us together because we jumped someone together, even though I wasn’t even near the other girl. They did this thing. It was like No Child Left Behind, like New York State. They gave me Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 to 5:00, I had to do two hours of school. That’s all I did for the rest of my high school. I partied every single day. I would wake up at 12:00 noon in men’s boxer shorts from the night before I go to class. I was just in a room with a teacher. I still had to do a physical education class and we just walked around the building. It was stupid. I haven’t been to any school since I was sixteen.

That’s not a punishment. I would be like, “Okay. I’m down.”

I was down. I loved it.

That’s iconic. I got into a fight in middle school, too.

Like a physical thing?

It wasn’t even a fight. It was this girl. She was sitting in my seat first period next to my best friend and I was like, “Can you move? That’s my seat.” She’s like, “Is your name on it?” The typical, and I was like, “I’m not doing that.” I just sat somewhere else. My best friend and I are talking across the tables and she’s laughing at us. I’m like, “This is weird.” Anyway, the whole rest of the day, she’s being a bitch to me. My last period was science and she sat behind me. I hear her talking crap about me. I keep turning around and I’m like, “You can learn some math back there, but I’m trying to learn. Can you shut up?”

Finally, I go to my locker at the end of the day. She’s standing in front of my locker and she’s yelling and screaming at me. I’m like, “I don’t even know what I did to you. Did you have a bad dream about me? I don’t know what happened.” She’s like, “Fight me. Hit me.” I’m like, “I’m not dumb enough to, first of all, hit you first. Second of all, do it on school grounds. I’m not doing that right now.” She’s like, “Hit me,” and all this stuff. I was like, “Get out of my way.” As soon as I cursed, she got mad and she pushed me. My parents have always told me like, “If anyone touches you first, you rock their shit. Don’t hit them first.” Her back is to my locker. I grabbed her temples, pulled her head forward, slammed her back against the locker, and she fell. I started crying and ran out of school.

Were you nervous?

I don’t want to get in trouble. I was like, “I don’t want to go to detention.”

What did your mom say?

She’s like, “Are you okay though?” I’m like, “I’m fine.” She’s like, “I’ll see you when you get home.” I’m like, “Okay.” I got home and I picked up the phone because our house phone was ringing and I was waiting for my principal to call. I picked up and I’m like, “Hello.” She’s like, “Gabi, I need to talk to your mom.” I go, “No worries. I already filled her in, but I’ll let you talk to her,” because I knew my mom was taking my side. I put her on hold and ran to my mom’s room. I was like, “Mom, she’s on the phone.” My mom goes, “Before you say anything, if you’re going to tell me that this wasn’t self-defense, I’m going to sue the school.” She was like, “It technically was.”

My mom’s like, “So why are you calling? What’s the point of this call right now? What are you calling me for?” She’s like, “She’s going to do one day of in-school suspension.” My mom’s like, “What’s the other girl getting?” She’s like, “Three days of out of school suspension.” My mom was like, “That doesn’t seem fair, but okay.” Anyway, more on the story on detention, and then I go to the office. The office had two cameras pointed to this hallway and the girl that I fought and her best friend walked by them as I was in the office. They went like a gunshot at me. Immediately, when I saw it, I was like, “Can you check those cameras? Because that just happened.” They both got kicked out. I was like, “Bye.”

Out of school?

Yup. You’re threatening to kill me at that point. I was like, “We’re in middle school. I’m in eighth grade. Can you calm down?”

Have you seen her ever again?

She messaged me on Facebook in my freshman year of college and was like, “I want to make sure we didn’t have any beef.” I’m like, “This is eight years later and you think that I still care? I don’t even remember what it was about.” I messaged her back and I was like, “To be honest, I don’t give a crap. We’re good. I don’t even live there anymore. I live in Florida. Thanks for reaching out.”

She was like, “Do you still hate me? Are we good?” She probably knew you were going to come on this podcast one day and tell that.

She knew I was going to be famous. She’s like, “She’s going to be on TikTok posting videos. I have to make good terms with her.”

You should make it a storytime.

I’ve always wanted to do storytime but the only reason I won’t is that everybody already tells me that I am brunette Tana Mongeau. I don’t want to do storytime because of it.

Why though?

That’s all Tana got famous for and I don’t like to either try to be her.

She is a younger me. I’m obsessed with her.

My favorite thing about her is she’s straight up like, “I Facetune all my pictures.” I’m like, “You are a queen.”

I was talking to her one time because I’m going to go to LA and go hang out with her. She’s so cute.

I’ll drive down.

Me either.

It’s just a quick 6.5 hours.

Do you drive to LA?

Yeah, I do. Before COVID, I did all the time because it’s 6 to 6.5 hours away. If I drove at night, it’ll only take 5 to 5.5, but ever since COVID, I haven’t been back. I love visiting there and going shopping on Melrose.

Melrose is my favorite. I always rent a house right there, but I feel like everything is probably closed. Who knows what’s going on?

My friends that live in California have been telling me that everything is shut down. They shut down indoor dining and stuff.

We went to indoor dining one time. They didn’t even open indoor dining. They only had outdoor, and then they closed outdoor. You can only get takeout.

That’s my favorite thing. I am cautious about COVID. I am not someone who jokes about it. It’s funny whenever I walk into a restaurant and all my friends will be like, “Isn’t it crazy how if you’re seated, COVID can’t get to you.”

I know you’ve walked to your table and take your mask off.

I’m like, “How am I supposed to eat?”

In Florida, kids are going to nightclubs every night and they don’t even care.

My friends are going crazy. Here, our bars and clubs are open, too, but you just have to stay seated. You can’t dance.

It’s not like that here.

BTB 17 | Rising TikTok Career

Rising TikTok Career: This generation has no confidence.


I got yelled at for standing up and going to say hi to my friend at a different table. You’re not even allowed to walk to other tables. You just sit there. I’m like, “Why would I go?”

You’re in a lounge. You’re in a little cell.

It’s weird, too. You’ll see your friends and you’ll be like, “I can’t.”

What an experience. At least you made something with your TikTok out of COVID.

It’s what brings me joy on these miserable days. I’m like, “I could go post a fashion video and someone will tell me that I look pretty today.” I’m like, “I need a confidence boost. Let’s post on TikTok.”

I’m going to need to have you back for another one. We will have to have a part two at some point. Let me ask you two questions that I asked my son every night before he goes to sleep. The first one is what was the best part of your day?

This podcast.

That’s nice. Is there anything else though?

When I woke up this morning, I was in a good mood and it doesn’t happen too often, so I’m grateful.

What did you learn?

What do you mean? You taught me so much. Are you serious? My favorite thing I learned is about my closet door. As soon as I go back on Amazon, that is what I’m buying first.

I’ll send you a link to the one I bought.

Please. I need it.

Thank you for joining me. I feel like we’re real-life friends and I’m sure we will be talking after this. I will definitely have you back again. Thank you. Tell everyone where to find you.

I’m @GabiDaiagi.

Thank you.


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