BTB 16 | Childhood Stories


More often than not, the most memorable experiences happen in our childhood, and they can be a bit wilder than usual. The Bunny Barbie certainly has a good share of such adventures, and she looks back on her exciting childhood stories with her best friend from way back, Alison. Together, they return to the time when they got caught in a messy car accident, their escapades on hunting men ahead of their age, their thoughts about getting arrested and undergoing probation, and the techniques they used to reach their second-floor windows after sneaking at night. And of course, Bunny and Alison share a couple of advice to young girls, pondering their realizations about these experiences now as parents.

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Childhood Stories And Escapades From The Younger Years With Childhood Best Friend, Alison

This is going to be probably the funniest show. Alison is my longest friend. I’ve been friends with her since I was fifteen.

It’s longer than that. Do you remember I bought you that necklace for our fifteen-year anniversary?

Yeah. I think I was a freshman, so maybe I was fourteen when we met or something.

I was twelve.

I have told a few of our stories on my TikTok and people seem to enjoy. Alison sent me something and I was like, “I’m going to make this.” I sent it to her and she was like, “Oh my God.”

All the embarrassing pictures.

It was our car accident and I shared all these old pictures of me and Alison. Let’s do how we met.

It is a funny story.

You’re two years younger than me, right?


I was dating this guy who lived in Troy and my best friend, Chelsea, was dating his brother. We didn’t even have cell phones at this point. This was house phone days. We found out that the two brothers were hanging out with Alison and her friend. Somehow, I was friends with a guy who was friends with both of us and he gave me your number and I called your house phone. I left a message on your mom’s voicemail like, “I’m going to beat you up and come find you.”

That was Lydia’s phone.

I did it to the other girl?


Chelsea wanted to fight you, right?

Yes, even though I had nothing to do with that.

We were young and you were 11 or 12.

I was in 7th, 6th grade.

The guy that gave me your phone number, we were on three-way and he was like, “You guys would like each other.” We started talking from there and you thought I was absolutely insane.

We sat on three-way for hours and then the next day, my parents were dropping me off at your house.

I didn’t even know what you looked like and you came over to my house. That is weird. We had a blind date, and we lived 40 minutes away from each other.

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We went to the movies and everything like a blind date. We never separated after that. We spent that the whole weekend together and it was over. Every weekend, we were together until we were at school.

You mean arrested?

Arrested and running away.

I lived with Alison for a little while too. We did a lot of stuff.

We’re here to talk about it and laugh about it now.

Me and Alison, we were underage. Before I get into these stories about stuff that we used to do, this is not my advice. I am not giving you advice on what to do with your life. I’m being open and honest about my truth and my past because I don’t want it to come back around one day like I’m lying and I was this perfect person because I was not. I’m not telling anyone what to do. This is not advice. This is not how you should live your teen years. These are things that happened that we can laugh about that we’re probably not funny and we should have probably been not around now.

It’s even harder to laugh about them now that we’re parents.

Me and Alison used to go to the mall. We used to take the city bus to the mall to find grown-ass men that could drive or buy us alcohol. We would go alone. We would walk different sides of the mall and try to get the most phone numbers that we could and meet back up, and then we would call them because we wouldn’t say it in person. We wouldn’t be like, “Could you drive me here? Could you do this?” We would call them and be like, “Can you drive me here?” They’d be like, “I don’t have a car,” and then we would delete their number out of the phone.

It’s like, “I have another call coming in. I’ll call you back,” and block. Hopefully, none of them are reading our episode.

There used to be this boy. He passed away now, so rest in peace. He will not be reading this. There was this boy who was obsessed and in love with me. He used to drive us around a lot.

Everywhere, and he lived even further away than I did.

He would pick you up and come to my house and drive us around. I’ll never forget. It was me, Alison and one other girl we used to be best friends with. She’s in a different place in her life and whatever. We’d catch up with her here and there, but we don’t hang out with her anymore. I remember she broke up with her boyfriend, which is the same boy who was driving the car in the car accident, who has also passed away. They were getting in a fight. Do you remember this? Were you with us when they got a fight when Will drove there?


They started physically fighting and it was snowing. There was blood all over the snow and Will got out to fight him? It was crazy. That was bad.

Especially because she wasn’t even supposed to be at his house. His parents were there.

She was covering her head and she had long nails on. Her boyfriend hit her and punched her fingernail into her head. She has a big scar on her head from that, and that’s what the bleeding was from. It was bad. Moving on, someone asked me, and I’m going to ask you if you know this, do you know what Sneaky Pete’s is?

No, they did not.

Someone commented on my post, “Have you ever been to Sneaky Pete’s?”

I don’t think you can consider yourself from Upstate unless you know what Sneaky Pete’s is.

We shouldn’t have because we weren’t old enough.

Even teen night was boring.

BTB 16 | Childhood Stories

Childhood Stories: There are certain things mentally that you won’t understand until you’re older.


We had a teen night? We went to the real night.

We never went to teen night because we were in there on the regular night. We couldn’t get in on that teen night.

This is such a funny story. My dad thought that we were doing something bad and we were at his house with one friend and her boyfriend came to the house to say hi to her. There were three boys in the car. We were sitting in the driveway, and a police officer came over because I guess some kids were playing ding-dong ditch. The police officer asked us, “Have you seen anyone doing this?” We were like, “No. We were just hanging out in the driveway.” My dad came outside and was angry that the police were there and we didn’t do anything. He was so mad and thought the worst. We weren’t doing anything. Her boyfriend was just saying hi. That led me off a ledge and I was like, “I’m not living with you anymore. I’m leaving.” I was 14, 15 at that time. I packed a bag. I don’t think I walked with a bag. I got a huge altercation with my dad. We left the house. We started walking down the street in the middle of the rain. My dad chased us down the street.

You’re missing the part where we tried getting in the car with them first and he was standing.

My dad stood in front of the car. He was slamming on the front of the car. He was like, “If you take my daughter, I’m going to have you arrested.” They were a little bit older than us.

They looked at us like, “Sorry, we tried to help. You guys got to get out right now though.”

We kept walking down the street and my dad was chasing us, going from the side of the street. He was like, “Sneaky Pete’s,” and I’m like, “What about Sneaky Pete’s?” I don’t know if he saw the pictures on Myspace, how he found out about Sneaky Pete’s. I’ll have to ask him. He was not happy that we were partying in Sneaky Pete’s. My dad gives up on chasing us, and me and Alison keep walking. We’re a mile away from the house. Alison is like, “We need to throw our clothes in the dumpster so that the police don’t find us.” I’m like, “The police aren’t looking for us. They don’t care.” I was wrong, we should have thrown our clothes.

We would’ve gotten away. We would have gotten to our destination.

It was pouring rain out, and on the way to my other friend’s house that we were going to was a mall. I don’t think it’s a mall anymore. It was the only inside place and we were being rained on for so long. We walked through the mall and while we got to the outside of the other mall, the police came and picked us up and told us we had to go home. I was like, “I’m not going home.” He was like, “You can either go to a foster care home or you can go home.” I was like, “Bring me to a foster care home,” and he brought me home.

We still ended up at Jenna’s that night. I don’t know how.

The police dropped us back off there or something.

I think because he was mad that they were like, “We’re going to let them go there and you guys can cool down.” It was intense.

Everyone keeps asking me because I only posted a little bit of it.

I saw some of the comments and I was nervous. I’m like, “This show is going to be intense.” How far are we going to go into those? I’m with whatever.

First off, me and Alison, we got caught stealing and we got arrested at the mall. This isn’t even funny anymore. This is so sad. The police officers handcuffed us behind our back to drive us from one part of the mall to the other part. You were in front of me and you were like, “I can’t bend down. I can’t get in the car without my hands.” I was like, “Who cares?” I took my hip, I hit you and then you fell. The guy was mad. I remember he was like, “Don’t touch each other.”

It’s embarrassing. At that point, my pants were falling down too. It was bad and then we got in trouble for talking inside the thing.

I was like, “I need a tampon. I’m going to steal them from CVS.”

Do you remember the one thing we got away with though from that was the handcuff like, “What irony is this?” We shoplifted a best friend necklace.

I was thinking about this. I don’t have mine.

I don’t know if they still make the best friend necklaces where half of it says “Best” and half of it says “Friends.” We were inseparable. We always were getting little best friend half and half things. We stole best friend necklaces that was handcuffs.

To this day, I think sometimes handcuffs stuff is cute and I refuse to buy it.

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We jinxed ourselves. We got ourselves arrested.

Any young girl reading this, do not steal because it is not worth it. We’re telling you what happened, so we can get to the rest of the story because it was not worth it. I can laugh about it now, but it’s not funny. We were going through when we were younger. Me and Alison had a court order. Were you on probation too?


I had to go to probation. Was yours at school?

No. It was both. I had school pins and regular probation. I had to go down to the probation officer.

My probation officer came to my school because there were many kids on probation at school. There was an afterschool probation center that I went to. I went once a week and got drug tests or something. I don’t remember it being like anything.

You did community service too.

I had to do community service. I had to pack frozen meat.

We were on probation for 2 or 3 years.

I don’t think mine was that long.

Mine was.

I remember my community service was 5 or 10 hours.

We weren’t allowed to hang out with each other anymore. At that point, we lived together.

We were living together when we got arrested. I was either 14 or 15.

I was like, “Thank God it didn’t get put on our records or anything,” because we were so young.

In Florida, if you get arrested, it’s under eighteen but in New York, if you get arrested under sixteen, it doesn’t go on your record. It’s different in different states. When we got in the car accident, we were not supposed to be together because we had a court order, restraining orders against each other because we were like bad influences on each other. They didn’t want us hanging out. I don’t remember you being on probation.

We’re both on probation, and remember my parents’ side. I ran away that night. They didn’t even know where I was. I left the notes saying I wasn’t coming home. We thought we were going to jail for being together. We were like, “No.” We didn’t care how injured we were, we just knew we needed to get away.

This is the whole thing. I don’t know why we went to a frat party. We had the three of us, the same three that used to hang out. The other girl was dating this guy and he had two cousins with him. Were they cousins?

Cousins or stepbrothers, something like that.

There were three boys who we had no friendship with. They end up dating for a long time, but I don’t think we knew him that well at that point.

We don’t like them, so it’s not like we all used to hang out. They brought us to a sweet sixteen. That’s how it started. I remember we went to a sweet sixteen at Jillian’s.

BTB 16 | Childhood Stories

Childhood Stories: Being fun and thinking only about fun is not always worth it.


We went to a frat house with grown-ass adults. You were 13, 14. We get to the frat house. There was supposed to be one of the boys that was driving, and it was his mom’s boyfriend’s car we found that out that later, which we didn’t know. He was supposed to be driving. Everything is cool. We’re partying, everyone’s drinking, whatever, and then we see him doing keg stands and chugging. I remember talking to you and I was like, “This isn’t good.” When we were going to leave, I slipped on ice outside. Do you remember that?

We were hurrying up to leave because we also had to leave immediately.

We were supposed to be staying at our friend’s house. Her mom was calling us over and over like, “Get home. What is happening?” We kept partying and ignoring her. She started getting nervous, which she never gets nervous. She’s like, “I’ve got to get home.” I was like, “Let’s go.”

Remember the boy that I was talking to was on his way to the party? He’s the one who told you about the party but told you not to bring me because we were fighting.

I don’t remember that at all. I know who you’re talking about but I don’t remember that. That’s how we found out about the party.

Yes, and you didn’t tell me that you found out from him because we were fighting and you’re like, “We’re going to this party,” and then we’re there. You’re like, “I found out about this party from Jay and he’s on his way here, and he told me not to bring you, so we need to go.”

I don’t remember that. I remember her mom calling over and over and she was freaking out. I remember we’d get to the car and the boyfriend of the girl decides to drive, not the guy that we thought was going to be the driver, which I don’t remember him drinking a ton. We were driving recklessly, I don’t know if he was drinking.

He was but he didn’t drink a lot. It’s that he wasn’t a drinker.

He didn’t have a license. I don’t think he was old enough to have a license. I think he had a permit and not a license. I sat in the passenger seat. I got in the front and then he told me to get out and let the drunk guy who was supposed to be the driver sit in the passenger seat, which thank God I didn’t sit there because he broke both of his legs. We get in the car and we’re driving home. We’re a mile from home and they decided to start speeding. We’re in the back telling them to slow down and asking them to stop. I was screaming, “Stop.”

We’re driving down the road and it’s like a 35-mile an hour road. It’s a slow road. Do you remember him yelling that it was at 120? He was yelling how fast we were going, then another car came down the road and he went to turn a little bit and we flew. The driver was flown out of the car. We hit a tree 8 feet in the air. I was on the passenger side window and we landed on that window. There were four of us in the backseat and I was closest to the window. Everybody had gotten knocked out for a minute. When I got consciousness, I feel like I was the first one that was all together. I remember pushing and shaking you guys like, “Get out of the other window.”

There was the sunroof that people were crawling out.

It was the other side window. I remember pushing you guys to help you out. The other boy was young too because he was a little kid. He was my size. He was little.

He and the driver were outside of the car helping people out. I remember everyone was going out either the side window. For some reason, I went out of the back window.

There were many of us in that back seat. Me and Alison had glass. I had mine taken out many years ago and you still have glass in your leg. I have a little scar on the back of my leg from where the glass was. You have the same thing on your leg but never got it taken out.

I should probably do that sometime soon.

I remember standing there and I was like, “I have to get out of here. I cannot get in trouble with probation.” You were screaming because you wanted to call that boy. I’m like, “I don’t care about your phone.” I must’ve had my phone because I remember calling taxis, but you ended up finding your phone before we ran away, right?

The driver found it. You called it or something and the driver went over to the car and found my phone.

I remember like, “I don’t care about your phone. If I get arrested over your phone, I’m going to be mad,” which isn’t the case. When you’re on probation, especially we were young, we wouldn’t have been arrested, but that was my first thought was getting in trouble rather than like, “Are we okay?”

It was borderline, we could have gone to juvenile.

It was not good for me. I will never forget this. We were all wearing white Nike high tops and jean miniskirts. I know that I had a black tank top with a hood on it. I had it for a long time. It had blood all over it. I remember I kept it for a while. We get out, we’re bleeding. Our legs are bleeding all over these white sneakers and our hands were cut out. There were shards of glass in my hair but at this point, we’re worried about running away. The girl’s boyfriend, he calls her as we run. After we run away, we’re a few streets down and she’s like “He needs us to say that it’s not their car and some other girl was driving so they don’t get in trouble.” We’re like, “What’s the story?” She’s like, “This girl Alyssa was driving and she got an accident and ran away from the car.” We’re like, “Okay, whatever.” That’s our story.

It was only going to be our story if we got caught because remember we were like, “We’re going to tell her mom we got jumped.”

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We’re standing on this road calling a taxi to drive us a mile down the road and they’re all like, “No.” We couldn’t have walked. It was a little too far. This random car pulls up and it’s a guy, and I feel like the lady was older than him but I don’t remember. He pulls over and he’s like, “Are you guys okay?” I was like, “Can you please drive us down the road? We need some help, just get us down the road.” He was like, “Okay.” He pulled out blankets from his trunk and laid them down on the seat, so we wouldn’t bleed all over his car. I was in the passenger seat and you two were in the back, which I think about where the girl sat.

No, I don’t even think you were in the car yet because he got out of the car to open. We told him that we got jumped and we were told we’d get to the house. Once he opened the door and seen how much blood we had, he was pretending that he was in the trunk, but we heard him call 911.

I remember sitting in the front because I turned around and I was like, “Guys, run.”

You were like, “He called the cops. We need to get out of this car, run for it now.” We get out and started blowing it and he chased us.

He’s chasing us and Alison runs up somebody’s driveway and we’re following her. There was a chain across it and she ran into the chain and fell backward, and started falling down the driveway. Me and my other friend were like, “We’ve got to keep running.” We kept running and then by that time, the ambulance was there because it was 30, 45 minutes. Looking back, I would say it was about that amount of time.

They were at the accident, so then when he called them, they sent people to the street that we were on. They were already right down the street.

I was hiding behind a car. They have their flashing lights on where I’m hiding. This is a residential neighborhood. This is not the main street. These people were like, “What is happening?” I was in someone’s driveway. I was in their lawn hiding.

We were acting like we were in a standoff with the cops.

They were like, “You’re not in trouble. We’re trying to see if you’re okay.” I’m like, “No.”

It’s over the speakers like, “We need you guys to come out. You’re not in trouble.” We were hiding behind cars.

I came out first because I was like, “The pursuit is over. The chase is done.” I couldn’t straighten my neck as it would twitch. Our other friend’s finger was cut off. Remember her middle finger was hanging. Since my neck, they taped me to a bed. Did they call our parents because I don’t remember calling? I did not call my mom. Did my mom come there or she met me at the hospital because I don’t remember that either?

No. She met you at the hospital.

They took you two to a different hospital and they took me to a separate hospital like a bigger one just in case I had a neck injury. Alison freaks out and she’s like, “I’m not relaxing until I talk to my friend.”

I needed stitches and everything and won’t let the nurses touch me until someone called the other hospital and let me know that you were okay. It was like, “I’m not having it.”

I was laying in the hospital bed. I remember I drank so much. I filled up two entire bedpans of pee because they would not let me get up to go to the bathroom. I’m sitting there, the cop comes in and he’s like, “Tell me what happened.” I’m like, “Alexis was driving and we were driving fast. We came from this sweet sixteen and we got an accident. She just ran away from the car. None of us could find her.” He’s listening to my whole story. He’s like, “The three other boys were on the roof?” I had assumed they had run away from the accident as well which I think about like, “Were they going to say someone stole his car?” I’m like, “What?”

They would’ve gotten in trouble for stealing the car.

It’s like, “Your car and you guys are gone. You took the car and got into an accident.” What we didn’t know is that the guy that was in the passenger seat, who was supposed to be the driver but was in the passenger seat, the dashboard had fallen on his legs and he broke both his legs. They were still at the car by the time the ambulance and everything came. He knew the whole thing. He was mad that I was lying. He was like, “I don’t think you’re taking this seriously. You were supposed to die tonight.” They took us to see the car. I don’t think we were allowed to see each other.

That’s when I got bad. It wasn’t even court ordered. Our parents were like, “Okay.”

Your mom was like, “You’re not hanging out with her,” especially after you ran. You wrote a letter and it was like, “I’m never coming home again.”

Not only all this happened, which is super traumatizing towards parents. I ran away that night. My parents knew I was with Bunny, but all of a sudden, the state troopers go to their house at 3:00 in the morning banging on the door. They couldn’t even call my parents. They drove all the way out to my parents’ house. It was one of the police officers that was at the car accident. Since we ran away from the car accident, the police officer was like, “Your daughter was in a severe drunk driving car accident. She wasn’t at the scene when we arrived. We don’t know what condition she’s in.” My father came into the hospital cursing me out. I told the nurses like, “Keep me at the hospital. I’m not going home with him.” I’ll be back if that’s the case. I was terrified.

I remember the day after, that same boy, it had been years that I had called Alison for talking to and yelling at them. That same boy was obsessed with me. He came over to take care of me after the accident. I’ll never forget that. He did everything for me, which is probably the only nice thing he ever did for me.

BTB 16 | Childhood Stories

Childhood Stories: You can laugh about the crazy things that happened in the past only if you have done a complete 360.


I remember one time you were carrying my soda in the house for me because I was on crutches, he said something to piss you off, and you took my soda and chucked it at him. I was so mad. I’m like, “That was mine.”

For legal reasons, I do not recall that. I remember getting in a fight with him one time when he was driving down the road and I was on top of the car.

If we had updated phones, I probably would have had a video. I probably had a video on my flip phone.

I’m glad we don’t have videos. If there was YouTube and stuff back then, it would have been bad.

This is also why kids nowadays need to be careful about what they do because it can haunt you forever. Nothing about the accident was funny. We’re not laughing because it’s funny or something to joke about, but we were lucky. Even the detective said he had twenty years of experience and when he showed up at the scene, he would have expected that nobody made it from the accident. It was a bad accident. I’m sure you saw Bunny’s TikTok where she posted pictures of the actual car. It could have been bad.

There’s nothing to do but laugh at it, but it’s not funny. I can’t believe that’s the stuff we used to do.

Especially at that age, because now I feel so old too. I was then fourteen years old and I’m like, “Do not act grown.” When I think about it and I’m like, “Things we’re doing at fourteen.”

One time, we used to sneak out of the window of my house, and Alison had these cute pants. They were these jeans with slits on the hip. Do you remember that?

They were the jeans that I wore when we got arrested. They were my favorite jeans.

They were euphoria back in the day. Alison wouldn’t jump out the window because she was scared. It was on a second storey.

It was my first time ever jumping out of a second-storey window. I flew out in the pine bush. I never forget that. I got into the car and I was bleeding. My knee was ripped open. She ripped my freaking favorite jeans, grass stains all over them, and I had braces. I get into the car and I sit in the passenger seat.

Why were we hanging out with grown-ass men when you had braces on? They were adults and were buying us alcohol. They live by themselves.

Some of them know we showed them our fake IDs. We lied to them. It’s our first time hanging out with this guy. It was someone that we met at the mall.

Was that the same time I was crying? I was sitting in the back of the car crying and the guys were like, “This is fucking weird.”

That was a different time. The first time was he looks at me and he’s like, “Are you okay?” I’m like, “This bitch pushed me out the window.”

They would watch us jump out of the window and get into their car.

He watched me face plant. I’m sitting in the mirror picking pine needles out of my braces and out of my hand. I was like, “It’s cool. Let’s go.” I don’t know where we went, but for some reason, it was still important for me to go out like that. The time that I fell out of the window, I fell on my back and knocked the wind out of me. The guys got out of the car and came running over like, “Are you okay?” I’m lying there and like, “Yes. Let’s go.”

Do you remember the time your ex-boyfriend was outside of the house screaming, peeing on trees and wouldn’t leave? My mom was like, “Why are there people here?” We’re like, “I don’t know.”

You took his face, pushed him out the window and shut the window door. He was outside screaming, flipping out. Her mom is like, “What is going on? Who do you have here?” We opened the bedroom door. We’re like, “Nobody. There are people outside acting crazy. We don’t know what’s going on.”

I’ll never forget the first time I snuck out of my apartment on a two-storey window. When we got back, it was me and Janae, we couldn’t get back in because it was high up. We were climbing.

We did cheerleading stunts to get back into the window.

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There was a family that lived underneath, it was their master bedroom, and they were staring at us. Across the apartment complex, there were these boys that were in college and I called them at 6:00 AM. I was like, “Can you please push me in the window?” They’re like, “What?” We rang their doorbell. They came out and I was like, “I need you to lift me and my friend up in the window.” They were like, “I cannot believe this,” and they did it.

When I was there, I used to push you guys up, you would have to go open the front door, and I would have to sneak in.

Those guys that live in the apartment underneath were the same guys who were behind us when we got in our car accident. They were the ones who called the police. Did you know that?

You told me this, I just found out.

He messaged me on Instagram and was like, “Do you remember that time?” I’m like, “What?” They’re like, “You’re all grown up now.” They’re only 35. I’m like, “How are you not much older than us?”

We were teenagers and they were 18, 19 in high school or college. Do you remember how we got in trouble in your complex because we used to steal people’s plastic chairs to get into the window and then leaving them outside?

We got in trouble for leaving them out there. We stole one.

We came from this frat party and the cab driver got mad at me because I bring these big plastic lawn chairs, not the ones that fold, but it’s the white plastic chairs.

He asked the frat boys like, “Where are we going to take these chairs?”

They’re like, “What?” I’m like, “We need it. Let’s go.” Right outside, the cab driver was like, “You can’t get in the car with that.” I’m like, “It’s my chair. I need to take it home.” The driver was mad because it took forever to get it into the car. We’re riding around with these big plastic chairs hanging out of the back of the car and then we would leave it outside the window.

We left it there forever because we had nowhere else to put it. We should have put it inside and then brought it out when we needed it.

At one point, we did. We start after we got in trouble.

People would start taking them away.

We started putting it in the storage room in the basement, and then we would go and grab it and put it under the window when we were leaving.

Do you remember one time my mom told us we couldn’t go somewhere and then we ran down the road?


I remember that. It snowed and plowed. There were little walkways you’re going to go down because the snow was up to your shoulders, and we ran down the thing.

How about the time my dad chased you through the woods?

He wanted to send me home and I was like, “I’m not going home.” I don’t want to be with my parents.

Your mom wanted to come and get you, and my parents didn’t want her mom calling the cops. They’re saying like, “My kid is at your house and she won’t leave.” He’s like, “You have to go.” Bunny was like, “If you’re not going to let me stay here, I’m going to leave. I’m not going home.”

You used to live in the woods and I went to the woods.

It was starting to get dark. I started crying and I’m like, “You need to go and help her. She’s going to get lost in the woods.” My dad had to go hunting through the woods trying to find her.

He got a tick. Your dad was such a vibe. You and your dad are always like that alone.

BTB 16 | Childhood Stories

Childhood Stories: If a man is grown and wants to hang out with a teenage child, something is wrong with him.


Remember when we went camping and you were making fun of him for breathing. You’re like, “Why do you do that?” He was like, “What are you talking about?”

Let’s end this on a positive note, not the rest of the vibe we’ve been with. What advice do you have for young girls being the way that we were? I get lots of messages like, “I’m the same way.” A lot of times, I don’t even know what to say because I’m like, “I don’t want you to be like that. I’m sharing my experiences.”

We thought we were so grown, but the adults that try to help us actually gave us good advice. We would push away thinking that they weren’t helping us and it was bad for us, that’s not the case. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through or how grown you think you are. There are certain things mentally that you won’t understand until you’re older. It might seem fun, especially nowadays, because we said we got away with a lot of stuff, but you have it way harder than we did. There’s so much stuff that we’ve done that we regret and won’t share with people where now you might think you’re living the moment and you don’t care. Many years from now, when there is a video of you still circulating, when you have kids, and you get to a certain point, there are a lot of things that you’re going to look back on and be like, “I never should have done that.” You might want a certain career where those things will come back around and bite you in the ass. I understand you’re young, don’t care and living your best life, but be mindful that some stuff will always follow you. You’re not going to always have that, “I don’t care mindset.”

Addiction is a slippery slope. Both of us are lucky that we did not get wrapped up more and came out with good lives, but a lot of our friends haven’t. A lot of my friends have either passed away or still dealing with addiction struggles.

Even trouble with the law. We were lucky that we had that phase when we were young to where it doesn’t affect us on our records and stuff.

We were pretty, young and white, we had a lot of privilege. It would have been in a lot more trouble. We looked the same in what we did when we were younger.

The stuff that we got away with, a lot of people wouldn’t get away with. That’s another thing now with everything on camera and evidence of everything, there’s a lot of stuff that you’re not going to get away with and it will follow you. Being fun and thinking it’s fun is not always worth it. You’ll realize the stuff that you thought was super fun, that’s not what life is all about.

I always get the messages on that video, the number one comment was like, “I wish I had stories like this.” I’m like, “No, you don’t.”

We only laugh about it because of how lucky we were, successful and how we completely did a 360. We changed our lives all the way around. There are a lot of people who didn’t.

We wouldn’t be here if there were a couple of differences. I’m sharing my stories with you, and I do not condone or want you guys to replicate.

Even with us hanging out with the older men, that’s a big thing to touch base on too because we thought that was cool. We thought these guys were awesome. Now I look back at it, it’s gross. I will never hang around if guys that we were around back then still tried to reach out. If a man is grown and wants to hang out with a teenage child, something is wrong with him.

I cannot believe how many grown men we used to hang out with.

It’s disgusting. Even if we lied about it, we still didn’t act grown. It was like, “Where was their mindset at? What kind of person were they?”

They knew we were sneaking out of a house. I don’t think we hid our age that much.

We weren’t saying we were 21 or anything like that. They knew we had fake IDs. We thought those were the cool guys. They were losers. Girls their age didn’t want them. They would prey on younger girls that did. That’s exactly how it is when you’re older. The guys hanging out with the younger girls are not the cool guys. Even when you’re older, it’s different when you reach a certain point and then the age difference is different. When you’re 18, 19, and out of high school still hanging out with freshmen or sophomore girls, I understand from the girl’s point of view that you feel it’s cool, you’re mature and you have something going on that these older men want to be around you, but it’s not that case. It’s that they’re not mentally mature enough or they don’t have their selves together to attract women their age. They want to manipulate you. They look at you like you’re young and dumb. You haven’t experienced enough. They’re like, “I can tell her whatever I want to tell her, make her feel good, and manipulate her.”

It’s not who you want to surround yourself with by any means. Why don’t you tell them about your career? I don’t think we talked about anything other than our past.

I do hair and makeup. I do everything from your regular, everyday hair color. I used to go down to Bunny and do her hair for her all the time, and even special effects. I have two movies that were released in the past couple of months on Amazon Prime where I’m the head makeup department. I did all the special effects and makeup for those. They’re more like horror, sci-fi films. I’ve done some theater and Broadway. I launched a wig line. I love crazy colored hair. Bunny can tell you, this is the most normal I probably have ever looked. Normally, I have neon hair and all different stuff going on. I started a wig line, doing colorful wigs, versatile and stuff to where the crazy colors are a lot of upkeep and hard to keep up with. Something that could be more versatile or even if your job doesn’t allow it, you can still have fun, or even for people who like everyday wigs, regardless if it has fashion colors or not. It’s Luminous Ego and that’s about it.

You can go to @LuminousEgo on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Thank you for joining me.

Thank you for having me.

I’m sure I will get a lot of questions and comments on this one. I’ll have time for another little recap on this.

That wasn’t even a half of it either. It’s crazy stuff but it’s good to talk about it.

I’ll talk to you soon.

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