BTB 18 | Self-Love And Confidence


What used to be seeing so many people made up and at their best on social media has now evolved to something even more authentic. With TikTok, people can get behind the scenes of people’s lives—be it at their best, their worst, or at their usual selves. Deanna Giulietti has discovered this, having a huge following on the platform for her relatable and fun content. In this episode, she joins The Bunny Barbie to talk about her life since TikTok and her plans for the future. They also dish out about joining The Bachelor, pursuing the theater, dealing with haters and the pandemic, and more. On self-love, Deanna then shares some great advice on confidence, being a good business owner, and dating.

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Finding Self-Love And Confidence In TikTok With Deanna Giulietti


You have 700.

I’m on live.

You’re going to have one million while we do this show. I’m excited.

I’m excited.

Do you have champagne? I got champagne.

I don’t have champagne but maybe I should go get some you.

You need champagne. This is going to be one million.

I was going to be live, too. I’m going to go get some champagne.

Get your champagne. I’m ready.

I can’t believe I’m going to hit one million.

This is exciting. Seven hundred people, it’s going happen. You’re like, “Here’s my bottle.”

She’s on my headphones. I can hear her when I was downstairs and she’s like, “You guys are asking for a house tour. I want a house tour too.”

I’m like, “You want it.” The Bunny and the boys are right behind you. I was like, “That hasn’t been in your TikTok.” I love that.

It’s been in a few.

I’m with everyone. I was on your live before and everyone was like, “House tour, please.” I was like, “Come on Bunny, give it to us.”

I was on live because some lady sent me a message and she was like, “You are lying to your followers. You don’t live on the beach. You don’t live on the ocean. You live on some other kind of water.” I was on my live and I walked outside and I was like, “I live on the beach, on the ocean. This is my backyard. I am not lying.”

She’s right at 999,400. We got to pop it.

I used to be a bottle girl back in the day at a nightclub.

I’ve always wanted to be a bottle girl. Did you have the bottle light in fireworks?

Yes. We had the sparklers. I would light the sparklers and go around the club. This is the most chaotic show. I owned a bottle service on yachts. We would get on the yachts and have girls do bottle service like they do at nightclubs and stuff. I still had these sparklers at my house. For my son’s second birthday, we lit all the sparklers because I still had them.

You’re like, “Let’s go for it.” I love your whole life. If you’re ever back on and you’re like, “We need another bottle service girl.” I’m coming. I got it for you.

Are we cheersing yet or are we waiting?

Cheers to you. We should drink. I got to refresh your page to see, 999,600. 400 more.

When I’m on live, it smooths my thing out. Did you audition for The Bachelor?

I did. I applied for The Bachelor. I had 200 people nominate me for The Bachelor and I was convinced I was going to be on it. I was like, “They didn’t give me an interview but no way they ignored me.” I made a TikTok video and 20,000 people tagged Bachelor Nation. I was like, “They can’t ignore that. No way.” I didn’t get anything, not an interview, no one contacted me, nothing. I was like, “Okay.”

They do it a year ahead of time. While this is out, they’re already casting for the guys.

The next guy.

My friend, she used to be my best friend. When my son was a baby, I did her audition tape for her to be on The Bachelor and she got on. She got a boyfriend and didn’t go. I still think she should have gone. She’s still on and off with that same guy. She could’ve gone.

I want that. That’s all I want.

They cast a year ahead of time. They do the bachelor and the bachelorette. When the bachelorette comes out, they’re casting for the bachelor. You should put in an actual application. It’s a whole thing. You have to do a whole essay that’s 100 pages long of everything you’ve done about your life and then you have to shoot a video.

I applied with a four-minute video. I put on my YouTube and I was like, “Okay, everyone.” I did the snail mail application, too. I was going to the nines for it but maybe I was too late. I’ll try again for the next one.

If you already did the application and everything, they’ve already got you in there. I guarantee you they’re going to call you.

I hope so. It better be a good bachelor.

They never tell you who it is. If you know who it is, it’s not going to be the one that you’re on.

I was too late.

Once they announce who it is, they’ve already cast everything and they might have already filmed it.

I could be the next one. That gets my hopes up again. I could be on it.

It’s secretive too. You can’t talk about it.

Secrets are my weakness.

I can’t keep a secret.

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I get too excited. I’m like, “We have to tell everyone. I don’t understand.” would have to tell people.

Can you imagine having to live with your engagement in an apartment for six months because you can’t tell anyone?

I don’t know how they’re doing it.

It’s like COVID. They must have filmed this before COVID because no one was wearing masks.

They say that they do a two-week quarantine with all the contestants and bring them on. They quarantine them in a hotel room for two weeks and give them four COVID tests and then they bring them all together.

This season, they did film it because they said that. I didn’t watch it. Was it good?

It was full of drama. It was good.

Everyone was upset with one person. I keep seeing comments because I review the fashion from it. I keep getting comments that there was one girl that they liked and one girl they didn’t like. I feel like they liked Chelsea.

I love Chelsea. Chelsea’s outfit was stunning. People say, Queen Victoria.

That’s the one. I’m going to have to watch it.

I love everyone’s journey but I would never have given that girl a rose, that’s for sure.

It’s the producers, they do it beforehand. I’m sure once it gets to the end, it’s who you want to be around but they throw some people in there.

They have to. I also think they pump them with lots of champagne, whatever drink that they want. The more they got into it, I was like, “Matt will send her home. It doesn’t need to be a big thing.” When he gave her the rose, I was like, “He had no say in the matter. This girl is regardless.”

Was she mean to him?

She was like Queen Victoria. They carried her in and I’m about that. I was like, “Cheers, you’re royalty,” but then it was her attitude towards the other girls when she came in the room being like, “Bitch.” The drunker she got, the meaner she was to everyone. I was like, “It’s not the look.”

Did you use to be in the theater? I saw you were doing theater before COVID.

Before COVID, I was working on Jersey Boys the Musical. Do you watch musicals?

No. One of my old nannies though is obsessed. She’s been to every musical there’s ever been. She used to sing musical songs to my son when he was a baby.

I’ve been working professionally and then I went on a ship to do Jersey Boys.

On a cruise?

On a cruise ship.

I saw that. I love that. I love going on cruises. I know that’s such an old person thing but we like going on Seaborne, which is the one where there are not that many people on.

I almost worked on Seaborne but then Seaborne for performers is more classic. They want you to sing the classic. It’s not a musical. I got offered Jersey Boys so I was like, “For me, I’d rather that.” I love cruising.

What line did you go with?

My first time was with AIDA cruise lines and that was Western Europe, the Mediterranean, Canary Islands. This one was Norwegian Cruise Line so it was Alaska and Mexico.

How did you like Alaska?

I love Alaska.

That must have been cool.

It’s stunning. It’s beautiful. We got to helicopter to a glacier.

I would have loved to work on a cruise when I was single.

A bottle server on a cruise, that’s the spot.

What’s funny is I have my hair license, my cosmetology license and I always thought that I wanted to be a hairdresser on a cruise but I never did it.

They do our hair. We all go live our best lives.

They’re off all night.

That’s it. They do our hair and they watch the show to see if the hair fell out. If it didn’t, that’s a success.

You don’t perform every night either, right?

No. For Jersey Boys, we perform two nights out of the entire cruise.

You are doing your own thing.

That’s it, even if it’s a two-week cruise through the Panama Canal.

BTB 18 | Self-Love And Confidence

Self-Love And Confidence: A lot of people like that confidence and self-love.


Did you ever have any relationships or escapades?

Yes. There is so much drama that goes on these ships. Have you ever seen Below Deck? It’s that times three million.

I was supposed to be on Below Deck but I canceled.


One of my best friends was on it twice. The first time, I was supposed to go with her. I canceled last minute. My son was not even one yet. I was like, “I don’t want to bring my son on a sixteen-hour flight.” I almost went and they ended up going. They were the first ones to ever had kids on it. I don’t know if you watch the show.

No. It was too triggering for real life. I was like, “I can’t do it.”

They liked it.

I have seen snippets of it and it is what happens on cruise ships. There are way more people on a cruise happening all the time.

Do you have escapades with people that work there or more like guests or both? Not even you, everyone.

I would say it’s both. The people who had relationships with guests, they’re not supposed to. It happens all the time. It’s more like the officers. You want to get with the officers and the captain and the staff.

Do other people on the boat want to be with the officers?

Yes, big time. On this AIDA Cruise Line, the Staff Captain would send treats to your dressing room and dresses and take you out to the nicest restaurants. That was nice.

Am I at one million? They’re saying 999,900.

It is, 100 left. I’m loving every part of it. When did you start on TikTok? What made you even want to be like, “Let’s see.”

I have some other things going on and I wanted to put my personality out there in a certain way. We can discuss that at another point. I wanted people to know who I was. On Instagram, I never felt comfortable. I would never post anything unless I was face tuned and all glammed. Now I’m with no makeup on, screaming at people in my closet every day. It’s changed my life. It evolved. I posted maybe a video or two but then I didn’t start posting until after COVID.

The first video I ever talked in was the one where I did the face mask. I don’t know if you saw that one. It was a long time ago. It was at the beginning of COVID. I printed a picture of my face on a mask. I had a tutorial on how you can do it. It’s like, “Here’s the website I used.” People are like, “Why does she sound like a Kardashian?” I was like, “I’ve never been told that in my life.” I’ve been with casting people like Below Deck. No one has ever told me that. It was weird and then I reacted to a video because 6,000 people liked the comment and I had 1,000 followers. I’m like, “How do 6,000 people think I sound like the Kardashians?” That video blew up and I was like, “What’s happening?”

The first video I saw of you was when you were talking like the Kardashians and I was obsessed. It was instant. I was like, “You sound exactly like them.”

I don’t think that I sound like them, which is funny. I get to hear myself all the time in my podcasts and my videos, I watched them over. I still don’t think I sound like them.

What’s happening?

They’re saying I hit it. Thank you.

This is monumental, one million.

It’s insane.

When did you start?

During COVID.

That is insane.

Especially because I feel like I’m so much older than most people in the app. It’s funny that they find me interesting.

Everything about you is interesting and empowering too. Let me go off on you for a bit. You receive so much hate for no reason. You show people how to stand up for themselves and you’re like, “If you’re going to treat me like this, you’re blocked. Also, don’t accept this treatment.” It’s strong. You’re confident. Every video about a plane, I’m like, “Tell me more about the plane.” You fly your own plane. You’re a mom and you’re younger than me. You deserve three million.

I was shocked with my voice and I was there and I’m like, “I never thought that what you guys would be obsessed with about me is my voice.” People are like, “What did you think I was going to be obsessed about you?” I’m like, “I’m a cool person. The voice is the least interesting thing about me.” It became its own thing. I’m like, “I have many other things going on and my voice is not it.”

The experience and the stories, honestly, you have content for years. I was like, “I’m signed on.” I’m subscribed to your live. I’m here for you.

When I was nineteen, I thought I was going to write a book about my life. I had a few chapters that wrote down. I forgot about it. My mom gave them to me and I have not gone through it myself. There are like 3 or 4 chapters of stories that I’m sure I probably don’t even remember. I can’t get myself to go through it.

At nineteen you’re like, “There’s been so much. I made it.”

I’m waiting. I know I’m going to be cringing reading the whole thing. I can’t read it.

It’ll be a whole series of, “Here we go. Here’s chapter one of nineteen-year-old Bunny.” I’m obsessed. Bunny Barbie’s memoir.

I hit a million. Thank you.

What are you doing to celebrate one million besides drinking with me?

This is it. There’s not much to do. I cannot wait to get the vaccine and start traveling and doing things that are out of my closet and meeting people like you. Where are you from?

I’m in New York.

Do you live in the city?

Yeah. I live in the city in my dream apartment. I love it here. There’s nothing to do. I go to outdoor restaurants sometimes.

I see you at the park.

I live right in the park. It’s like, “There’s good sunlight. It’s pretty. Let’s go to the park.” I love the city. Where are you from?

I’m in Florida. I like living here. I’m back and forth. We’re also building a house in Wyoming. Post-COVID, I’m probably going to get a place in LA too because I feel like everyone is in LA.

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Everybody is in LA. It’s like you’ve got to go to LA.

If you get one million on TikTok, you have to go to LA.

I’m hoping that can be like New York City for me. I’ll hit one million and be like, “Everybody, New York is cool too.”

Do people recognize you?

I got noticed at The Met. I was wearing my face mask and I was amazed that she knew who I was. She was like, “The Oo-Ta-Dah girl.” I was like, “How did you notice me? Yes, that’s me.” It was the best moment ever. I got noticed in Time Square, too. I was being ridiculous in Time Square. A lot of people were gathering around and I was like, “It’s a pandemic. Please, let me be embarrassing by myself for a moment.”

They noticed you and they wanted to say hi?

We did the Oo-Ta-Dah together. We did the whole outfit of the day thing. I was like, “I love this.” I could definitely live this full life.

That is cute.

I never thought social media would be the way I blew up at all.

Me either.

I was like, “Broadway is for me and I’ll be the Broadway girl. I’m going to lock that down.” Next thing you know, I was like, “TikTok is saving my life.”

What is your plan post TikTok? Are you going back to Broadway or are you going to stay on TikTok or both?

I will take TikTok into the audition world with me. As soon as Broadway opens back up, it’ll turn into like, “I have this audition tomorrow. What should I wear, this or this?” That’s my whole life. All I want to do is be in Six the Musical on Broadway. That’s all I want. After that, I want to be Elphaba in Wicked and TikTok can help me do that. I’ve been training my whole life for it. I’m reaching for the stars. I feel it’s right here. I’m passionate about it. I feel like it’s going to happen.

Your personality is 10, 11, 12. It’s so much.

She’s up there.

You started posting fashion videos and that’s when you started blowing up.

When I first started on TikTok, I was posting the cringiest dance videos. I’m like, “What was I doing?” I thought, “That’s what people were doing. I’m a dancer. Let me do some.” They’re embarrassing. As soon as April rolled around, I was like, “Let me start talking about how lonely I’m feeling because I got off the cruise ship and moved into my dream apartment and then everything got taken away from me.” Broadway is close. I’ve never experienced a life without the theater. I’m like, “What is it?”

I started opening up about being lonely and opening up about like, “What is my life besides auditioning for musical theater? What does that even look like?” That’s how it started blowing up a bit. My musical theater dances, my musical theater friends were like, “We’re also and nerdy.” The Oo-Ta-Dah videos started blowing up. It’s that self-love and confidence that I’m like, “How can I get that? How do I feel that confident about myself?”

How do you get your confidence?

How would you say it?

I get asked every day, a million times a day. It’s believing in yourself. It comes with age, as sad as that is. The older that you get out of those teenage years when you don’t have to spend time with people that you don’t enjoy being around and you don’t have to. That high school environment is toxic for young girls. Social media is not that great. I’m a homeschooling mom. I’m pro not being in that environment. As soon as I left high school and got out of that environment, which for me was a little early because I was kicked out of high school for fighting.

I did not know that. I love it.

I haven’t been to a formal school since I was sixteen. This has been me my whole life. That’ll bother me. People come in and they’ll be like, “You weren’t like this before.” I’m like, “I’ve been like this my whole life. Fighting in high school and getting kicked out, I have been like this my whole life.” They’re like, “Even your mannerisms and stuff.” I’m like, “My son came out of birth yelling at people with his arms because of me.” Everyone would always be like, “His mannerisms, he’s so much like you.” I’m like, “What?” I had to reflect. I’m like, “Do I talk.” He’ll be like, “Yeah, over there.” With his hands and stuff, I’m like, “I do that, too.” That’s going to be your kids.

I hope so. To have a child that’s standing up for themselves, not accepting anything but the best, it’s like, “Yes.” I agree. Teenagers through high school, it’s that judgment in their heads constantly judging other people that I have never liked.

I never wanted to be like that.

That’s why you put so much on yourself. They’re quick to judge others that they then feel constricted to be themselves because they’re like, “Someone can come back at me.” It’s like, “Let it be.” I went to brunch with my best friend and I was telling her the same thing. I was like, “It’s self-love that people are following me for. I’m trying to make more videos on how to love yourself as aggressively as I do.” She was like, “You’ve been like that your whole life. What’s your how-to, Deanna?” I was like, “Okay, you put me on the spot. I’ve always loved myself. What do you want?”

Have you always been like this?

I have always been like this. My parents have always been supportive of everything I’ve ever wanted to do. It’s that Leo energy. I didn’t ask for your star sign. What’s your star sign?

I’m a Scorpio.

She’s got the fire. I have the Leo. Everything that comes my way, I’m always like, “I could do that and I could be the best at it.” My parents were like, “All right. Go for it.” They never were like, “Maybe not, Deanna.”

That’s how I am.

Because of that, I’ve failed a bunch.

Failure makes you a stronger person. A lot of people have messaged me, like, “How do I become a business owner?” I’m like, “You have to be okay with failure. If you’re not, you’re not going to be a good business owner.” You are running your own business, too. You’re independent.

I’m trying.

I could see you doing your fashion line.

I’m working on a peep-the-shoe shoe. I need a peep-the-shoe. I need a purse for The Audacity.

One shoe?

A shoe line.

I’m excited. Is it heels or sneakers?

I’m going to start with heels but we will get to sneakers.

What you should do is buy some purses in bulk and paint on them the audacity. You should start drop-shipping them.

Be like, “Where can we go from here?” That adds to confidence too because it’s on my mind. Raising everyone around you, uplifting everyone around you especially women, will help with my confidence so the things that women can do when they love each other so much are powerful.

When they hate each other, it’s bad. It’s negative.

BTB 18 | Self-Love And Confidence

Self-Love And Confidence: Learn how to love yourself aggressively.


It’s vicious. I find that in the theater a lot too, the girls in the cast. Instead of judging each other on, “Whose talent is this? Who’s the lead and who’s not?” As soon as you are all like, “This is a gift. Let’s see where we can fly with it, see the opportunities.” It’ll be the best show you can ever have.

I have some projects in the works that I have a similar thing. It’s important to come together as a team at the end of the day and not who is the top dog. It doesn’t matter. We’re all here for the opportunity and taking it and going with it. I agree, 100%.

Can you give us a teaser?

We’ll talk at the end.

Why can’t you do a little dangle teaser? I need to know. I love it. I was asked out by somebody on TikTok. I officially was like, “I’ll start a little dabble in the TikTok dating life. Let’s see.”

Is he in New York?

No. He’s in Philly. It was a disaster. It was left, right and center terrible.

Why was it bad?

Genuinely, he wanted the clout. I learned a lesson straight out the bat that I have to be super careful on dating people on the internet especially from TikTok. They may not have the right reasons, truly.

Did he have fewer followers than you?

Yes. He had fewer followers than me. Because of him reaching out and me being like, “Let’s go on a date.” He gained 15,000 followers in a day. I was like, “That’s going to be pressure.” It was. The pressure got to him. He was overwhelmed. It ended terribly.

Is this the guy you were going out with? We were rooting for him.

Yeah. He was overwhelmed. He saw me as this TikTok personality and not a human being who could have feelings through this. It was overwhelming for him. I was bad. I won’t do it again. I only want people in my life who are going to add such amazing things to it.

High energy.

I feel like I built such a wonderful thing I’m proud of. If I’m going to let someone in, I want them to elevate it, raise it, help me not add this stress overwhelming anxiety.

I love that my husband is not on social media. It is good for our relationship because I have the type of personality too. I’m a Scorpio. I don’t know how to say this all the way but straight men sharing a lot of things about their life unless it’s business or something like that is not attractive to me. I’m not attracted to that type of person. I like how my husband is to himself. We’ll go to a party and he doesn’t mind anyone. I like that.

What’s your son’s star sign?

My husband is a Libra. I don’t know much about the star signs. Do you know a lot?

I wouldn’t say I’m an expert but I do like it. I do think we’re connected to the stars. Libra is all about balance and that makes sense of how you’re describing him.

He’s super balanced. I’m unbalanced that it’s good for him to bring me back. I’m completely unbalanced. That’s why I’m not a good housewife. I can’t focus to clean a room and make it look spotless. I’m a bad housewife.

You bring the fire, that’s the Scorpio. I should have been able to guess that you’re a Scorpio because you stand up for yourself. You can be stubborn but it’s a good thing. I’m a Scorpio rising but I’m a Leo.

Leo is on August birthdays? Both of my step kids are Leo.

Are they the center of attention people or no?

They both go back and forth with it. My stepson is not the center of attention. My stepdaughter has a love-hate relationship with social media. Every once in a while, she’ll pop up on my thing. Over the summer, she was into my TikTok. She turns it off and she completely deletes TikTok and she’s done with it. She goes back and forth. When is your birthday?

August 21st.

They’re earlier than you.

I’m at the end. I’m towards the Virgo. I identify with Leo. Leo’s are always the people that photobomb the photo. They have to be in the photo. They’re always like, “When is someone going to talk about me?” That’s hitting me right on the head. That’s me.

Aren’t some Leo’s calmer or no? My stepson is mellow.

I don’t know. What about creativity? Is he super creative?

He’s into numbers. He’s the total opposite of you. You and him, I would not assume that you were the same time sign.

Is he single?

He is single. He’s going to law school. He’s going to be a lawyer. He was going to go into finance and then he decided to change and do law. My husband pushed him towards it. He was like, “We need a lawyer in the family. Why don’t you go to law school?” He was like, “Okay.” He loves it.

Give me a family. Both of my sisters are doctors. That’s a lie. One is a doctor.

The same thing, insurance doctor.

In my eyes, they’re both successful and fantastic. I’m like, “Do you want to hear me sing? I’ll sing.”

I love that.

I want to be a reality TV star. I’m like, “Put me on The Bachelor. Let’s go.”

I’ve got a few emails from some casting people I can put you in touch with for some other stuff. Did you get the casting email, your TikTok thing, the relationship one on the island?

Love Island?

It was a different one but they’re starting a new Netflix show. I got a casting email. I don’t know why they send it to me. There was a casting email. I’m sure they sent it to TikTokers that they were doing on an island, doing love matches. It might have been Too Hot to Handle but it was a different one or maybe it was Too Hard to Handle but they put it on a different thing.

I didn’t get anything.

I don’t know why they’re casting me, a mom. I’m like, “What? Let me leave my husband and my four-year-old and go on an island and see what works best.”

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Find love, maybe, not really. That has been frustrating about being on social media so far. The more followers I have, the more I’m genuinely asking, like, “I want to be on any reality TV.” I’m not getting any of those emails.

There’s another one too and it was for people that are into pop culture. They rate other pop culture things but this one is super legit. It’s for a major network. It’s for E! I don’t know if I’m supposed to say that. If you want, I can send you that. I know her personally. She’s legit. I’m going to hook you up with the casting people.

I love this New York apartment. This is my closet. I want a good reality TV show that will get me a closet.

You’re made for TV.

Thank you. I love talking to you. I feel like I’m yelling in my closet like you.

We’re screaming. You are loud, too. Do any of your neighbors know what you do?

No, they don’t. I live in an apartment with five people and one bathroom.

Do you live in an apartment with five people and one bathroom?


You’re in a room?

This is my room. That’s my bed.

Do you have roommates with other women?

Full-on. Everybody left because of the pandemic. Everyone went back home. When things started working out with TikTok, I moved back. We have a sublet. This is a guy from the Navy. It’s me and him. This is funny.

Is he straight?

Yes. He was like, “You’re singing in your room all the time.” I was like, “Yes, I am.”

Does he know you’re on TikTok?

Not yet. I’m trying to figure out how am I going to reveal it to him because he’s a character.

Does he have a TikTok or you don’t know?

I don’t know. We haven’t talked about it yet. I was like, “I do social media.” He was like, “I’m in the Navy.” I was like, “You win at the end of the day.”

He’s based in the Navy, in New York?


That’s weird.

I was like, “I don’t know anything about that.” He was like, “I got to go.” I was like, “Alright.”

A random story. When I was sixteen, I dated a guy in the Navy. I ran away and moved with him. First off, you’re not supposed to be on the military base after dark. I moved in with him in this base. Do you know how they come in and check everything too? He was my boyfriend and I was sixteen. Now that I’m thinking about it, that’s a little illegal. He was nineteen. I remember I got a fight with him one night and I’m a crazy Scorpio and I ran out of the apartment on the base and I was trying to jump the fence of the base. Now that I’m thinking about it, I probably could have been shot or something. That’s not safe to try and jump over a military base at midnight.

Full-on with the barbed wire the whole situation.

It was a cement wall.

That’s the full-on military base. I need to read this memoir of yours. I need it.

I don’t think that was in it. He reminded me when you said Navy. I was like, “I lived on a Navy base.”

That wasn’t the whole part of my life. Fully living there, too. That is Scorpio, too. You’re like, “No point in going. Bye.”

I’m like, “I’m leaving. I’m jumping over the fence.” I was throwing my bag over the fence.

You are your own TV show.

I’m going to ask you two questions before we get off. The first one is what was the best part of your day?

I woke up and saw the sunrise.

That’s beautiful.

7:20 in the morning, it’s right over the water. It’s been my goal to take at least two seconds away from making content and working to see the sunrise.

That’s beautiful. What did you learn?

I learned about Bunny. What did I learn? You inspired me on this podcast. You inspired me to make my own line. What did I learn? I can do anything.

You can.

This is Audacity purse, watch out. It’s coming.

Grab some acrylic paint and order the purses.

I’m going to do that.

I’m going to send you this link for this one. I have an Amazon that I painted and wrote an icon on it. You could paint like this. It’s a white purse with a little thing. It would be perfect for you. You have to learn how to do drop shipping. You’d have to figure out your own shipping.

BTB 18 | Self-Love And Confidence

Self-Love And Confidence: To become a business owner, you have to be okay with failure because if you’re not, you’re not going to be a good business owner.


I can do it.

You could do it. It would be great.

Can I ask you the same questions or no?

Sure. No one has ever asked me.

What did you learn?

I learned that you are such a good person and our energies are right there, 100%.

What would you say is your best part of the day?

Talking to you but hitting one million followers on TikTok of a lady yelling at her closet.

A role model, I mean that. Seriously, I love all of your content. I love you.

Thank you so much. Thank you for joining me.

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