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If you’re a TikTok user, you must have come across Elizabeth Vanmetre. You see, she has collected quite a following because of her content. Many of her videos are about old celebrity interactions and tips on getting into the entertainment business. Elizabeth is a former celebrity reporter for tabloids covering red carpets. She also had a stint as a network TV reporter. On today’s podcast, she joins The Bunny Barbie to talk about how she got started on TikTok and how she battled her binge eating disorder that led to her life-changing transformation. She also dishes out on meeting Paris Hilton in a bathroom and who her least favorite celebrity is. Tune in to find out who!

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From Award-Winning Reporting To TikTok Fame With Elizabeth Vanmetre

How are you?

I changed clothes for this because I needed a funny outfit on and Brady, my fiancé, is like, “What are you doing?” I’m like, “I cannot wear a sweater for this. This is not a sweater-wearing situation.”

I love you so much. You’re so funny.

I’m excited to chat with you.

I’m excited to chat with you too. Why don’t you give everyone a little hello, what’s your handle, where to find you, and the kind of stuff you talked about on your TikTok.

I’m Elizabeth and my TikTok is Elizabeth VanMetre. It’s three different topics going on. I used to be a celebrity reporter. I used to work for tabloids and cover red carpets.

I can’t wait to get into it.

I was a network TV as well and then I went on to be a normal reporter. A lot of my TikTok are about old celebrity interactions and how to get into the entertainment business because it’s something people feel is so unobtainable and it’s incredibly obtainable. If that’s what your dream is, there’s nothing that can stop you.

It’s even more attainable now than ever.

You can do it. The third is, this 2020, I’ve lost 100 pounds.

Congratulations. I haven’t seen any of those videos.

You’ve got to check them out. A lot of them is that transformation stuff.

How do you lose weight? You were trying to lose weight or eating healthier?

It all started strangely. I wanted to get weight loss surgery and I went to do everything that needed to do for that, which included this psychiatric appointment. During that appointment, I had been 100 pounds heavier than I am. I’ve been overweight for a decade. I was talking to the psychologist and it turned out that I was diagnosed with a binge-eating disorder. I didn’t look like a regular person who had some eating disorder because what we imagine is a tiny person.

Who doesn’t eat and then eats a lot?

I wasn’t eating in secret at home but what I was doing is not eating all day, praising myself for that, coming home being starving, and then eating the calorie game. I got that under control and had the weight loss surgery. Now, I practice intuitive eating and it’s been life-changing. I don’t think about diets anymore. It’s so beautiful. My brain is so much better.

Good for you. That’s exciting. I’m so happy for you.

You have a journey too. I obsessively watch your stuff. You have always been small but healthy.

I was talking to my husband because when I met him, I was 15 to 20 pounds heavier than I am now. It was because of drinking and eating bad. It’s not that I want to be skinnier. I don’t want to be skinnier. I am because I’m healthy, which to me feels so much better than being bigger with a little bit more weight on me and being unhealthy. I didn’t even look good. My face looked bloated. My skin looked bad. My hair looked bad. Everything didn’t look good.

I was going to say that looking at old photos of you, you were not big. You would not look at you and think, “She’s gross.” Look at you now, you glow because you’re healthy from within.

BTB ELIZABETH | Elizabeth Vanmetre

Elizabeth Vanmetre: Real celebrities are never mean. The top celebrities are always the nicest.


I wish I would have been taught when I was young that foods keep you healthy. Growing up, I thought you eat it when you’re hungry. It doesn’t matter what you eat and everything is fine. People always ask me this, has my life changed since now that I have money? I say the number one thing money has given me is more time with my son but also more time to research more things, learn more about myself, topics, and diet. Having the freedom to not be working 24/7 to have the time to look into what is good for my body is the best thing, the best gift that I’ve ever gotten.

Our parents tried hard. We didn’t know much about food then but we were told to drink a glass of milk to be strong all the time.

McDonald’s and milk. It’s crazy. You can’t blame them because it was marketing. It was marketed to them so they thought, “You go get your kid a Happy Meal. They get a little toy.” They thought that was the best thing ever.

I don’t have any kids yet but I’ve definitely learned what I want to do as far as food with kids.

It will make it even more crazy.

I want to let them be. My parents were obsessed with it because I was chunky as a kid. Sometimes, they weren’t doing the right things. You think back, I had sugar cereal every morning for breakfast and things like that. I have obsessed over food for my whole life. I don’t want my kids to do that. I hope to pass on to my children this new lifestyle.

I know you 100% well, especially how you’re passionate about it rather than being forceful about it. My son eats everything that we eat. He’s eating salads, veggies. We eat lots of carbs too because I’m skinny so I like to eat carbs. Other than that, we eat healthier and he’s into not eating meat. I wanted to give him the choice. I’m vegan and my husband doesn’t eat meat either. I always consciously wanted to let him have the choice. I always thought like, “I would give him the choice one day once he was able to understand. This is an animal and if you want to eat it, you can. If your friends are eating it, no big deal.”

I’ve always went into it with that mentality. If he eats meat, I don’t care. I’m not going to cook it for him but if he wants to order meat and eat it, it’s fine. I remember him at 2.5 years old, he started to get it. People who are around him like his nanny and people eat meat around him, he’ll be like, “Is that meat?” At first, he would ask before he eat it and he’d be like, “I don’t want to eat it.” One time, I was at lunch with my friend and her son. He was eating chicken nuggets. My son was playing with him, picked up a chicken nugget, and bit it. I wasn’t looking at him but he had spit it out immediately. He didn’t eat it. He spit it out and said he didn’t want to eat it.

When we got home, I sat him down and I was like, “You can eat meat if you want to.” He was like, “Mommy, I don’t want to eat meat. I don’t want to eat animals. I want to be vegan. I like being vegan.” I’m like, “Okay.” He’s got more passionate about it to the point where my dad was around and he was like, “That kid needs to eat a cheeseburger,” but joking. My dad wouldn’t ever give him meat and Aiden looked at him and he was like, “Burgers are meat and meat is bad for you.” He was like, “What’s into him?” I don’t tell him that stuff.

He’s so cute. First of all, you are you and you don’t care. That’s my favorite but also obsessive how you’re teaching him and the unschooling stuff. I lived in New York for so long and I’ve heard of all of this before. He’s so smart. It’s proof of the method. It doesn’t work for every kid but it seems to be working for you.

That’s the thing. I don’t know where it’s going to take me. I don’t want to put rules or anything on it. We are who we are and I’m going to let him learn how he wants to do. I did a strict schedule like more Montessori based when he was eighteen months old. Especially during quarantine, we haven’t done anything and he’s learned so much from watching YouTube. All he does is watch YouTube videos about space and C-sections. He watches PowerPoints on C-sections. He’s into different stuff. He blows my mind but he wants to learn it. That’s what he wants to learn.

The fact that people are so concerned about his schooling is so funny to me. Most three-year-olds don’t know much. That’s when you’re supposed to worry about socializing them. That’s important.

That’s like their colors. Let’s talk about your celebrity reporting days because that is totally what intrigued me into you, and I love it. How did you get into celebrity reporting?

I got an internship at a tabloid right out of school. I knew I wanted to work with celebrities. I thought at the time I was going to be the next Giuliana Rancic. For sure, I was going to be the front runner of E!.

You are on TikTok.

I am the Giuliana Rancic of TikTok. I got this internship and it went well. They hired me on staff, and I became a red carpet reporter. I did a lot of red carpets and a lot of parties in New York. I was fully based in New York. A lot of times, people ask me about the Real Housewives, Orange County, or something like that. Beverly Hills didn’t work with them but the New York ones I came across. All the New York celebrities were the basis that I covered, any premiers, fashion week in New York, and all those things. That’s my beat. I didn’t realize how cool it was at that time because you’re in it.

You’re so young.

You’re like, “This is cool.”

It seems normal.

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It was cool. I’m now a normal reporter. I work for a news station. I’m on TV every morning, like run-of-the-mill news reporter.

Are you early morning?

I’m the morning girl. I’m early morning on the news here but it’s funny because I think back and they were some fun times. You’re living a life that most people won’t experience their whole life because they want to be normal.

I’ve had a life like that. I’m thankful that I didn’t put my life out there until now, because I’m such a different person and I would have I don’t know if I’d regret it because it’s still who I am. I think I would have gotten myself in a lot of trouble.

It’s easy to do. Younger celebrities like Miley Cyrus, they’re doing normal stuff that teenagers are doing but it’s on display for everyone to be extra judgmental.

I would have been on every single tabloid every weekend. I would have been so bad. I can’t even imagine.

I always feel bad for the Kardashian girls. The youngest girls, people are like, “They’re so rude. I’ve met them at this event and they’re rude.” Do you remember being eighteen and being so awkward? Can you imagine being put at an event with your clothing line at eighteen years old and how weird you would feel? They’re so young.

There are some days you don’t feel like talking to people. You can sit in your house but what if you have things planned and you’re in the public eye? I always think about that too. I have compassion for them because I wouldn’t have been as nice. I would have been like, “Fuck off.”

You have a lot of stuff going on around you. I never met Kylie. I did meet Kendall and it was in a very calm situation like a shopping situation. There were not a lot of fans around and she was so polite. Two fans walked up, I remember, and they were like, “Can we get pictures of you?” She’s nice, down to earth, and kind. I’m sure she’s a total jerk if she’s walking through the airport trying to make her flight and paparazzi chasing her. I’m sure she’s not nice. They’re so human.

It’s crazy that in some instances when you meet people, even if you get a weird vibe, sometimes it doesn’t click with us normally. You never know what they’re going through if your vibes are off. Maybe you creeped them out. People will post that on TikTok and then it goes viral that they’re the meanest people ever.

For the most part, real celebrities were never mean. The top celebrities were always the nicest. The B-list, C-list, reality TV, franchisees are the worst.

90 Day Fiancé?

I wish. I never met any of them. I’m obsessed with that show. I would do anything to meet Larissa. She’s hilarious. Do you watch that show religiously?

I’ve never seen the show.

What are you doing? You’re busy.

I don’t watch any TV at all. Selling Sunset is the first reality TV show that I’ve ever watched. I thought it was cute. The first season was blah, the second season I thought was a lot better. You got to know them a little bit more but you can tell that they’re trying to cause fights on purpose. I’ve never watched anything else. I’ve seen clips of the Kardashians. Obviously, they’re everywhere on everything but I’ve never watched the whole show.

I love reality TV but when I was in it, I could not watch it. I was so tired of it when I got home. Plus, the Kardashians would come on their show while their show is six months later. Everything that they’re showing, I knew six months ago.

That business has got to be hard to keep everything current.

It’s a constant run to keep the news coming. “What’s next?” kind of thing.

BTB ELIZABETH | Elizabeth Vanmetre

Elizabeth Vanmetre: There are a lot of undesirable ethics in the publication industry. You have to be so careful.


To keep things interesting. Who’s your favorite celebrity ever?

My favorite celebrity ever is Paris Hilton. We had a special moment together in a bathroom. You know the situation, you’ve been drinking in a bar. You go to the bathroom and there are girls in there, and you guys are all being nice to each other while you’re washing your hands. It was a Bootsy Bellows Pop-up in New York City. They were having this party thing. It was a true celebrity party. I was not a celebrity but I was in there. There was not a red carpet so no one knew who I was. They probably thought I was a random rich person there. The PR person got me in. I’m in the bathroom washing my hands and Paris Hilton comes out of the stall behind me.

She walks over to wash her hands and I was like, “I want to tell you I love you so much.” She was like, “You are so nice. I love your dress.” I’m wearing a dress from Forever 21 or something. I was like, “I read your book when I was younger and I’m so obsessed with you.” She’s like, “That means so much to me.” We had this back and forth moment. That stuck out to me. I did a video on it and she commented. I was like, “The next time I’m in LA, I want to get my selfie because I didn’t want to ask you for one in the bathroom many years ago.” She comments and she was like, “Let me know next time you’re in LA. I’d love to get a selfie.” She was so sweet and genuine. I like her.

I don’t leave my house which has been weird now after TikTok because every time I leave my house, I get recognized because I’m so not used to it yet. I’m so used to living my normal life and I forget that I post on TikTok. Sometimes I feel like I’m so awkward. Maybe they don’t think that I’m that awkward but it’s weird. One time, I was in a TJ Maxx with my friend and these little girls were taking photos of me from behind. They came up to me and they’re like, “Can we have a photo?” I was like, “Yes.” I felt like I was goofy. When we were in LA, there were these three girls and they didn’t look at me. They saw me but they didn’t pay me any mind.

I was like, “They don’t know me.” It’s the age range. Anyone around fourteen years old, I know they’re going to come up to me. I was looking at them and then they didn’t come up to me. I was like, “We’re good.” My son was getting antsy because my husband was talking to his uncle. We met him for coffee. I was running around with my son in circles and stepping on stones on the ground. I could tell they started inching behind me. I was like, “Hey.” They’re like, “Are you famous?” I was like, “Yes.” I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t mean that I was famous. They were staying there and I was like, “Nice meeting you.” I’m not famous. Was I supposed to say no?

I’m famous on TikTok. I have a good number of followers. I don’t have that many but I’m always, “I’m TikTok famous.” I love saying that to people.

It’s not like I have millions of followers so I feel like it’s weird that every time I leave my house, I’m recognized. The thing is even if they don’t follow me, they must have seen my videos or something. I don’t feel like I’m not recognizable. I have a mask on. The whole thing blows my mind.

It’s amazing. This TikTok thing is wild. I’ve been surprised by it all. I had one video that took off.

Do you plan on doing anything more back entertainment-wise?

I love my day job now. It’s so normal. I’m such a normal person. I’m a newscaster, still so wholesome, and easy. If this took off in a way, I would dabble in it in this way. I don’t want to work for publication again. Now that I’m out of it and I’m looking back, I don’t love a lot of the ethics that are involved. Some of it can be slimy and that’s not who I am. At that time, I didn’t know any better. I was just doing my job but now looking back, I don’t want to do like that.

I saw the one where you said that people would tell their friends.

It’s bad. You have to be careful.

Let’s say someone wants to get into the entertainment world, what advice do you have?

You have to know someone. That’s important and that’s hard to make happen. What I’ve been telling people is it’s such an interesting time because we’re all bound to our homes anyway. They should be reaching out to people who are doing the job that you dream on doing.

Send them DMs.

Anything you can do to get on a Zoom call with them, do an informational interview, and talk back and forth. Ask them a thousand or million questions. Look up the last five stories that they’ve worked on and feed their ego. All these people in this business want their egos fed, “I love when you reported on the Kardashians. I thought that was amazing. I loved how you wrote this.” They will eat that up and build that relationship and say, “If anything ever comes up, will you let me know?” Another thing, you have to be on the Coast. You can’t live in Iowa and be an entertainment reporter. You’re going to have to make that move. LA or New York. Nashville if you want to do country music but you have to be on a Coast. I have people who reach out to me and they’re like, “I live in Iowa and I want to do this.” I’m like, “You’ve got to have to move. You have to do it.”

How would you even find stuff out if you’re so far away?

No one is going to bring you in. There’s so much talent in California and New York. They’re not going to bring someone from Iowa and you need that New York or LA address to even get in the door for an interview. I packed in my bags, no job, I took a job at European Wax Center. I showed up everywhere with my resume.

Did you do the waxing or you’re the front desk?

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I’m the front desk girl. I did not wax. You have to be an aesthetician or something. I would imagine. Funny story, Ramona Singer used to come into European Wax Center all the time.

Before the show or after?

I guess during. It’s funny because she came in, everyone asks me who’s my least favorite celebrity. This is who it is. This is why, but I will say she’s not nice in any situation. When she used to come into the European Wax Center, she’s very rude. There was an event or party and I tried to speak with her. She was also equally as rude. I will give her props that’s like, “What you see is what you get all around. No one is off-limits.” Good for her.

Why was she rude? What did she do?

In the European Wax Center, she would come in, chatting on her phone loud like, “I need this now.” I felt like that was rude in general. She would be getting waxed and talking on her phone so loud in the room. I thought it was bizarre. At an event, I remember I was trying to talk to her about something and she kept being dismissive and being like, “I am too busy to talk to anyone.” It was the weirdest thing that was in the event with her. We were there for her. She bosses everyone around. I watch how people treat other people a lot. That’s how I take the vibe and the energy from people. She would boss everyone around her and everyone was like, “She’s so rude.” Wherever she wanted to go, she was busting through it. It was always a scene and it was a thing. It was so much. She was my least favorite person that I’ve met in celebrity realm.

Where did you grow up?

In North Carolina.

You moved to New York.

I moved to New York. I packed my bags the day after I graduated from undergrad. I moved to the big city, lived in this place called Bensonhurst, which is like Brooklyn but deep Brooklyn. It’s 45 minutes from the city on a train and $600 a month for rent. I lived in a house that has two tiny bedrooms and a kitchen that you walked out of your room right into the kitchen. I try my best and it got better. New York is hard to live in. LA is fun but I never want to live in New York again.

I couldn’t live in New York. I’m not a New Yorker, especially with a kid. It’s too much. I don’t even wear shoes in my house and I don’t live in a big city. I can’t even imagine COVID even your stroller wheels, I can’t imagine living in New York.

Your stroller is your car. That’s your vehicle to get to places. People are like, “I’ll take a car.” You don’t want to be late to everything.

If you don’t have your own car with a kid, how do people put car seats in car? Do they have Ubers with them but that’s even dirtier too? I can’t even imagine.

It’s gross. I don’t recommend it for anyone unless if you want to do this, then do it. This is your dream. I don’t miss it for sure. I’m glad to have not to not be in that anymore. It was fun while it lasted and getting to experience these special things. People are like, “Why would you leave?” I’m like, “I was so tired.”

It’s fun when you’re young too and then it gets old.

It does. I got my lips done. I saw this one said that you have Botox in your lips. It’s a filler.

It was a face mask video. I was like, “I need people to know my lips are juicy under the mask.” Two people were like, “That’s from the Botox.” I’m like, “It’s not Botox. It’s a filler.” If you’re going to try to talk shit about me, at least get it right. His name was Mr. George Washington.

I love your face. I want to know what you’re doing. What have you done? I’ll tell you, I have my lips done. I get sheet right here. I get Botox here. It slims my face when I had Botox.

Botox lifts your face or your jaw.

When you open and close your mouth, right there.

BTB ELIZABETH | Elizabeth Vanmetre

Elizabeth Vanmetre: If you’re a celebrity, you got to really vet who you trust.


It slims it because your muscle isn’t as big.

Ten in each side and then it makes your face slimmer.

I get Botox. I have filled my lip but it’s been a year and it’s only my top lip. I’ve always had big lips but it gave me more of a profile. I filled my chin. I haven’t done anything in over a year. I did Botox but that doesn’t count as Botox. I’m ready for Botox. I could do my chin again too.

Did you put filler in your chin?

It gives me a little more pout.

I love it. I like what you have. I’m making sure I’m caught up with what I need done.

Mostly, it’s skincare. I do lots of skincare. Make sure you wear your sunscreen. I use the best sunscreen ever. It’s the Purito Water Cream. I don’t know if you ever heard of it. It’s Korean brands on Amazon. It’s $14. It is so good. I found it from TikTok. I’m putting on lotions and make sure your skin is hydrated. It helps too because when your skin is so dry, it looks bad. My older photos too because my skin was dry. I was dehydrated then I’m dry.

I like scoop stuff on my face. I need to stay as young for as long as possible.

Your skin looks great.

Thank you very much. I had to know, I needed to make sure that I was caught up on everything that I needed to be doing to my face because I love the way your face looks.

I have surgery on my eye, which is why I went to LA to go to a doctor’s appointment. My eye covers my pupil a little bit on my left side. It’s called Ptosis. What they have to do is flip your eyelid out and sew on the inside. It’s a muscle issue. It’s a medical thing. It’s not very cosmetic. It’s a month recovery. I thought it was extra skin that was keeping my eye heavy. I thought I was going to have a cut here and lift up but since it’s a muscle thing, they test it by dilating your eyes. It’s better that it’s a muscle rather than the skin because then I won’t have a scar on my eyelid.

I will do whatever I need to do. That’s who I am.

I love watching the transformations. I’m obsessed with it. I don’t go on Instagram that much but I used to follow a lot of pages on Instagram of the before and after. They look so good.

Do you get all your stuff done in LA?

No. I do it here in Florida.

I’m going to go to Scottsdale. My sister has got a ton of plastic surgery. She gets it all done in Scottsdale, and it’s amazing. The doctors there are good.

If I wanted surgery on something, I’d go somewhere else. Fillers and stuff, it goes away. It’s not a big deal but I would go to someone that you’ve seen the before and afters. Don’t go to someone shady because that could mess you up. Have you seen the bad ones where their lips explode and fungus?

It can be so bad. I don’t even bruise because my girl is good. That’s what I want. They need to be good. It’s very important. I’m glad we got to talk about that because it’s what I’ve been thinking. I’m glad we can make sure I’m up-to-date with everything that needs to be done to my face.

You look beautiful. You look good.

BTB ELIZABETH | Elizabeth Vanmetre

Elizabeth Vanmetre: It’s such an interesting time because we’re all bound for our homes. You should be reaching out to people who are doing the job that you dream of doing.


All your DIY stuff, is this who you are? You can afford to have anyone come in and do this stuff, but you do it yourself. Is this who you are inside?

I want to do it and get done with. I’d rather do it myself than wait a month. This show that I’m doing, I have a production company doing it. It’s not even out yet. I’ve been doing it for months. It’s taken so long because there are other people involved but then I don’t have the time to focus on it myself anyways. It’s a mess. I like doing things and then being done with it. That’s why I like to DIY.

Have you always had money or did you acquire it? Did you have to make your own stuff growing up to make it happen? Is that how you got so crafty? I have no craft though.

I never made my stuff when I was younger. I didn’t grow up with money. I don’t think I would have been confident enough to DIY stuff when I was younger. I would have been embarrassed. It wasn’t cool to DIY stuff when we were younger. Now, people have made it cool to do your own stuff and make things cool. The younger me would have been embarrassed doing my own stuff, which is ironic and now I don’t care at all. Once I got more time on my hands to where I’ll do stuff, then I did stuff like make face masks or whatever else I randomly do.

It’s so awesome. It’s fun to watch. I also loved your video about the balloon video, because I’ve seen so many people try to recreate this balloon side. They’re like, “I could do it.” It never looks as good as what hers looked like.

Hers looked good and I live on the beach, so it’s windy. They’re putting this dollar store foam on the thing and the lady laid it against the bush. It looks nice but it’s not going to hold together and they take up so much room. People are mad at her for renting it out. The thing is, I would rent it out too. I have three of them and they take up a whole room in my house. I’m not kidding. They’re huge. I would rent it out too plus that’s the part that takes the longest to make. She’s being smart. Honestly, at the end of the day, she got good marketing value out of it.

I took this from you on my TikTok. I stole this from you so people will write mean things to me. I started saying this, I saw you do this. I said, “I would love for you to keep talking about this. I’m the creator fund. Every time you say something, I get paid. Thank you. Let’s keep going.” I love it. I totally took that from you.

The more you share my videos and you hate me with your friends, the more that I get paid, so thank you.

I stole that from you. I love that take on it all. You’ve been so much fun to watch. For me, you are who I would want my daughters to watch.

That’s nice. What’s funny is I feel like I did not have that intention at all. It’s because of how I am as a mom now. I don’t think anyone would have said that to me years ago. They would have been like, “This is exactly who I don’t want my daughter to be.” Being a mom has made me into more of a mindful human being. It’s funny to me when people say that to me because my mom doesn’t even like me. It’s empowering to me that all these teenage girls will be like, “Me and my mom watch you together.” The mom will comment and they’ll be like, “I love my daughter watching you.” I’m like, “Really?” It’s so cute.

It’s because it’s honest. It’s so much fun. It’s fun to watch the dances and all those things too but it’s honestly so nice to have something different and have someone talking and responding.

I never see any dances on my For You page. I’m on a different TikTok.

I’m on the teen TikTok. That’s what I’m still getting. You’re obviously blowing up. A lot of things coming out and I saw your video talking about you have other projects coming. You have a thousand different businesses. Can I give advice from someone who used to work with celebrities all the time to you? The coolest celebrity that I ever talked to was Emily Ratajkowski. She was off the Robin Thicke video. She was so real. She didn’t give me media answers, so down to earth, and cool. It has stuck with me to this day of how genuine she is but no matter what, even when you’re talking to media and you’re rushing through. That has always stuck out to me as her being so special. She’s carried that along with her.

She has that vibe which I agree. I give off that vibe too because I don’t care. That is such good advice. Let’s say I do an interview or something. I need to relax and be myself because when I’m more on edge, it’s going to be not a good interview. I’ve learned that even from podcasting here too. When I’m interviewing people, they’re taking it a little more serious, and it’s not as fun. It doesn’t flow as well even for the audience.

The coolest, nicest thing I’ve ever seen celebrities do is when you’re on a red carpet, there’s going to be all these huge publications and they’re going to line up by their importance. People Magazine and E! News will be at the front and center along with the big television stations. As you go down, it’ll be less and less. You’ll see Us Weekly beside People, In Touch Magazine, Star, and then you’ll see these blogs. I saw Tom Hanks do this once and it has always stuck out to me as being the coolest thing that I’ve ever seen a celebrity do. He went and found the small blogger and talked to them. Him doing that took two minutes of his time but changed that reporter’s life because there’s no way that that reporter, in normal circumstances, got that. Do that for one person if you can because it will change their life.

Honestly, not being in that whole world, I would have never even thought about that. I love that so much.

I’m so excited.

How do you say the right things on the red carpet so that your words don’t get twisted?

There’s no way you can. You’re going to say a sentence, they’re going to chop the beginning and the end off, and they’re going to use your little quote. The best thing is you never read what’s written about you. Stay out of it.

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I feel like my mouth is going to get me in trouble one day.

I can’t even remember who it was but they said, “What other people say about me is not my business.” I thought, “What an empowering way to feel about everything.” You say your truth and I hope that it can ease. I’ve seen it happen before. I tell this story because it tells you how the tabloids work. It’s funny because it’s totally not ethical but it’s the way of the world. I was in the Hamptons with the Kardashians one summer because they were filming Kardashians in the Hamptons. I was there and I happened to be eating lunch and they were eating lunch where I was eating. I was like, “I can take some notes about things that are happening.” I send that off extra credit for me because I happened to be at the right place at the right time. I didn’t have a scheduled interview, nothing like that.

They were filming the show and Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney come to sit down to eat. While the waitress is bringing over food for all of them and brings them each over salads. Kim Kardashian looks at the waitress and says, “I put in an order for wings.” They order before they get there so they can sit down, talk, and don’t have to be bothered by anyone, they can do their filming. Kim is like, “I ordered wings.” She’s not mean about it but like, “This isn’t the right order.” The guy was like, “We don’t have wings at this restaurant.” She was like, “I swore that I saw wings. That’s fine. I’ll eat this salad. I just didn’t want a salad today.” That was a whole interaction. I typed it up like that. The next week, my magazine made the cover story, Kim Kardashian Can’t Stop Eating. I see them on the cover and on the inside, the stories told like I told it to you but they wrote it in a way that it looked like Kim demanded wings immediately. She can’t stop eating. That’s what’s happening. People are like, “Are the tabloids real?” It was bizarre.

Who says that about someone?

The tabloids. I remember that vividly. If they’re going to come after you, they’re going to come after you. There’s nothing you can do. Unfortunately, that’s the way of it. Whatever narrative that they want to spin on you but if you’re always nice and people have nice things to say about you, it’s good.

I have a question for you. I don’t know if you have an answer for this for me or not. How do I keep my son safe from media?

Do not put him on it. End of story. Kristin Cavallari did it best. She doesn’t let their faces be shown. A lot of magazines won’t let you show their faces.

People didn’t like her show because she never showed her home life.

It’s hard. For example, the Kardashians have been so open with it, but we see how it affects those kids a lot the way that they interact. It’s a parenting decision. I will never shame a mom for absolutely any decision that she ever makes. You’ve got to do what’s best for you and what makes the most sense for your brand. Not letting the kids on it is great but then if you can bring your kid as a part of it in a way that’s not exploitive of them. If your son has this deep interest in something and he can pour into that, and it can help other kids, that would be cool. Whatever you decide to do, I’m not a mom shamer.

He’s so young now.

He’s so gorgeous. Could you have made a more beautiful baby? I know that was not your intention. You wanted a smart, healthy but he is also gorgeous.

How did he get so cute? Sometimes, I look at him and the things he says too. I was taking him to the bathroom and I was putting his pants back on. He started patting my head and he goes, “People think you’re gorgeous.” I’m like, “What?”

Honestly, he seems so warm. You can see it, it shines. We need to get him on the cover of something like a magazine. If you want to hire me as your PR girl, I’m your girl. I know the ins and outs of the business.

I need you to write some articles about me.

BTB ELIZABETH | Elizabeth Vanmetre

Elizabeth Vanmetre: You need that New York or LA address to even get in the door for an interview.


I need some press releases sent out immediately and your son needs to be the new Ralph Lauren kid. He’s so cute.

When he was young, I sent his pictures to some modeling agencies and I don’t even think they emailed me back.

The hair is so good.

His hair is so cute. I’m sure that the fashion industry has taken a huge hit too doing catalogs.

They can’t even do anything.

What do they give to kids, COVID tests before they go?

I know that places are still doing. I was in Chicago and they were still filming Batman right beside my hotel. I was staying at the JW Marriott downtown. The industry is still moving. They’re hesitant to even release anything because who’s going to be able to see it. There are so many places completely shut down. What a bizarre world we live in. Who knew?

It’s interesting because I had a project that was supposed to be done by now that was pushed back because of COVID. I wouldn’t have done TikTok if that project had been working. It’s very interesting how things happened for me.

I will say it has had its good points. The same for me. I don’t think I would have been doing TikTok at home.

Did you start doing news at home or no?

I work completely from home so I will go out and about. I have an interview and I’m going to meet that person out. I edit it and everything right at home.

You do the editing yourself?

I shoot, write, and edit everything myself. Get you a girl who can do it all. That’s me.

That’s amazing. Good for you.

It’s awesome.

I know I’ve taken so much of your time. I’m going to ask you two questions before we get off, which are two questions that I asked my son every night before we go to bed. The first one is, what was the best part of your day?

The best part of my day was this conversation. I told you, I changed my outfit for this. I have been so excited about this. My fiancé is so sick of hearing about money because it’s all I’ve been talking about. I knew we would vibe. That being said, I know Paris Hilton is going to meet me when I’m in LA but whenever I’m in Florida, I’m expecting a meetup and selfie situation here.

Number two, what did you learn?

I learned from the Bachelorette. I don’t know if you’ve heard much about the new Bachelorette. It’s been all over. They have a woman, Clare, and she’s in her 40s. She’s the new Bachelorette and I’ve been watching her in the way she treats the men. I know that we live in a society where we have the Playboys and all that stuff, but she has a great group of men. I learned the importance of treating everyone with respect because everyone is watching you. She’s not respectful of these men who are so incredibly nice to her. It’s insane to watch. You have to watch the season.

I’ve never watched the show, but I feel like the girls that are on it are normally very bubbly, nice. It’s interesting that they picked someone that is a little more aggressive.

There was this one moment where she leans in to kiss this guy and he starts leaning to kiss her. Then almost a kiss, she backs off and she’s like, “You don’t want to kiss me?” You watch the video and they’re about to kiss each other and he didn’t do that. She started storming off. He runs after her and grabs her. It’s like, “I want to kiss you. I don’t know what happened. There was a miscommunication.” She’s like, “Don’t touch me. You’re trying to control me.” It made him look some bad guy. She’s like, “I don’t feel comfortable ever seeing him again.” They send him home immediately. You did that all in your head. That’s not okay.

That’s going to be bad for her long-term. She’s watching it back now.

Everyone is not impressed.

Do they seem like they were acting or you think she was like that?

I think that she’s like that. It is so awkward. That’s what I learned from watching The Bachelorette.

Thank you so much for joining me. This was so much fun. We’ll definitely have to do another one.

Keep in touch.

I will. Let everyone know where to find you again.

Elizabeth VanMetre, I’m on TikTok and come hang out with me there. I love hanging out with everybody. It’s a fun world.

Her TikTok is very entertaining. I love it so much.

Thank you so much.

Thank you. Have a great rest of your day.

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