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Giselle Ugarte is passionate about helping people grow from an influencer to an entrepreneur. With over 120,000 followers on TikTok, she understands how social media platforms work behind the scenes which set her above others. She joins The Bunny Barbie on today’s show to talk about algorithms, partnerships, communities, virality, and more. Many TikTok influencers today have thousands of followers yet have little to no clue on how to turn those followers into a sustainable business. If you are looking to grow your bank account and aspire to others through social media, let Giselle’s journey from an influencer to an entrepreneur inspire you to take action! This could change your life and career forever.

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From Influencer To Entrepreneur With Giselle Ugarte

I feel like I have gotten to know you so much. Whereas initially when we scheduled this show, I didn’t know you on a personal level. Now, I feel like I know you so much more just from being on Clubhouse with you.

Clubhouse has taken over my life, Bunny. I couldn’t agree with you more where I feel like we have been in this adult slumber party and you did host a slumber-party-themed room.

Were you there when the guy came in?

I was for a little bit and then my dad called. I never decline calls from my dad.

He was so nervous. We were having a slumber party last night on Clubhouse. It was all girls. One guy asked to be a speaker. We let him up, and he was like, “Hey.” Everyone was like, “Hey, Eric.” They were all over him. He was like, “Guys, I’m going to go now.” On Clubhouse, you just leave and you don’t say bye. He had to say bye several times. He was like, “I’m leaving.”

For those of you who don’t know what Clubhouse is, they describe it as a drop-in audio app. You can set up these different private conversations that you can then open up to the public. There are people who have speaking capabilities, and then there are some people who only have listening capabilities. Here we are, a bunch of these girls who are on what Clubhouse calls the stage. We’re all talking like shooting the shit. I was talking about how I flipped into some guy’s DMs. All of a sudden, you can see everyone who pops into the conversation. You can’t hide and we were like, “There’s a boy.”

We put him on the spot. It can get hard to say goodbye because you were like, “I don’t know. I have other things to do, but I don’t want to miss out.” The FOMO is so real on Clubhouse that I’m not surprised that he said goodbye a million times. I’m also from the Midwest. We’re notoriously known for taking forever to say goodbye. We have what’s called the Minnesota Goodbye, which will take you an hour, if not longer, to say goodbye. Whenever you go to a party, you’re like, “Bye, but that one other thing. Bye, but one more thing.”

Where did this rolling your Rs as well come from? Do people tell you that you sound like the Kardashians?

No, you’re the first person to say that. I never noticed it.

You roll your Rs like I do. You say like, “Crazy, never.”

Crazy, yes. I don’t know where it came from. I have no idea, but I guess the Kardashians made it cool.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Minnesota. I don’t have the Minnesota accent, but it does come out sometimes. I lived in LA for nine years. Towards the end of that stint was between LA and New York. I had a long-distance relationship with someone from New York. I had been fighting and resisting the urge to get the Minnesota accent back because I moved back to Minneapolis years ago.

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Do you want it back?

I don’t know. I’m fighting all of the temptations. A lot of my friends who I hang out with have the thickest Minnesota accent I’ve ever heard in my life. I grew up speaking Spanish and English in my home because my parents are from Mexico. When you initially said the Rs, I was like, “I don’t roll my R. Got it. That’s what she was talking about.”

It’s like a different R. Especially from speaking Spanish, it’s a different type of rolling your R. I don’t know how to describe it. People always make fun of me for saying roll my R. It’s like a different type of roll.

Ever since you pointed it out, now I’m like, “There it is. I do that.”

You’re going to hear it all the time now. When I hear other people do it, I’m like, “You do it, too. It’s not just me. Why am I the only one being called out?”

Maybe we’re related in another life or something. Maybe we’re from a different fifth-dimensional life.

We didn’t introduce you so if you want to tell people where to find you and the stuff that you do. I’d love to know, do you work with TikTok and with Clubhouse? I’m curious.

Isn’t that funny? I was like, “Where do I even begin here?” You and I met through TikTok because we both create content on TikTok. I do not work for TikTok, but I have worked with TikTok. Some people at TikTok would say that I am better at describing the product of TikTok than they are because I have studied it at length. I have worked with all kinds of creators, both in the sense of helping them grow, but also when I was learning about the platform. Before I started creating content, I was reaching out to creators just wanting to understand how TikTok went from to TikTok, the interactions that they had with the team, and where they’re looking to grow. People don’t even realize that there is a whole on desktop where they put out all kinds of articles and blogs.

They have a section called the Newsroom, where they reveal insights as far as how TikTok works, the For You page recommendations, initiatives that they’re working on, and security groups that they’re putting together. This is a long story even longer, but it’s a show so I have the time to explain it. My career accidentally started on YouTube, back when YouTube was a tiny, little platform. It was not a verb. Everyone and their mom did not have a blog. Social media was hardly a thing. We have Myspace and Facebook. Facebook didn’t even have business pages. Influencer was definitely not a job title, not even a respectful or respectable or roll-your-eyes job title. It did not even exist.

I wanted to be on television. I had moved to LA. I went to school at USC. I wanted to work in entertainment news, but I didn’t realize that no one gave a shit that I went to a top journalism school. It was all about your audition, what you could do, how you could set yourself apart, or who you were sleeping with. My thought was, “I just want to learn how to do everything.” That’s everything from audio production, lighting, writing, editing, blogging. Blogging was brand-new. All of a sudden, I find this video uploading platform called YouTube. Here are these kids like 16 and 17-year-old, extraordinarily average kids, who have millions of subscribers and no one was talking about it.

Similar to my obsession with TikTok, I started to obsess over YouTube. I wanted to learn the ins and outs. I had no desire to be one of these kids, but I simply wanted to understand the consumption habits and what people were looking for. I used my knowledge of YouTube to set myself apart in audition rooms. Now, were there so many networks that were not at all utilizing the platforms. Beauty brands, no one was on the platform at all. I would use it to say, “There’s this awesome platform. You should create content. Not only do I understand it, but I have the experience of a host and a producer.” Where they would potentially want to work with one of these kids, and it would take 100 takes and 8 hours. I could do it in a couple of takes and in a few hours.

Did you start filming stuff yourself?

I started filming stuff myself. I would send proof of concept out to brands. Brands started to discover me, again, on a lower level, but I would create these fundamental partnerships.

What type of brands did you work with?

I was one of the “real faces” on the COVERGIRL YouTube channel. I worked with COVERGIRL.

Do you do makeup videos for them?

Yes. Makeup tutorials, which you’ve never known me to make a makeup tutorial. I don’t do that anymore at all. I was on the side of Proactiv vending machines. A handful of publications wanted to launch YouTube Networks were putting, all of a sudden, hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars into YouTube. That’s how I started to get hosting credits is by blogger credits. I never wanted to grow my YouTube. I wanted to be on TV because at the time that was, in my head, bigger. I had a TV career in entertainment news here, and then was also a correspondent for the Today Show Australia, which was random, but awesome.

I ended up moving back to Minneapolis to co-headline a morning radio show here, which is unheard of for a woman, because very rarely as a woman co-headlining a radio show. Also, I had no radio experience. That was an opportunity that I couldn’t turn down, especially when it was in my home state. From there, I transitioned into the agency side of things where I’ve always had a hold on social media and relationships, working with brands on the side here and there, consulting work, or in phases of launch. I decided to go over to the agency side of things. I wanted to have a say beyond my own face. I noticed that there was a lot of visibility and representation missing. My hope was that by working on the marketing side of things, I would have a bigger impact on brands, but I could also learn from a more tactical strategic point, how marketing dollars are spent, how it all works.

I stumbled across this little platform called TikTok and was able to leverage it quickly because I understood consumption habits. I understood community over virality, which you’re so good at the virality thing just by being yourself. Now, I’m detaching myself from the agency because I want to focus entirely on speaking and coaching. I am a certified high-performance coach. I’ve done professional speaking for a couple of years. My first opportunity was opening up for Gary Vaynerchuk, which was like, “Holy shit, what the fuck am I doing?” I’d put myself out there. Now, I felt this need of all of these people who have gotten influence quickly and have no idea what they’re doing or how to price themselves at or aren’t connected.

To get the nod from TikTok pretty early on in my journey on TikTok, and then to be able to have now that partnership with them. I’ve now led webinars for their team and creators in terms of how they can create better technology, how they can give more resources to these people with newfound influence who don’t know what they’re doing. How they can monetize, whether it is through brand partnerships, content creation, digital product creation, all about the merch creation. Even the personal brand is leveraged for longevity versus that one video that pops off and then you don’t know what to do.

BTB 21 | Influencer To Entrepreneur

Influencer To Entrepreneur: Many people have gotten influence really quickly and have no idea what they’re doing or how to price themselves.


Does TikTok help their creators keep that longevity interesting?

They launched the TikTok Creator Portal, which every single time I use the R, I’m going to be thinking about that. I’m one of the featured expert creators inside of the Creator Portal. They have a few different initiatives. They started in 2020 the Creative Learning Fund. Now, they have the Creator Portal. It is offering all kinds of resources, support, office hours.

Is it in the settings?

It’s not in the settings. It’s all on They did start an account called the Creator Portal. It’s not even so much that they’re wanting to set people up for longevity. It’s that they want to create a space where people feel like they are cared for. They also are recognizing the need and the questions that are coming, like the fact that people don’t know what to do, and they don’t understand the power. I think they want to do some good in the world, I hope. You never know what’s going on behind the scenes. Everything forward-facing, what I love about TikTok is that you can be exposed to people who you otherwise never would have come into contact with in real life. Whether that’s color, gender, sexual orientation, ability even. That’s an element of diversity that we forget about a lot is ability. The fact that they are trying to make with the speech-to-text, helping people who perhaps might be hard of hearing or have difficulty to speak.

Why haven’t they added captions?

I think they’re working on it.

They have to be. Everyone loves it.

Hopefully, that’s something that’s on the way. Even you, it’s brought me so many awesome friendships and relationships. You get to know people so much quicker on that platform than anywhere else, with the exception of Clubhouse because we’re obsessed. Now, we’re spending hours a day up there and having conversations versus me binge-watching all of Bunny’s videos, like watching her run around, chasing her child, and buying everything in her house.

Didn’t you say you bought the clear things that I have to buy?

Yes. Do you have an Amazon Influencer account yet? If you don’t, you need get one.

I do, but I don’t use it. I want to monetize, but I feel like the Amazon thing pays you pennies. The only reason I even have one on there is because I’m tired of people asking me like, “What type of nail gel do you use and the brand name?” I’m dyslexic and it’s a bad name, so I was like, “I don’t know what it is, but it’s in my Amazon links.” That’s the main thing that I use it for. People were like, “What do you do your nails with?” I was like, “I don’t know. I can’t pronounce it, so go to the link.”

You were giving a tour of your many refrigerators. You had this acrylic stand in your kitchen where you put your fruits and vegetables or something. All of my organizers in my house are acrylic. I have been searching for the perfect produce basket shelf thing for months.

Where did you find it?

On Amazon. I don’t know if it’s the exact one. Maybe it’s not. I had this image in my head because I saw yours, and I was like, “That totally goes with my aesthetic. Why have I not thought of this?” I searched and searched. I probably went through five different pages of acrylic shelving.

You’ll have to add it to your Amazon link. I’ll tell people to go to your page.

Go to Giselle’s page. Thank you very much.

I think I got mine at The Container Store. Do you know that store? It’s called The Container Store.

Yes, I love The Container Store.

I’m sure it was like a bathroom shelving thing. I don’t know. It was very random.

The Container Store is my favorite place in the world. They have installed 2, almost 3 closets in my new place. I love them so much. My acrylic kitchen shelf was probably the knockoff version of The Container Store version, but it’s still beautiful.

Do you know what else I have too that you’re probably going to like? In my closet, they are acrylic. They’re these big spaces. They’re like acrylic-like shelving that goes like this. I think it’s for file folders, but I use it to put my clutches in my closet.

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Yes, like the little shelving things?

No, they’re this way, though, you just stick your purses in there. I saw it in some closet organizing thing. I was like, “I need the acrylic.”

I have acrylic in everything. It is my favorite. Do you know another one of your videos that was one of my favorites? It was when you were talking about how your friend outed you?


I went through that same experience. I feel like bisexual visibility is non-existent. Even a lot of people in my life don’t know that about me because it’s not something that I’m telling the whole world about. It’s just who I am. Probably, I’m not as open about it because you rarely see it reflected in an accurate, let alone, positive light. You were still brand-new to me, and you had all of these random videos. I was like, “She’s got some depth to her thing.” If I’m only seeing you running around, I’m not seeing your personality like I’m following you because I was like, “She’s pretty.” When you made that video, I was like, “She and I could get along well.”

I’m either yelling at people or running around. I get that comment at least ten times a day it was like, “I hated you so much, and now I’m in love with you.” I’m like, “What changed? I’m still the same person.” I don’t know if they keep seeing my videos, and they are like, “Now, I like her.” I get it a lot.

I never hated you. There are some people who I hated, and then I was like, “I understand.” I think it was more so that there are a lot of creators who grow and grow quickly. For most of them, they were like, “I don’t know why.” There’s something missing in terms of their comprehension of whether it’s content creation or business or the world. All of a sudden, you started talking more about your business, even the way that you raise your son, the fact that you’re not throwing money away, and the way that you think of wealth, where I was like, “It’s more so I liked you,” and then I was like, ” I could be friends with this person.” Where it went from like, “Here’s someone who I’m following just because her videos make me laugh,” and then I was like, “She’s smart. She gets it. She knows exactly what she’s doing when she created content.”

I think, too, people see me sitting in my closet and assume that I’m super boujee when I’m not. It’s where I sit as well. Honestly, it’s the only quiet place in my house. It was like, “This is my space.” I have a little kid and there are people everywhere and around and craziness. It’s my quiet space, and people were like, “You’re just trying to show it off by sitting there.” I was like, “No, this is my safe place. It’s my quiet space.” I have nowhere else to go and film. This is me and that’s why I do my makeup. Even when I first started TikTok, I started making videos. If I do my makeup, almost always I’m on live doing my makeup, chatting as I’m getting ready, which has been so great for me. You were telling me about a Clubhouse crush.

Totally, the first time I have ever slid into someone’s DMs romantically ever. I’m not saying that I’ve never had DM slides romantically, but usually, they’ll reach out to me first. More often than not, I will slide it off. This was the first time that I made the first move. What was so crazy about it is the fact that it wasn’t your typical Clubhouse link-up, where maybe you’re on the stage together and you’re both speaking, or you’re constantly hearing one another speak. It was a rare situation, Bunny. Typically, when you pop into a room, if I’m in the room, I’m usually speaking. This was a room where I had zero desire to speak. We’re talking. I was listening to the room. I purely want it to be educated. I was in my bed. I had zero desire to raise my hand and to speak.

I just wanted to listen, learn, hear other voices, and get to know the platform better. One of his colleagues shouted him out who was on the stage. My immediate thought was, “This person works in marketing. He works in social. He works in the influencer space. I should follow him,” knowing nothing about him. What happens in Clubhouse is when you start following someone, typically, the next step is you’ll look through their bio on Clubhouse, and then you’ll look at their Instagram. It’s part of your own verification, quality control check. I went to his Instagram. His picture popped up a little bigger, and I was like, “He’s cute. Who is this person?” His entire grid was photography, which for me was refreshing.

To have someone who’s not on social, that’s one of the things that you said you love about your husband, where when so much of our lives is forward-facing public shared online. To have someone who’s not on, on the one hand, there’s a little bit of a red flag, where I was like, “What are you hiding?” I have had people who I’ve dated who don’t post any of their personal life online, but they were using that to hide their personal life like wives. I dated somebody who I thought was single. We went out in public together. We hung out regularly. What I didn’t notice, and in hindsight it all makes sense, is in every single one of his pictures, he’s hiding his hands. When he was with me, he was not wearing a ring.

Did he have a public profile that probably his wife follows?

A public profile, hundreds of thousands of followers, no wife, no girlfriend, no nothing.

Isn’t that weird?

Yes. In some cases, the wife is fully aware and is like, “If you’re in a different zip code, if you’re in a different area code, go do whatever you want.” In some cases, the wife probably has no idea. She is not in any of his pictures. There’s no evidence of a female in his life at all. To the point where he would be doing interviews and they would say like, “Any wife, kids, family in it for you?” He would say things that were very ambiguous.

It’s so weird. She must not have cared?

I don’t know. I think she probably didn’t want to be in the public eye. I don’t know if that necessarily means that with that, she did or did not trust him, or knew of what he was doing. I digress. Here’s this human who has no pictures of himself on his Instagram. It’s entirely a hobby of his photography. I was like, “I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about him that I think is so cute.”

Of the one picture and his voice?

Out of the one picture. We had a mutual friend who I adore. I reached out to her, and she was like, “He’s so dreamy. He’s one of my husband’s best friends, you should probably reach out to him,” so I slid into the DMs.

Does he live near you?

He lives in Chicago. I live in Minneapolis. Who knows? For all I know, he’s not even single.

BTB 21 | Influencer To Entrepreneur

Influencer To Entrepreneur: Something to love about TikTok is that you can be exposed to people who otherwise you would never have come into contact with in real life.


Did he respond?

He responded to my DMs. I made it very ambiguous because I said, “I first followed you because your colleague shouted you out.” This is where I made shit up, “You look so familiar. Have we met before? I’m so glad to be connected. Upside down, smiley face.”

You guys are going to get married, and he’s going to read this later on.

Let’s manifest it and put it out into the universe. Who knows? For all I know, he’s dating someone. He truly thought I was reaching out on a professional basis. We DMed back and forth for a while. We started texting, my way of creating a contact.

He was texting you?

Yes. Here’s the thing. The way that we created conversation and contact was I told him how much I loved Clubhouse and offered. I was like, “Have you gotten a proper welcome to Clubhouse?” He was like, “No.” I was like, “Would you be open to letting me give you a welcome?” He was like, “Yes, that’d be great.” We hopped on Zoom. We talked for an hour. I gave him a tour of Clubhouse. We talked a little bit after that.

Did you hop on Zoom during the Clubhouse?

Before, during, and after. Here’s where I suck at dating. I’m a guy’s girl. I’m also very business-savvy and business-oriented. I feel like where I may be fucked up a little bit was having a very blurry line between, “Am I just being nice and flirty or am I being professional and polite in terms of how I was taking care of him?” The worst thing was we’re getting off the call last night and we’re both lingering. I was like, “Welcome to Clubhouse. Never hesitate to reach out if I can help you with anything.”

Have you talked to him now?


You haven’t texted him?

I can’t decide if I want to text him or if should wait for him. I don’t know what to do.

I think you should text him and say, “I just saw on Instagram that we have a mutual friend. She’s a good friend of mine.”

No, we’ve already talked about that. It turns out we went to the same college. It turns out we have tons of life happenings. We talked for a whole hour before we even went on Clubhouse. We’d been texting back and forth. The only thing that I could potentially say is like, “We should do that again. By the way, is there something here, or is this purely friendly?” I could play hard to get.

I would ask him if he’s single, because then he’ll know you’re interested. You could be like, “I was thinking about doing a business trip to Chicago for a weekend in a month. I wanted to know if you were single, and maybe we could have dinner together.” Something like that.

In a month?

I don’t know. Whatever, in a week? Next weekend? I feel like I have something else to do.

I’m seriously the worst at this. I did ask like, “Married? Kids?” I realized, “That is such a dumb question to ask, Giselle. If you knew he was married. If you thought he was married, you wouldn’t be doing this.”

Now, every time you do a welcome call, I’m going to be like, “Who is this?”

It was a one-time thing. I don’t know if it can be topped. I think I suck at dating. I’m trying to decide if I want to reach out or if I’m going to wait for him to say something.

Maybe wait another day, but the way you ended it was a little business-y.

It was so business-y, Bunny. I suck at this. This is why we’re still single, folks.

I think if he doesn’t text you now, I would text him and be like, “I didn’t get on Clubhouse. I’ve been so busy. Have you been on it?” Start a convo.

I don’t know. By the way, I do have an influencer room that starts at 6:30 Central Time. I would love for you to mod if you could hop in at any given time.

Yes, I’ll pop in. Are you doing influencer rooms now?

I’m hosting influencer connector rooms every Friday.

Closed or public?


Are you going to change up the name?

I will change up the name every single time. The focus will be more about like from influencer to entrepreneur, so how people are using their influence to leverage other aspects of their career, which you know a thing or two about that. I want to talk about even mental health in the influencer space. Last time, we focused primarily on garnering partnerships and all of that.

I’ll be there. Do you take on clients as influencers?


Do you help them? Are you their full-brand manager?

I take on influencers, entrepreneurs, and forward-facing executives. I’m more so a coach than a manager because I don’t want to execute any of it. I don’t want to be anyone’s agent or manager because I can hardly manage myself. It’s more so giving them the tools to figure out what their personal brand goal is, their content cadence and pillars, how to if they want the press or how to develop a media kit, how that will work.

Do you develop media kits for them?

I can, yes. Even from there, if they want to start a business or figure out how to leverage their community, how they don’t have to rely on brands or partnerships for an income and take control of their own business of self.

How would you leverage someone to not use brands? Aren’t brands mostly how influencers get paid?

Typically and that’s why a lot of influencers have a short career. They rely entirely on the validation of views and likes and on the demand of products, brands, and businesses. Sometimes they get sucked into horrible contracts where then they’re limited because of conflict to only work with a certain brand or partnership within a certain time frame. What I help them do is find ways that they can create their own businesses whether using their influence to then monetize, whether it is a digital product, a boot camp, a course, a meet and greet, an online community. That way, they have other streams of income. That’s not even just with influencers. Everybody should have multiple streams of income. Plain and simple, especially with everything that happened in 2020 because if one thing dries up, then you want to be able to have a resource.

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Restaurant owners, hopefully, have other things going on as well.

Clubhouse is a space where I know what it’s like to be in the position where you can’t afford some of those resources or you wouldn’t ever be able to afford coaching with me. I always want to be able to give free resources to people and provide value in some way or capacity, even if I can’t do it in a one-on-one way.

I need you to get me verified.

I’m working on it, Bunny.

I get asked 1,000 times a day. They were like, “How are you not verified?” I was like, “I don’t know.”

There are a lot of people who work for TikTok who hop into my rooms, just saying. One more touchpoint that could possibly help you.

TikTok is different. In Instagram, you have a thing where you can apply in your settings, whereas TikTok is very a roundabout way of doing it.

Even the Instagram application is horseshit, too.

They have to approve it, right?

It’s robotic. I know people who are awesome creators on Instagram like Jera, for example, Jera Foster-Fell who’s @Jera.Bean on Instagram. She’s incredible. This girl is the Queen of Instagram, yet is not verified.

Is TikTok political? I feel like Instagram is very political.

I don’t think TikTok is as bad, especially since there are rumors like you have to have a certain amount of followers, likes or a ratio and that’s not the case. I think it’s a little bit of who you know potentially and where you’ve been, which is annoying. I’m working on it, Bunny. I promise.

Do I wait to get denied? Do you think I should reach out to someone else I know? I know someone else that I could ask to do an application. Would that annoy them to do another application?

Why not? Go for it. Don’t pay anyone to do it because then you would also risk getting your account removed.

If you pay someone?

Yes. You could also risk losing the money, which is a whole thing in itself.

Are there people who do it? If you go to someone on TikTok, people pay people on TikTok, and then you’ll get in trouble?

Yes. There are also a handful of scam artists who claim they work for TikTok and can get you verified, and then they can get their credit card your number.

I get ten of those emails a day, like log into your account so they can steal my account info. It’s ridiculous.

I’ll have clients who were like, “It’s happening.” I was like, “No, it’s not. Do not respond. Stop. Don’t do it.” They were like, “It looks like legit.”

It’s always like @Gmail address. I know it’s not TikTok from @Gmail.

They were like, “It looks so real.” I was like, “No, it doesn’t.”

It does look real.

The template itself kind of, but when you look at the email address, it’ll be spelled like TicTok.

Also, what I found in the emails that they send me on the bottom was like, “To contact us, go to this on” It’s TikTok’s website that they send you to. It makes it seem more legit. It was always like a log-in thing. It was like, “Congratulations on all your success on the app. You’ve earned a verified badge.” It’s a link to click it and enter in your info, like your login. I get ten of them a day because they know I should be verified.

We’ll work on it, my love. I promise. It’ll happen. Let’s manifest it for 2021, “Bunny Barbie gets verified on TikTok.”

I have taken so much of your time. I’m going to ask you two questions that I ask my son every night before he goes to bed. The first one is, what was the best part of your day?

The best part of my day was you. Also, it was waking up with that day after with a good-date feeling that I haven’t had in a long time, even though it wasn’t a date and he doesn’t know that it was a date, but it was a date in my head.

Slight butterflies?

Yes, where you were glowing and excited, considering the fact that the pandemic has made dating hard. The last person who I tried dating ended up being a total jackass. I also don’t even remember the last time I had sex, to be honest. I don’t even remember what it feels like. To have the butterflies and the heart flutter, can’t stop smiling and excitement, where it was like, “There are people in the world like him who do exist, even if this goes nowhere.” That was the best part of my day. Granted, it’s only 2:00, though. The day is young.

I might learn something on Clubhouse.

Probably. Maybe we’ll have a proposal or something.

The second one is, what did you learn?

I learned your husband’s name.

I never post it up. What’s funny is I had dinner with my assistant. My husband wants to buy another airplane. He’s going crazy. He’s bought two airplanes. He’s driving me nuts. He wanted us to go to Ohio to look at this other airplane that he wants to buy. They’re smaller airplanes. It’s not like a jet. I guess he ended up canceling it and not telling me, but I had already booked a meeting with my assistant. I had canceled on her two weeks earlier, and I was like, “I have to go. You can come.” He was like, “I’ll come.” We were at dinner and she didn’t know his name. I don’t think she knows my real last name, either. It came up a few times. It was funny.

This was so fun. It’s also fun to get to see you both on video and audio and have this exchange together. We’re on FaceTime versus when I feel like you’re on FaceTime through your TikTok videos.

I also feel like your TikToks are very educational. It’s nice to talk to you outside of just stealing all your knowledge.

I will talk to you again. I have to run because I have a client.

I will see you.

Good to see you.

Thank you so much for joining me.

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