BTB Maya | Limb Abnormality


Having a limb abnormality is something that adversely impacts one’s self-confidence. But for Maya Cherry, who was born with only two fingers on her left hand, letting yourself be pulled down by such a unique trait will hinder your personal growth. Joining The Bunny Barbie, she shares how this abnormality, even though found by many as quite odd, did not stop her from pursuing a life of an online influencer who makes engaging content mainly on TikTok and now YouTube. She explains how her mom contributed a lot to her high level of self-confidence, which she continues to gravitate to until today. Maya and Bunny also share their thoughts about the ongoing pandemic, getting married, moving home, and the concept of respectful cheating.

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Living Confidently With A Limb Abnormality With Maya Cherry

How are you?

I’m good. How are you? I’m so glad to be here.

I’m excited to talk to you. I feel like I’ve seen you on TikTok for so long.

That’s what I feel when I scroll on my For You page. With the algorithm, I feel like I’ve had to slide over to following to see the people I’m following but I see you on my For You page.

What has been happening with the TikTok algorithm?

No idea. I don’t know what is going on at all.

It’s been horrible. It’s been worse than it’s ever been.

I thought it was off and on, maybe in January and February of 2021, but March has been horrible.

I’m not getting nearly as much followers as I used to. It’s been bad. I don’t even see anyone that I follow.

That’s what I’m saying. Number one, I’m making the same type of content and the view is horrible. Luckily, I like making videos, so it’s not that big of a deal, but it doesn’t make sense. I keep thinking I follow people and I’m like, “Why have I not seen your videos since February?”

It’s crazy. I haven’t seen some people since 2020. I feel like I keep seeing the same ten people that I don’t follow over and over. I’ve seen everything they’ve ever posted.

I’m like, “What is going on?” I’ve truly no idea.

It’s discouraging, too, a little bit. I feel like my followers see my content, but it’s the same followers seeing my content over and over.

That’s what I think, too, because even when I see my comments on a smaller scale, I can remember the names that at least I have seen. They’ll be like, “I love your content,” which makes me feel great. It’s just a bit discouraging for me to be like, “I’m not working today, so I’m going to get up and make all these TikToks. I want to entertain people,” but the same people are seeing them.

It’s crazy. There’s something wrong with their algorithm. I don’t feel like there’s been anyone that’s been growing since March.

I don’t know what’s going on. Sometimes, I’ll see the friends-only videos and people being like, “Is everyone feeling like this? Is everyone seeing it?” Yeah, it is.

They definitely did something, which I don’t know why they would do that because it makes people not want to post as much.

Which you would think would be the opposite of what they would want.

Anyways, I saw your video about some girl you saw in the hallway and she said, “How do you play soccer?”

It was interesting because I forget with TikTok that I’ve been talking about baby hand and having only two fingers. That’s how I blew up. I forget new people can see your stuff every day. When I saw this girl walking into my apartment building, she was like, “I follow you. Baby hand, right?” I was like, “Yeah. Thank you.” She was like, “I thought you played soccer though for college.” I was like, “Yeah, I did when I was still in school.” She was seemed so confused by that. In my head, I was like, “I wasn’t a goalkeeper. You don’t need your hands to play soccer.” It was so odd.

Do you want to tell everyone what you have coined as baby hand?

I was born with only two fingers on my left hand and ever since I was younger, I can’t remember a time where I did not call her baby hand. I gave her feminine pronouns for some odd reason and that’s how I blew up on TikTok around June or July of 2020. It was a random video. I was talking about getting my nails done because I always have my nails done. I was talking about how I always go to the same person. I had to go to a different person at the time because of COVID and whatnot.

When I was getting my nails done, she kept saying, “You don’t have any more.” In the beginning, I didn’t know what she was saying because I thought she was maybe talking about that she didn’t have any more nail polish or something, but then she kept patting my hand and being like, “You don’t have any more.” I was like, “More fingers?” I was talking about that on TikTok and it blew up. I talked about baby hand and answer all baby hand-related questions I never expected to get in my life.

The first video I ever saw was a different video of yours that had nothing to do with it. The second video I saw was you were like, “Yeah. I have a baby hand,” and I was like, “That’s so cute.”

A lot of people don’t realize, in my online specifically but even in my personal life, most of my friends, co-workers, and teammates over the years who I have played soccer for so long that people would be like, “I didn’t notice that you had only two fingers.” For a few weeks into our friendship or even a month and two months into soccer. It was near the end of my first season, my freshman year after playing for three months. One of the seniors on my team was like, “What happened to your hand?” She only noticed it because we were lifting weights and I was adjusting my weightlifting. I was like, “It’s not the first thing that you would see or would get from me if you’re talking to me. It’s probably more things about my personality that you would get first.”

You are born with your hand. It’s not genetic or anything?

Yeah. No one else in my family has anything like it. Essentially, when my mom was pregnant with me, they could never see my hand on the ultrasound so it couldn’t be like, “You can count the fingers or toes.” When I was born, they were like, “That’s a little different.” When I was born, you could tell there were two different bones so we knew there were two fingers but they were fused together. They were telling my mom that in about a year, I should come back for surgery, so they would separate my fingers to have the most mobility possible.

I’m sure that helped a lot, too?

Yeah. I can’t even imagine if I didn’t have them separated because I don’t know anything else, that’s another thing, with my TikTok. People will ask me, “Is this difficult? Is this hard?” I try to relay as well as I can that those are hard questions for me to answer because I don’t know anything else. It honestly could be me asking someone with ten fingers like, “Is it hard for you to open a jar of pickles?” You’d be like, “I don’t know. What are you talking about?” It’s not how it is for me. That’s all because I got my fingers separated, and then life just truly went on after that. I had a few checkups after the surgery was done and the cast was off to make sure the growth and everything was fine. After my two checkups, they’re like, “She’s fine. She’s good.”

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I was born with fifteen holes in my heart, I had open heart surgery when I was a baby and I’ve never had any complications since either. It’s been something that I grew up knowing that I had, but it’s not something that’s affected my life in any way.

It is interesting to think because, in my head, I know nothing about the medical field, but the idea of fifteen holes in your heart, somehow, I feel like that would hurt.

It sounds crazy. I didn’t have a heart transplant or anything. They just sewed them up. I remember when I was fourteen, I went to a random doctor’s appointment and I’m sitting in the doctor’s office. They used steel or metal stitches to do my heart. I know it sounds crazy because I feel like they wouldn’t do that now because they have dissolvable stitches. He was like, “They might start coming out and poking out of your chest one day.” I remember that and I’m like, “What?” I remember in my chest, he’s like, “It might just come out one day.” I’m like, “What?” He’s like, “It might come out of your skin.”

No rhyme or reason. Just randomly one day.

I never had any complications or anything. I partied hard when I was younger, too, so now being older, I’m like, “Why did I do that?” It’s crazy.

That’s so odd. You never had any complications. Sometimes, when people ask, “What can you not do?” “How do you do certain things?” I’m like, “I never found anything that I can’t do other than the monkey bars when I was a child. Thankfully, monkey bars are not relevant in my life anymore, but I haven’t found anything else.” It affects everything that I do, but not in a way that other people would think. I have my hands, so I use them for everything, but that’s all I know. My life’s my life.

I wonder how they would treat that if you wanted to get your pilot’s license because I know they’re strict. That’d be interesting. You should see and find out if you could do some flying lessons.

I should see. I see your videos on the For You page all the time and I love it because I’m like, “I already follow her,” but I want me here, too. I love the videos that you make about your son and how he’s like, “I’m already a pilot.” I would be interested. I’ve never thought.

Where do you live?

I live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Do you like it there?

Yeah. I was born here and I loved it, but for college, I was like, “I don’t want to stay in the same state I have lived my whole life,” which I don’t want to do. I want to travel everywhere. When I was a sophomore in high school, I moved up to Washington DC for the rest of my high school because my mom got a new job there. When I moved up there, I was in more of an international space public school, but international feel and I loved it. Because I was away from Georgia, I realized that I did like Georgia, so I ended up coming back and playing soccer. I do enjoy Atlanta. That’s why I always say I’m from Atlanta, Georgia, because Georgia as a whole, I truly haven’t been to many places outside of Atlanta.

It’s very different.

I’m ready to travel places.

I don’t think I’ve talked to anyone from Atlanta during COVID. How’s it been there?

Atlanta doesn’t know what COVID is truly. People are like, “We’ve been in the house all year,” and whatnot and I’m like, “I’m from Atlanta. I go to pick something up from the mall or even get food and there are people everywhere.”

I’m in Florida and it’s the same.

I took a lot of vacations to Miami and a lot of my friends live there. My liver never loves me when I leave that state. I was in Florida in July of 2020 and still being like, “We don’t know what COVID is, but we’re in a lockdown,” and then realizing how many people were out and about in Florida. Coming back to Atlanta, I was like, “I got to stay in the house.”

It’s crazy. Nobody cares. I was on another podcast and we were talking about it because she was in California and I’m in Florida. I feel like, at this point, everyone here has had COVID, so they’re just like, “Whatever.” That’s why our rates are going down is because everyone’s already had it, which is sad.

I’m in my apartment, but I was supposed to go home, which is an hour away, to my mom’s house where my sister is for Easter and my sister’s birthday is also coming. I was going to come home and spend time with them. Two days before I was going to go home, my roommate tested positive for COVID. I haven’t had COVID to my knowledge at least and I was like, “I’m not going to be able to go home. I’ve been with my roommate.” I get rapid tested and I’m negative, so I’m like, “That’s interesting. I love it, but also, how in the world?” I told my mom that and she was like, “I’m older. Maybe just stay there still.” I’m like, “I understand. I’ll keep you safe.” I don’t know why I feel this way. I feel like I’ve already had it and didn’t know.

I feel like everyone who hasn’t positively had it said that they think that they have it already. It’s crazy how it affects people. One of my friends’ husband had it and didn’t know he had it. They had Thanksgiving with her entire family, and then he was definitely already sick. He tested positive the next day and no one else got it. They were sharing food, having Thanksgiving together.

It is crazy because one of my friends was telling me a story like that. “When I was at home, I’m sure I have COVID. This is so annoying.” She was like, “You may not.” Her roommate was with her boyfriend and they were all living in the same area for three weeks. This boy was definitely sick and was like, “I’m so sorry. I probably got you all sick. I tested positive for COVID.” Neither one of them tested positive.

Your poor mom is like, “Not this time.”

I was so excited to come home because I’m bored. I’m not doing all that much.

Do you have classes in person?

No. I only have one class left and it’s online. I’m just chilling and I work at a yoga studio a couple of days a week.

Are you a teacher?

I’m not. I work at the front desk. Our yoga teacher training that my studio runs comes up in June of 2021. Everyone keeps being like, “Maya, are you going to do teacher training?” I am not sure yet about it.

It would be good.

When I first started doing yoga, I did not think it was going to be for me. I just started it because I injured my back playing soccer. Everyone was like, “Try yoga.” My best friend and roommate at the time was a yoga instructor. I started going to the studio and I absolutely loved it, and then I was like, “I also need a job.” They were like, “Yeah. Come on.” I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do and being to community and atmosphere. I’m thinking about it a lot more than I ever thought I would.

BTB Maya | Limb Abnormality

Limb Abnormality: TikTok videos can be seen by anyone at any point.


Even if you just take it and maybe not even do classes, but it would be something fun to have under your belt. When are you graduating?

It could have been December, but probably May of 2021.

Do you think you’re going to move?

I have truly no idea. My plans are to be in an apartment in Atlanta with my sister. Who knows what I’ll be doing? I’m set on pursuing content creation.

Atlanta is such a nice place to travel from because your airport is so nice.

I also have friends in Dallas. One of my friends moved there and she’s like, “You should come to Dallas.” I have random pipe dreams. I want to live in a lot of different places for a little bit of time.

That’s a good idea, too. I’m totally for traveling all around, as you can before you have kids.

That’s what I’m thinking of. I’m like, “I don’t even have a significant other. I have no boyfriend. No one on the horizon, but I’m not getting any younger, so I’m going to travel and try and experience as much as I can when I want to. This is the least amount of responsibility I’m going to have in my life.” Didn’t you get a place?

I am building a house in Wyoming, and then we got a place in LA, too.


I’m ready to do more with my leg a little bit after 2020. Usually, we travel a lot internationally, but I just don’t see me doing that for 2022 or so. I was like, “Whatever. We’ll settle down a little bit more.”

It’s fun for your son.

He loves LA. He is so funny. When he was younger, he was 2 or 2.5 at the time, he used to go to the dance class. They do like yoga poses, but aerobics and jumping on stuff or whatever. He’s the only boy but it was so cute. He was sitting butterfly pose where you put your feet together or whatever. The teacher was like, “We’re flying away. Where are we flying to, guys?” This little girl is like, “I want to go to the beach,” and then she’s like, “Aiden, where are you flying?” He’s like, “I’m flying to LA.” She looked at me and she’s like, “Does he mean LA like actual LA?” I was like, “Yeah, he does.”

That’s exactly what he means.

He’s got a lot of classes that he likes going to in LA, which who knows what that’s like now. We went to LA in October of 2020. He didn’t get to do any of the things that he used to like doing, but he did hang out with her friends. I miss being there. Me and my husband used to live there before we had my son. We would live back and forth. I’m ready to be there. Especially with TikTok and everything around that, it makes a lot more sense to be out there.

I was in LA right before the quarantine happened in 2020. I got back and everything’s closed.

Were you on TikTok already?

That was the trip that I made my first TikTok. I was like, “I wonder what this TikTok thing is.” I started making random and it’s poorly done. I can’t even look at them from back then. I love LA. My best friend lives there and she’s obsessed with it. She went to school there for college and stayed, and she’s like, “I have no plans on coming back anytime soon.”

The traffic is a little much being there full time, but we’ll probably be there one week a month or something like that. It’ll be good for us. Everywhere it is so different.

Which is so cool, that’s fun.

It’s a different environment you want to go to. LA is always 75 degrees and sunny. Florida is hot and we live on the beach, and then Wyoming is in the middle of the mountains.

That’s fun. Living on the beach, I would love to do that.

I enjoy living here. We’ve been talking about if we would ever sell this house or whatever and I’m like, “I can’t imagine not living on the beach now that my son has grown up on the beach.” He plays on it every day. It would be so weird. If we moved into a condo or something and got something smaller here and live more somewhere else, it’d be so weird not to live on the beach anymore.

That’s crazy to me. It’ll be like, “I’m going to play outside. My son’s playing outside.” It’s on the beach.

It’s crazy. I never thought I would live on the beach. It just happens, too. The reason we bought this is because we face sunsets. We get beautiful sunsets every night. That was the reason that we bought this house. I’ve grown to love the beach so much, too. It was nice because it was a beach. Where I live, there are only seven houses in the entire that has a beach. That’s it. There are not many other places we could live to experience this.

It would be hard for me to give that up.

Our friends live in Wyoming next to us. They’re our neighbors in Wyoming. They have an airplane like us, but they also live here. They told us they live in their own area. Their house is nice. It was probably a $3 million house. She said someone knocks on their door and was like, “Give us a number. We want to buy your house.” She was like, “$10 million.” They came back the next day and they were like, “Here’s a check for $10 million.” They’re like, “Let us buy another house somewhere else.” We talked about it, too, “If someone offered us $10 million, I don’t know if I would take it.”

That’s how you know you love it.

I like it. We’ll see. Who knows where life goes?

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I keep saying, “Where could I be? Who knows?” I used to be a planner or I would try to. I’m thinking about what I’m going to eat tomorrow and what things I have to get done on my to-do list this week. That’s as far as I can do.

What’s your favorite type of content that you make?

My unsolicited opinions, that’s representative of my personality in real life. That’s why I say I started TikTok to do nothing but talk and I have no idea what I’m talking about half the time. I’ll randomly see something throughout the day and that annoys me or that makes me happy or I love that. I’m pulling up my TikTok to talk about it. It used to be my baby hand videos. I feel like I’ve answered every question I could answer probably twice by now. It’s the same questions. I’m not trying to ignore them.

I feel the same way, too. I was talking about this on my podcast before, but people keep asking me random videos that have nothing to do with anything. It’ll be a video of me and my son hanging out and like, “What charities do you donate to?” I’m like, “I don’t want to keep mentioning it because I don’t want to seem like I’m bragging about it.” I don’t want to keep going over the same things.

That is the tricky part with TikTok and the way that it was created because many new people can see your videos. My literal last video could have been an entire video about my hand, but because this is the one you’re seeing, your question is like, “Do you get a discount on your manicures?” Luckily, I’m seeing a lot more now of people commenting, either my followers or people who already know the answer. I go, “That’s sweet.” Baby hand is not the content that I love making anymore. Not because I don’t want to talk about myself. I’ll take any chance to do that truly, but because I’m like, “We’ve heard it. We’ve seen it. We get it.”

I feel the same way, too. I go through phases. I feel like my TikTok goes through the random list. I’ll make 30 videos on the same topic and then move on to something else. Like homeschooling, I’ll go on it for a week, a rampage on homeschooling, and then the next one, I’ll do 500 fashion videos, and then I won’t do a fashion video for two months.

I love that. I was following your fashion videos and I was like, “I love this,” because, on content like that, I love hearing people’s opinions on things. Even it’s totally opposite from mine. I’m like, “Yes. Live your truth.” I was at your page and I’m like, “Where are the fashion videos?”

They’re random.

I’m seeing you sprinting across the sand in heels and I’m like, “Yes.”

My content is all over the place.

I love that. It keeps it interesting and it makes it fun.

How does your family feel about your TikTok?

They enjoy and like it. My immediate family and my extended family. I’m the youngest one out of any of my cousins or anything and they’ve always said that I have the biggest personality. If anyone’s going to be entertaining people on whether it’s TV, social media, or whoever, it’s going me. Most of my family’s like, “We knew it was coming in at some point. We didn’t know in what capacity, but we knew it was coming.” My mom loves it to a point where she’ll call me and say, “Have you made any TikToks?”

She’s like, “Let me see them.” I’m like, “Mom, you can open the app.” She’s like, “No, I want you to send it to me.” I’m like, “Great. Cute.” I’m trying to get my mom on my TikTok because all my friends love my mom and my mom is a character. She’s like, “I don’t like the camera. Maya, that’s your thing. Do not put me on the camera. I need to get my hair done. I need to put my outfit on.” I’m like, “That’s the point. It’s not thought out.” She’s like, “No, you do that. Not me.”

I love her already.

She’s so cute. She’s such a character. I’m going to try and sneak her onto my TikTok without her knowing.

You should. I’m sure she’s super cute. You’ll have to tag me when you post something like that.

I absolutely will. She’s hilarious and she loves whenever I show her different TikToks. I’ve shown her some of your TikTok. The TikTok that I showed her, which is the one that made me follow you. I’d seen you a couple of times on my For You page in 2020 and you made a video that I was like, “I have to follow her,” and my mom was like, “I love her. Who is this,” and it was you. You were responding to a comment of someone saying, “You don’t seem nice. Whatever you said wasn’t nice,” and you were like, “I never claimed to be nice. That’s something that you guys said about me.” I have said that exact statement so many times in my life on social media and outside of social media. Nice is not my priority. I want to be respectful, empathetic and kind but nice, that’s not me.

Nice is a word that keeps people from voicing their opinions and we don’t tell men that they’re nice. We shouldn’t tell women that they should be nice. A funny story about that. At the time, I don’t know if you’ve been up on my thing, but I was doing a reality TV show. There was one girl who got let go of the show because she was being nasty and not a nice person. After I made that video, the day after I made that video, she posted on her business page saying, “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” I’m like, “Girl.”

It’s more important to me. Nice when I hear it, I hear someone who doesn’t want to cause any ripples, see, and doesn’t want to make anyone upset. I have a polarizing opinion sometimes and sometimes my personality is polarizing. For me, no one has to like me. We all respect each other and that’s a problem. You don’t have to like me. I don’t have to be nice. That’s not something that I’m prioritizing. When I saw your video that I immediately was like, “I have to show my mom this.” My mom was like, “I love her already,” and it was a quick follow.

I know a lot of people upset with that and they’re like, “You shouldn’t be telling people that they shouldn’t be nice.” I’m like, “I’m not telling anyone they shouldn’t be nice. What I’m saying is I don’t care if you think that I’m nice. It’s not my priority.”

It truly is not. There are so many other things that I would rather be called like loyal, respectful, tolerant, or courageous. They’re so many things that nice is so low on the totem pole for me.

It comes with this personality, which you have that’s on the internet. If I was nice, I would be depressed. I’m not because I don’t find myself sitting here being, “I need to please everyone. I’m so nice.” I’m not. I saw TikTok with some girl that I’m mutual friends with and she hasn’t been on. She’s like, “I haven’t been on in a month.” She has over a million followers. She’s like, “I’m doing this friends-only video so you guys know I’m alive but my mental health has never been better because I’ve been depressed and beaten down by everyone.” It was sad. She was crying on the thing. I’m like, “This is not okay.”

It’s so sad and that’s what I’ve received random DMs on Instagram or Tiktok from parents, specifically moms of kids who have limb abnormalities and they’re like, “I love your confidence. Could you tell me a little bit about how you felt you got that way or whatever?” Because they want their kids to not be stressed about being bullied in school because they have a limb abnormality or whatever. Half of it does come from the way I was raised and my mom specifically did a good job of facilitating my self-confidence and also self-esteem. I have a personality that’s like, “I’m not here to please other people. My hands are a complete non-issue for me. The idea that it would be an issue for someone else is quite literally not my problem. I don’t care.”

It’s definitely self-confidence. I’m sure your inner voice of your mom in your head that’s always empowered you.

I have memories of when I was younger because my arms are also uneven. My forearm on my baby arm side is shorter than my other side. When I wear long sleeves, it’s longer on one side than the other. When I was younger, I remember my mom not allowing me to leave the house without her pinning my sleeve back or even getting it tailored by the tailor because she never wanted me to even subconsciously hide my hand. Even stuff that to this day. I’ll smile because I’ll put on a sweatshirt and without even thinking about it, fold it back. It’s stuff like that. I’m definitely so grateful that my mom did that because it’s definitely ingrained in me now. I’m an adult and I’m like, “Thank God,” because it truly could be rough.

Do you feel your mom treated differently or treated you completely normal?

She definitely treated me completely normal. When I was young, which I don’t have memories of before five, I don’t know where people are like, “I remember when I was two.” I’m like, “What?” She did a good job of explaining to me, “Everyone’s unique. You might have a little bit more of an obvious unique trait to you because most people are born with ten fingers and you have seven.” She wasn’t going to let me go out into the world and someone randomly be like, “What happened to your hand?” Me being like, “What do you mean?” I definitely always knew, but after she educated me on it and was like, “That’s how you were created and that’s completely fine.” After that, she definitely treated me normally. My sister and I had the exact same treatment. When she was a hard ass with my sister, she would be the same with me for the same things. We’re not getting any type of preferential treatment here.

BTB Maya | Limb Abnormality

Limb Abnormality: Society has a nature of putting everything in black and white, and everyone must understand that no one is under obligation to follow them.


That’s good, though especially if you have a child. Let’s say if you had a child, would you raise your child the same way if they had a limb abnormality?

Yes. I absolutely would. I always say this. I would hope to raise my kids for the most part. No parent is perfect but for the most part, it is specifically in terms of building my character and self-esteem. I would pray that I could do what my mom did with me because even things not even having to do with my hand but random insecurities that kids have at different times. If there was ever a time that I was at home, saying something negative about myself, even to the smallest degree, “My feet are so big, I hate it,” because I was always so tall. My mom was like, “That’s fine, now, give me five things you like about yourself. You’re not going to sit here and dwell on something you don’t like. That’s fine. You don’t have to like everything but after you say something you don’t about yourself, you will follow it up with five things you do like.” From a young age that was her, so no one’s confused as to where my confidence comes from nowadays.

Is she super confident?

Yes. My sister is as well. My friends have said to me that when we were younger, my mom helped them with their confidence. My mom truly was like, “Self-confidence is something that can change your life no matter what, whether it’s because of the way that you deal with other people in romantic relationships, platonic ones, at work or in school. It affects everything.” That was definitely the priority for my mom. She was like, “I want to raise respectful kids.”

Is your sister on TikTik too?

No, she’s not. No one else in my family likes the camera. I’ve made maybe two with her, but I wanted to get her on my TikTok for her birthday.

Is she older?


What did you go to school for?

My degree is in English and I laughed because that was not something that I was like, “I want to major in English.” I fell into it because I was good at it. Out of any of my family, I put the least amount of value on structured academia now. Not that I don’t think it’s important and I’m grateful for being able to be in the position that I am and receive it. At the same time, I’m like, “I’m glad that you someone could have a degree from Brown.” I’m like, “What type of person are you?” There are so many other things. I’m majoring in English and who knows where that will take me.

Do you see yourself being a teacher?

No. I don’t have the patience.

It would be hard to be a teacher with an incoming platform.

I don’t even have the patience for it. I’m not thinking about, hopefully, my platform growing, but I don’t think that would be me. If TikTok were not a thing or I was not pursuing social media, I would work in diversity and inclusion. Somewhere for some brand or company. That was where I was headed and I would still like to do that. I’m more focused on content creation. That’s why I love your attitude about homeschooling your son and the idea of your whole program and everything because while school is important, school is one thing and education is another. You’re getting educated and get education in so many different ways. Not every kid is the same.

It would be different if I was sitting at home and forcing my kid to be at home with me all day, every day. That’s not the case. I support and would love to encourage other moms to homeschool, but I know that’s not normal. Nothing about my life is normal. I made a thing about some kid that said something about school. He’s not going to be successful because he didn’t go to school or something like that. I was like, “You don’t have to be to go to school to be successful.” You were talking about a preschooler. It’s crazy to me that people think that you either have to go to school. It’s either/or. It doesn’t matter. As long as you’re happy in life, being a good person in society, and contributing to society, whatever that may be, that’s what matters.

That’s also with pretty much anything in life because our society and the nature of it is like this or that, black and white, this or this. You don’t have to do that. Even when I talk about relationships with my friends and romantic relationships, and the idea of, “These people have been together for however many years. Why are they not getting married yet?” Maybe marriage isn’t something they want to do.

Weddings should be something that you celebrate after you’ve been together for several years. That’s something to celebrate not accidentally getting pregnant and getting married. That’s not an accomplishment. Marriage and weddings are so weird to me.

I made a video. I stitched someone else’s and I can’t remember the creator now. They were talking about how marriage should mean to them that they had to share a room with someone for the rest of their life. I was like, “That’s not what marriage means to me. That’s the point marriage is different for everyone.”

I almost ditched our video because me and my husband have different rooms.

That is what I’m planning. Bunny, I’m not kidding. That is what I plan on doing.

My whole room is Bunny. It’s my room. He has his space and I have mine. We also have a shared room as well.

That is what I would absolutely love to do. That’s my ideal situation. Most of the comments were like, “I would love this.” People would be on social media and be like, “You’re not going to have a healthy marriage and stuff like that.” I’m like, “That’s not what these things mean.”

Marriage is not sleeping. That someone’s snoring at you all night long and you guys are fighting because they’re getting up to go pee in the middle of the night. That’s not marriage. It’s finding a partner who you want to be with.

If you don’t want to sleep with someone every night and you’re going to bed with them, worry about your marriage. I’ll worry about mine and it’ll be okay.

I was on live and they were asking me who’s my dream person that I can hang out with or whatever and I was like, “Jada Pinkett-Smith,” because I love her homeschooling style. Me and her are similar in our views on everything else, even her relationship. She’s not that into being married but it’s nice having a life partner. She’s like, “We’re there for each other for everything. It doesn’t matter. I almost wish I didn’t get married. We treated this as more of a partnership than a marriage because I hate that word.” People are like, “They cheat on each other or whatever.” I’m like, “That has nothing to do with how they treat each other.” Not that in my marriage, we’re in this together but they’re happy together now. Maybe that was okay for them. Who cares? It’s not cheating if they know. Cheating was mutual between them.

People want to be, specifically with them or even other people are like, “They’re cheating and this and that.” You know what you’ve seen from an interview, which we all saw so and we all have different perceptions, so you don’t know them and it doesn’t matter, but the way that they at least present themselves in my head, I wouldn’t be like, “They’re cheating.”

They both seem happy with where they were at. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be together.

Cheating seems like this large betrayal, secretive and you will not know. That is not what I got.

That’s not what I got either. It seems they both had other separate relationships and came back together, is what I felt.

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If that doesn’t work for other people, that’s fine but you don’t need to comment on someone else’s relationship.

I did see a TikTok and I don’t know what reality TV show it was, but it was a video of a reality TV show. She was overly green screening it and the girl on the show said her husband was a sports player and she was like, “I told him that these are my only things. He can have all the relationships he wants just don’t bring me home and STD or have a baby.”

Was it The Respectful Cheating?


I saw that.

That was a little too much for me.

I was like, “Different strokes for different folks.” It wouldn’t work for me.

That also seems different from Jada. If she’s happy, it doesn’t bother you.

That’s the thing. It would not work for me. I could never. If it works for you, that’s your man.

We’re going off on a totally different topic. Why don’t you tell everyone where they can find you?

I am bringing my YouTube back up. I have a YouTube channel that I started a few years ago in school. I vlog with my friends at football games and stuff. I did not post all of 2020. We understand it was a rough year. My YouTube channel will be back up with baby hand videos, as well as different vlogs. My Instagram is @Maya_Cherry. My TikTok is @MayaCherry10. Everything’s in all of my bios and you can find everything, but I’m also working on a project that should be out around my birthday in June 2021, which I’m excited about. I’ll be posting that.

Can you say what kind of a project?

It’s a podcast. The first episode will be out around my birthday, which is June 15th, 2021, so I’m excited about that.

Are you working with a company and stuff?

I’m not in the beginning. I’m trying to see how it will go with me. There are a couple of people that I’ve spoken to.

Why aren’t you telling everyone about it though?

I’m not sure if I’m going to go about it with myself or I’m going to go with the two people.

You can still talk about it nonstop.

Should I?

Yes. In social media, people only see 20% of your videos so I would set up a landing page. I would set it up on iTunes or whatever so you can get people to start subscribing and put it on there for them.

It’s great news. I’ll be doing that.

The more traffic you get, the better.

For the first episode I want to be out by my birthday and I did watch your reality TV show videos and I was thinking about the ring around of different things around production companies and even mine on a much smaller scale of being annoyed with the back and forth. It’s going to be out on my birthday. How is that going to happen? I’m not sure but it’s going to be out.

Are you working with a company that’s helping you do it?

I’m speaking to someone, but I don’t think that’s going to come into fruition.

I know there are some websites that you can post on all different apps.

BTB Maya | Limb Abnormality

Limb Abnormality: Never say something bad about the things that don’t work for you but works well for other people.


That’s the research that I did because I was planning to start this in the New Year, so I’m doing all the research myself on how I could do it myself because with podcasts, we got so easily. I was reached out to by a few people, so I was fielding the idea of maybe it could be more professional or they can help me get to this area or whatever. Something about talking sometimes and it’s a ring around.

What if you don’t love doing it, and you’re stuck in this contract of you have to do it every week.

That’s what I like about my YouTube. My YouTube is my YouTube. When I post on it, I post on it. When I love it, I love it. When I don’t, I don’t. My mom too was like, “You should do it yourself.”

Thank you so much for talking to me. This was so nice. I feel I finally get to know you a little bit more.

I know. Thank you so much for having me and I’m so excited that I got to meet you.

Me too. Thank you for joining me.


I’ll talk to you soon.

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