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TikTok is full to the brim with varying content, from the simply interesting to the outright silly. But only a few highlight reality shows, particularly the Real Housewives series. Together with The Bunny Barbie is Michael Martinez, whose TikTok content revolves mostly around this television show. He talks about his favorite iterations of the series, Beverly Hills and Atlanta, focusing on their chosen themes and dynamic between cast members. Michael also details his experiences after getting a nose job, going on a boat trip, and plans about getting a dog.

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Real Housewives On TikTok With Michael Martinez

The last time we recorded, I forgot to hit record and it didn’t record so here we are, take number two. Thank you for coming back. Are you drinking a White Claw?

I have a White Claw. I’m done with work so I figured, time to drink.

You had a little nose job. How is it?

It’s good. Under my eyes, it’s still dark. I don’t know if that’s because I haven’t been sleeping or because of the surgery but my nose is a little sore.

How long ago was it, two weeks?

It was a month now.

It’s been so long.

It was my septum. It went curve all the way this way. I’m happy that it’s straight down and I always like this because it was never like that before.

Can you breathe better?

My breathing wasn’t that bad.

That’s what everyone says.

My insurance paid the whole thing. I don’t know if that’s what it did or what but I was budgeting a couple of thousand for that. I didn’t have to do that and pay for it. I was happy about that.

How’s your podcast going?

We are on episode 5 or 6.

I’m way behind.

We do it every week. Sometimes, every two weeks but it’s been fun. I don’t even care if a whole lot of people even listen. I’m like, “People want to listen and hear what I have to say.” If they don’t, that’s fine but it’s fun. I enjoy talking about reality TV outside. It’s fun to talk about more extensively than I ever get to.

You only get 60 seconds.

I annoy my friends with that and they don’t want to hear it. It’s honestly my outlet to talk about it. It’s almost like a therapy session.

Any new tea on any of the Housewives? I haven’t been on it in a while.

Erika Jayne is getting a divorce.

I saw that. Is it for sure? She said so.

She didn’t give a whole lot of detail which is very like her. She’s private. She’s on a reality show.

Which is ironic because you think that she’s out there, but then it’s more her personality, not so much her life.

She’s guarded and she can be cold at times. She didn’t give a whole lot of detail about it but there are a lot of conspiracy theories. One time, she has all these lawsuits.

For what though?

I have no idea. I don’t even understand what legal stuff anyways. Even if I dig into it, I wouldn’t understand what it was. It was something to do with his law firm or something. To protect her from that, there are rumors that she was on the Dancing with the Stars. You know Selling Sunset. Chrishell was on Selling Sunset and her partner was the same partner that Erika had. He is getting a divorce from his wife now and Erika is too. There’s this rumor that they’re sleeping together.

They were dance partners or not?

They were and he was dance partner with Chrishell when there was originally a rumor that him and Chrishell were together but then they got debunked, so it’s on to Erika. Hopefully, we’ll see more of it.

Is she on the next season?

They’re all coming back besides Denise and Teddi.

Are you glad Teddi is gone?

She’s fun to bash so I will miss that, but she did not make good TV. I can separate me seeing someone. I don’t hate them but they’re not good TV so I’m going to bash them anyway. I don’t think she’s a bad person. I don’t hate her.

Is there anyone that you hate on the Housewives? By the way, anyone reading, if you haven’t caught on his entire TikTok page, it’s mostly about reality TV. If you’re into reality TV, he has the best page.

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There are a lot of good ones but I’ll take that. I talk about Bravo Real Housewives and stuff. Anyone that I hate would be Vicki Gunvalson. I don’t know if you even know who she is. She’s in Orange County.

She was the first one on there. I’ve never seen her on the show, but I know who she is.

The only reason I hate her is because she acts like she has all these morals. One season, she had this boyfriend that was faking having cancer. A couple of seasons later, this new girl was making out with Tamra, which was another Housewife. She’s like, “That’s against my morals.” Two seasons ago, your man is faking having cancer. It’s hypocrisy for me.

Is she homophobic?

She’s conservative. She could be homophobic because they went to a drag show and then she made a comment about she doesn’t understand drag. I think she’s conservative but that’s me being a little bit too generous to her.

I’m in the middle of a hurricane. There’s a hurricane hitting Florida.

What is the name of it?

I don’t know. It wasn’t supposed to come here and then I heard nothing about it. I’ve been working all day and I looked outside at 5:00 PM and it was pitch black. I’m like, “We had an interview in the middle of a hurricane.” It’s fine. I don’t think it’s a big deal.

It starts with an E. Do you know Bethenny Frankel? She has to be strong which is a relief.

She does so much work. It’s crazy.

I saw that she was doing something with a hurricane. It might be that hurricane. I’m not sure.

I saw a video that it was in Guatemala before it comes here. She does a lot of relief. My friend locally does similar stuff that she does. She does mostly hygiene stuff and more for moms or other people and stuff. We have a local thing. They work together a little bit. When Puerto Rico was destroyed, they all work together to get stuff down there.

The Bahamas in 2019 was big. It’s good that she does with third world countries too.

They don’t even have the supplies. I’ve been seeing lots of stuff on her with Instagram and she’s been fighting with people politically and stuff. It says a lot about her character how she takes time to think and helping other people. She did a lot with the COVID crisis and getting lots of masks and whatever. I listened to one of her podcasts. Have you listened to her podcast?

It seems like every housewife has the new and come out with a podcast. This 2020 has come out with podcasts and I can’t keep up with it all.

Have you listened to any of them?

It’s bad because I have my own so I should support my friends that have them too. I listened to them here and there. Sometimes, I only listen to the ones that I’m in which is bad.

After doing this, I listened to Bethenny’s in one episode. I never listen to any podcasts. Some people like podcasts. They like to listen and whatever. I don’t have the energy to listen to a podcast. I need more than a podcast.

I like watching because I’m working from home. I sit on my computer and I watch TV. When I was in the office, I couldn’t watch TV because they have coworkers watching obviously. I would listen to more podcasts and music because I can have headphones but now that I can watch TV, I’m like, “I’d rather watch TV.”

Were you moving last time we talked?

I had moved to a new apartment but nothing exciting. It has a pool and fitness. They have nicer amenities than I had before.

Did you work from home when you had your surgery?

I had it on Wednesday so I took three days off and I watched Housewives. Honestly, the first day was miserable. I got nauseous because of the anesthesia. I couldn’t breathe too. That made it worse out of my nose. I hate being nauseous. I’d rather be in pain than be nauseous, honestly. I’m laying there with my mouth open. I can’t breathe. I’m half sleeping, half awake for seven hours. I finally woke up. I had Orange County Housewives. I’m listening to it so there was some noise. I woke up, I threw up, which was honestly good. Sometimes, you need to throw up because you’re hangover. I ate something and drank a bunch of water.

Were you alone?

My boyfriend was taking care of me, which was nice. He was a good nurse. He was in the other room the whole time. I could yell at him and he would come. I made him turn the TV on and everything. From there, it was a lot of swelling and bruising. I could barely see out of my eyes. It was after surgery the gross feeling was the worst.

Was it a couple of days?

In six days, I was normal. I had my cast and I had bruises but I could work. It wasn’t pain. It was pressure headaches which is pain. If anyone reading and wants to get a nose job, do it. If you are unhappy with something, let it go. If you can fix it, you can afford to or whatever, do it. You only live once, be happy.

There are lots of people out there that would be like, “She’s so plastic. She’s this and that, whatever.” I feel like the newer generation is more comfortable with sharing that. I see at least once a day a lip filler video, whereas years ago, people would’ve been like, “I don’t get anything done.” It’s nice because then you know what other people are doing so that you aren’t putting yourself down for not looking like that.

It’s good to be open about it, have open conversations, and be able to be like, “This is what I did and I liked it.” Would I recommend this? I don’t know. It’s better to have those open discussions.

Men are usually the ones that are like, “She’s so fake.” On my body, they’ll be like, “Your whole body is plastic.” I’m like, “I’ve never had work done.” I don’t know what the issue is.

It’s insecure people that like, “Now, that’s the insult is to be fake.” I don’t even take that as an insult. It’s surface level. You can’t think of another insult so you’re going to say fake. Get a life, honestly. That’s a housewife insult too.

Some of them get work done and then they hate the other person for it.

They seem jealous.

BTB 15 | Real Housewives

Real Housewives: It seems like every Housewife has come out with a podcast.


It’s nice especially those women owning to having work done, the ones that have because they’re in a different generation too. Their generation is more like, “Don’t get any work done.” Whatever proud and stuff. It’s nice that they’re showcasing like Sonja. It looks good.

She looks good. She’s in the mid-50s but I would say she’s in her 40s.

She looks good so good for her. I don’t feel like she didn’t try to hide it.

She was open about it. She posted about it on Instagram. There were union filmed shortly after that and they talked about it. Leah in the New York Housewives got the same surgery I had and she was open about it too. She posted about it. The only one that hides it is Kyle Richards. She had these bad bangs for a while and there were rumors that she was trying to hide something.

It might be an eye lift or something. They do eye lift through your ear.

There are rumors she got a nose job and she never talked about it. She’s the only one that does that.

She also comes from a wealthy family.

She and Kim, her sister grew up as child actresses. Their other sister, Kathy is a Hilton.

She’s on the season this 2020.

She’s going to be as a friend next season which I’m so pumped about.

I’ve seen some comments where people are not that excited about it.

I am more open to her as a friend because it lets us test around her a little bit. Since she’s not full-time so it’s like, “We have to see so much of her life.” Whereas, she’ll be involved still but not in as big of a capacity. It’s like, “She does fit for the show.” If she doesn’t then it’s not a big deal because it didn’t take up that much air time.

That’s nice too that they do a soft cast member. I’m sure they think that everyone is going to do good when they cast them and then it’s a disaster.

They saw what happened with Denise Richards. They’re like, “We didn’t want to have that again.”

Didn’t they pay her a lot of money to be on?

She needed more than any of the other ones on Beverly Hills from the get-go.

She didn’t bring the viewers from all the drama.

Their goal is like, “She’s a well-known name so it might bring new viewers.” Beverly Hills is the second most viewed behind Atlanta. It makes sense that they would pay her a lot.

What’s your favorite franchise?

Beverly Hills and Atlanta. Those always bring it. I love Atlanta because they don’t even have to have drama. The girls are funny and entertaining. I would watch them eat dinner talking to each other and I would be entertained because they all have funny personalities.

That’s what makes it magic when you’ve got those personalities together.

You have to have chill, carefree, fun personalities. Whereas Orange County, they have done a poor job with casting. I only care about 2 out of 6 or 7 and that doesn’t get fun. That’s why I’m excited we’re getting Salt Lake City because it’s new people, energy, and city. That’s always good.

I’m interested, not that I watch any of them, but I’ve seen this season of New York and Beverly Hills. That’s the only one I’ve ever watched, but I’m curious to see how religion and stuff are going to affect the show.

Every new city, they have to have what makes that city interesting so that they can market it like Dallas. When that started in fifteen, that’s one of the other ones. The whole thing was Dallas high society and high class. They played that up at the start and then once they got into their own personalities, that went away.

You don’t like Dallas.

I still like it and watch it but that’s my least favorite. In Salt Lake City, they’ll focus on religion for the first couple of seasons. I don’t know that it will be as big of a factor but they did a good job of casting because they’re not all Mormon. A lot of them are transitioning out of the Mormon church. One of them is Jewish. One is converting to Islam. Another is Pentecostal. They did a good job of casting a diverse cast in that way.

The girls are in general diverse too.

Bravo has been trying to do more of that which is great. How has New York City been on for thirteen seasons and it’s only been white women in their 50s. New York is probably one of the most diverse cities in the country.

It’s a fine line with them because they want connections but it is so genuine. People that are friends but do they not have friends that are diverse or what is it?

That worries me too. You want to have a diverse cast but you want to have a genuine friendship. You don’t want to throw someone in there that doesn’t know anyone. It feels inauthentic. It’s hard. I don’t know, I’m not a producer.

You would be good in the casting industry.

I would love that. I feel like I know reality TV well where I would know if somebody would be good or they wouldn’t. I can differentiate between not liking someone’s personality but still being like, “They are going to be good for TV.”

You should do some freelance casting work and you would like it.

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Anyone reading, if you need somebody, I will do it for free. I don’t care. Give me a call.

That would be good for you. Do you ever see yourself doing anything like that or you’re going to stick in?

My degree is in accounting and I like numbers but now that I started doing TikTok and stuff. I’m like, “This is fun.” I feel like I’ve made a good group of friends that also do TikTok so I built that community. I want to do something that’s more fun. Especially with the pandemic, I don’t want to be at home sitting behind a computer all day.

Could you imagine doing interviews all day long? You would love like reality TV interviews.

I would love that. I like talking to people. I’m good with numbers and that stuff too but I want to do something where I can be more social at the same time.

Let’s say someone wants to be on reality TV, what do you think is the best personality traits that people like the most?

People like somebody that has stood out. In 2019 would be Leah from New York. She’s started on and she already has this huge following. Almost all the fans love her. She’s very chill, unapologetic about who she is and keeps it real. She doesn’t hide her feelings and she’s fun. She’s somebody that isn’t hiding behind a persona.

The persona thing works when reality TV first came out. When you watch old episodes of the Kardashians stuff, you’re like, “That was so scripted.”

Be true to who you are, speak up for yourself, and be unapologetic about it. That’s what I would say.

Your all-time favorite housewife is?

I still love Erika Jayne and a lot of fans have turned on her, but I went to New York City for the first time in January 2020 right before the pandemic and she was in the play Chicago. I got to see her on Broadway.

Did you go to watch it?

I went to see it. I waited out for her for 30 or 40 minutes. It was freezing. She came out and I got to get a picture with her. I still love her even all the fans don’t like her now. I love Bethenny too.

Why don’t the fans like her though? Is it because she’s not sharing as much?

They say she doesn’t share enough information. She doesn’t have a storyline. It’s partially true.

If she’s got the personality but it’s not like she has kids at home either. Doesn’t she have a grown kid?

He has a grown son and he’s a police officer. She doesn’t want to feature him. Tom doesn’t want to be on the show either. She’s brought her mom on.

Unless she has friends on it, it’s not like she has little kids at home. What a storyline. Her husband is a businessman like my husband.

My boyfriend would not want to be on either so I understand it. That’s why I’m sad that they’re divorcing because from what we did see of him, he was sweet to her and always supportive. It’s not like Kyle where she has four girls, they all still live in LA, and work with them. They’re on a lot. Rinna’s daughters are both models so they’re on a lot. I feel she can’t contribute in that way.

That’s not her fault. It’s not something she can control.

Somethings are ruthless. I love Bethenny because she’s snarky and she keeps it real, plus she’s a businesswoman. She’s overall like everything you would want in a housewife.

Bethenny’s comebacks remind me of myself a little bit. I’ve noticed it with how I respond to people and stuff too. If some people have commented on my page, I’m like, “We might have some similar personality.”

I have seen that where you have the microphone on and you’re yelling at it. The one good thing about 2020 was getting into TikTok.

Many things didn’t happen that were canceled. That is something that’s come out of it which is insane.

More so you than me but it’s been a fun hobby that’s something to focus on because again, what else is there to do? Especially in Michigan now that it’s cold.

How is the cold? Is it snowing yet? I saw a video of this lady opening her car door. Did you see this? It went viral and it was ice everywhere. The kid in the back is like, “What the hell?”

I saw something like that and then I saw someone slipping on their driveway. I think that was Canada. It was 75 degrees here which is nice. Honestly, the whole weekend was nice but then it went down to 40 degrees.

It’s funny being in Florida, you don’t realize that everywhere else is getting cold. It’s not getting cold here. We’re in the middle of a hurricane.

My mom lives in Miami and I’m going to come to visit her. Hopefully, the hurricane was gone.

It will be out of here in two days. No worries there.

That was a dumb comment. I don’t even know how long.

You’ll never know how long because it takes a long time for them to travel and then they don’t know when it’s going to be there. It’s a disaster. There could be another one.

I’m excited because I haven’t gone anywhere since COVID. I’m not going to do a whole lot. I want to walk on the beach.

BTB 15 | Real Housewives

Real Housewives: A diverse cast is needed if you want to have a genuine dynamic and friendship.


Have you seen your mom?

Not since December 2019. It was Christmas time so it will be good. I’m ready to hang out at the beach and being in warm weather.

Is your boyfriend going?

No. It’s just going to be me. It will be fun. I’m going to meet up with one of my TikTok friends. He does Housewives videos too.

I’ve seen a couple more people doing reality TV stuff now. I feel like you were the only one.

I was for a while and that has been a lot but that’s okay. It’s not my own thing. I like it more because there are more people to interact and talk with. We’ve created group chats and stuff. The only issue I have is the news will break out and I’ll be on my phone. I have to do this first because I don’t want people to think, “You stole my video.”

You guys are the new paparazzi reporters. Getting the news out to everyone because no one reads daily mail. People are on TikTok so you guys are doing the reporting.

Nobody wants to read it. They want to listen to value it. I don’t even fully read stuff the whole time. I’ll get my CliffNote and here we go. That’s the only thing. I’m going to be stalking my Instagram for something.

You’ve got to do Google Alerts.

Scheana from Vanderpump Rules announced she was pregnant. I woke up at 8:00 AM, I saw that and I went on. I don’t even care how I look. I’m like, “I’m going to make this video because I don’t want to be behind people.” I’ll be at dinner and something happens. I come home and everyone already talked about it. I’m like, “Damn it.” It’s like a competition now.

I had never seen reality TV and TikTok until you and then I’ve seen quite a few people.

I didn’t have intentions of like, “I’m going to make a video about the Housewives.” I got 1,000 followers from it. I was doing it. I saw more people doing it, which is cool. Now there’s a little community, which is fun. Six of us did because the Salt Lake City is starting. They do the taglines and the opening credits. All six of us did a video. I posted that.

I’m going to look once we get off. That’s cute.

I like this $10 Amazon wigs so I could recreate it.

What else is going on in your life? What’s happening, still in COVID?

The biggest things have been my nose, which is something I’ve wanted. I’m looking at getting a puppy.

What kind?

A Cavalier King Charles. Did you watch Sex and the City?


Charlotte, one of the characters, that’s the dog that she had. They were like the Queens’s dogs or Royal dogs. I might be getting one in February or March 2021.

Do you know someone who has them?

I emailed 30 different breeders in Michigan, Pennsylvania, everywhere. I was on this kicker. I’m like, “I want a dog right now.” I was messaging anybody. It’s down to one but they’re going to have a litter in December 2020. They’re close to me. I want a girl though. It’s going to depend if they have a girl.

Why do you want a girl?

First of all, this is relating to reality TV. I want to name her Tinsley from the Real Housewives of New York.


I don’t know why. I think It would be a cute dog name. I’ve always had girl dogs, so that’s what I want. If someone said something, I’m like, “It has to be a girl. I don’t want a boy dog.”

We have a girl dog and I have two Pomeranians.

I’ve seen them in your videos.

We have a girl and a boy. The boy doesn’t like anyone but me and the girl loves everyone.

I also like the Bulldogs. They can be moodier but they’re also a lot sweeter too.

She’s not moody at all. She’s such a big ball of love.

Pomeranians only love their owners too.

He’s like a cat. He’s standoffish. He doesn’t want anyone to touch him. If the kids are here, he’ll go in a different room. He does not want to be around anyone.

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I dogsit a lot too. I’ll have a dog for a week and then I won’t have him like, “I miss that energy.” I do live on my own so we’ll see.

With COVID, there are lots of dog adoptions.

That’s the issue. I do want to adopt but I’m set on the breed too. I’m like, “That’s not a breed. That’s adopted.” I have signed up for a couple of rescues. Who knows? I do want a puppy still. If that were to happen, that’d be even better because I’d love to rescue.

I’m sure many people are adopting.

They are. It’s crazy. I contacted 30 breeders and they’re all unavailable and the waitlist is six months. I want to get it because my boyfriend has a boat so we’re always boating in the summer. I want it somewhat trained before I take it on the boat for a whole weekend.

You sleep on the boat for a weekend.

Yes. There’s a bed and everything.

Is it rocky?

Not really. I can sleep well in a car.

I hate sleeping on boats. It makes me nauseous.

I feel like it’s soothing in a way. The only thing I don’t like if it’s storming, it will rock a lot and slam. That’s the only thing I don’t like. The only thing I don’t like is all the boats are close to each other. There’s no privacy at all. That’s the only thing I hate. Everyone is in each other’s business. It’s good and bad because we’re all hanging out or have drinks on someone’s boat one night. It’s like, “I want to be by myself sometimes.” There are constantly people I’m like, “I’m over this.”

Do you meet up with other boats?

It’s at a Marina on the lake.

Do you take the boat to another lake?

No. It’s a big Marina with boats.

The boat is not in the water.

It is in the water.

All the time?

For the summer and then it gets taken out for the winter.

When you take it out, you stay on the boat at the Marina or you stay on it in the water?

The Marina has three different long docks.

You sleep at the Marina or in the ocean.

At the Marina because the Marina holds the boats on the water. There are long docks and each dock has a boat here and it’s in the water. The boat and then another boat and this goes all the way down until the end. Everyone that we hang out with is either on the dock or the other dock. We’re all the way at the end of it. You walk down and it’s like a little community. That’s fun in the summer but every now and then, I want to be on my own. I don’t want people bugging me like, “Go away.” It’s pros and cons.

We used to have a boat in Miami that we left at a Marina in Miami but we didn’t know any of our neighbors or anything. There are many boats there. It’s crazy. No one’s ever there because some of them rent it out or whatever. We didn’t know any neighbors. It was not a community.

It’s different in Michigan because you only have it for the summer. Everyone makes a point to be there every weekend in the summer because you only have many nice weekends whereas, in Florida, you have all year round.

A lot of people own boats and they’re from out of the country. They’ll come into town and go on their boat so we never saw anyone.

They stop by.

It’s super expensive to have your boat down there too. Even the Marina, it was $5,000 or $6,000 a month rent.

I don’t pay for it.

Do you know if he pays year-round for it or was it the months you use it?

It’s $3,000 for the summer which I can say is not that bad. He pays to have it stored but that’s like seven months.

They store it there too.

They have a storage all throughout.

Is there a clubhouse area there too?

BTB 15 | Real Housewives

Real Housewives: Continue posting even if you only get 100 likes.


There’s a clubhouse, bathrooms, and stuff. It’s a little beach. It’s very East Coasty but in Michigan. It’s gay friendly too so it’s fun. They have a big resort bar there.

That’ll be fun with the dog.

The town is dog friendly. There are always dogs. There are a lot of dogs at the Marina too.

Does your boyfriend want a dog?

He has one already. If it doesn’t happen, it’s not the end of the world. I’ll try again in 2021.

I have a lot of young readers so let’s end with some advice for someone who wants to get into the business you’re in or someone starting reality TV TikTok.

I would say in general, go for it. Honestly, quarantine got me on whatever I’m doing now. It’s a hobby. When I started doing TikTok, my first one was me bringing groceries to my grandma because it was quarantine. I thought, “This will be cute.” I was like, “I’ll make a video about the Real Housewives.” I don’t know if anything will happen. The first one, I made 6,000 likes, which to me was good. I never got that many likes on anything. I started doing more of it, so go for it.

People get so afraid to make more content. The more you put out there, the more people are going to see.

That’s my philosophy too. Even if I post something and it only gets 100 likes, at least I tried. Sometimes, I’ll post something dumb and it will get 1,000.

My simple videos do well sometimes. I’ve been posting a lot more. I’ve filmed so many shows so I was busy. I was only posting once or twice a day. Now, I post ten times a day and I don’t care.

I need to do more because I only post once a day at the most. I go through phases. Some weeks, “I’m going to do this and this.” Other weeks, I’m motivated.

I feel the same way. Sometimes, I don’t feel good so I don’t want to make videos.

I’m in a bad mood.

It’s nice that you can turn it off.

Sometimes it feels like a chore. Other times, I’m like, “This is fun.”

Have you been recognized out?

I haven’t.

You’ve been home a lot too.

I don’t go anywhere. Maybe one day.

I’m sure you will.

You were telling me before that those girls were coming up to you and you’re like, “This is so weird.” I don’t know what I would even say.

Let me ask you two questions before we get off. What was the best part of your day now?

You asked me this before when we did the first one. We have two months to think about these questions. I was thinking because the other one is going to be, “What did you learn now?” I was trying to focus and be like, “This will be good to mention that I learned something.” All day, this is what I was thinking about.

This is why it’s good that it’s a surprise.

I cannot think of one thing that I learned. The best part of the day is going to be the Salt Lake City starting. That didn’t happen yet but I did know that it’s going to be the best.

I know what you learned now?


You learned that hurricanes don’t last two weeks.

That’s what I know now. They only last a couple of days.

Thank you for joining me again for the second time for the real episode. If you want to tell everyone your @.

TikTok is where I post more. It’s @ThaRealMike.

Thank you.

Thank you.

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