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Thinking about the days when we were young surely brings some nostalgia about living life with spontaneity and a free-spirited attitude. Today’s new generation is truly something, not only living out their youthfulness but also changing a lot about the world in the process. In this episode, The Bunny Barbie is joined by one of the most followed young TikTokers out there, actress Katie Kelly, also known as GirlWithGreenBeanie. Together, they talk about each of their youthful experiences and how they share more of them through TikTok. They also tap into how the young are redefining education, acceptance, and more. They also take us behind the scenes of creating their content and how TikTok is influencing the world, be it from fashion and music to humor. Join The Bunny Barbie and Katie in this conversation as you reminisce your days being young.

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Young Lives, TikTok, And More With GirlWithGreenBeanie, Katie Kelly

I was at dinner with my husband and I was like, “I’ll probably have the best person that I’m ever going to have on my show.” I know it’s going to be so lit. First off, how are you? I’m excited to finally meet you.

I’m doing good. Thank you for having me on the show. I love watching your TikToks. This is like the crossover of the century.

First off, let’s get into your movie. I want to talk about that right away because I want everyone to know how amazing it is. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much during a movie. I’ve been through so many of those similar things in my life, which is a horrible thing to say because it’s a depressing movie. I’ve never been on hardcore drugs or anything, but everything else in the movie, we’ve all known someone. I remember being in high school and at least ten friends of mine had passed away from drugs. It was insane. Her movie is called Sno Babies. If you want to talk about it, and you’re so beautiful at your premiere, I’ll let you take it.

Thank you. I got that red pantsuit for the premiere as we all know. I filmed the movie back in 2018. It took all this time to come out. I’m glad that you liked it and thank you for watching it. I know a lot of people personally that have passed away to drug addiction. If they haven’t passed away, they got over it and they got through it. They had to go get help to get over the addiction. It is interesting because a lot of people when they think of a drug addict, they’re thinking of a homeless person living under a bridge. That cannot be further from the truth. The movie shines light on that.

One of the big takeaways that I took from it is I like that they didn’t portray the mom to be completely out of the daughter’s life and didn’t care. She was still around. She wasn’t noticing what was going on, which is very relatable. That’s what happens.

You’re living your own life. It’s easy to get distracted and get caught up in work or whatever it may be. It is realistic that you would be close with your mom, but your mom wouldn’t see the signs.

I had an old friend of mine, when I posted and I tagged you in something on my Instagram, he was like, “Do you know her?” I was like, “I know her from TikTok.” He said one of his best friends produced your movie like brothers or something. Are they brothers?

For The Retaliators, yes. I was in another movie that’s coming out in 2021. They produced it. What a small world. They’re nice guys though.

Are you still acting through COVID?

The industry stopped for a short amount of time because of COVID. Now, it’s all back. SAG regulations are good in order. Everything’s picking back up. It’s been like auditions left and right. It’s been crazy the past months.

I saw that you’ve been acting your whole life.

My entire life has been centered around acting. I missed a couple of years of school. I was homeschooled for some years. I graduated high school when I was a sophomore for acting. I didn’t go to prom or homecoming. Acting has been my entire life since I was born.

What are some other things people can find you on or may have heard you?

I did a show on NBC back in 2014 called Game of Silence. I shot an indie movie. I talked about it on my Instagram story. It was my first kiss and it was on camera. I was maybe nine, so young. It’s awkward. It’s cringy, but it’s out there. I have a lot more projects coming out in 2021 so I’m excited. Everything is coming together at once. TikTok took off out of nowhere.

How could it not with your personality?

Those story times, they’re out there but I have a lot of fun with it.

I love that you’re putting yourself out there and showing people your personality. You’re such a good actress. You were so in that character, but you’re outgoing in real life. Normally, you see actresses are very poised and proper. You’re so yourself, which is awesome.

Thank you. I’ve had a little bit of trouble. They’re not used to young actresses speaking out and being unapologetically themselves. They’re used to them being like Natalie Portman and so and so. I’m trying to break the mold.

Has it lost you any jobs?

It has not lost me any jobs yet, but some people are telling me that it has the potential for me to lose jobs.

People always say that about everything. They’re like, “If you don’t go to college, you’re not going to get a good job,” then people get jobs.

The highest paying jobs don’t even require a degree anymore.

Shouldn’t that make people want to hire you because people genuinely like you?

That’s what I’m saying. I always try to say that my videos are pretty much how I am. I’m very outgoing and very loud. If you don’t like how I am in my videos, you probably won’t like me in person. We probably wouldn’t have worked well together anyways.

If you want a normal set that’s not fun, this is not the idea.

When someone’s walking on set at 5:00 AM every morning screaming, “Good morning,” I’m not the girl.

It’s a great energy for everyone around.

I have so much energy. I don’t know where it came from but all day long, I’m going off.

I love that you are not on purpose but helping girls deal with bad relationships that they’ve been through.

I was going on TikTok making those videos for me, for my healing and speaking my experience. The more I’ve been on TikTok, the more I realized that my main goal with TikTok is for girls that have been through those experiences to feel heard. Those experiences are isolating. You feel like no one else has ever lived that before. Hearing my stories, they’re crazy. It can help other girls be like, “I relate.” That’s really important to me that girls feel heard because especially for young girls, boys are so bad.

I’ve dated many horrible men.

Your husband seems cool though.

He’s such a vibe for me. I’m Scorpio like crazy and he’s very mellow. You cannot upset him. I’ve seen him upset three times in the years we’ve been together. He does not get mad. He’s super chill, which is great for me. I can’t be with someone who’s at my energy level. We’ll just fight.

Your son, he’s young.

He’s three. He’s a Sagittarius though, so we’ll see how that pans out. He’s a good mix between me and my husband. I’m very happy he’s not a girl. I have enough sass for the whole house.

I want a boy too whenever I have kids. That’s what I want. I just want a son.

It’s good. I can’t imagine having a girl. What else is going on? Can you talk about some projects you have coming up or you’re not allowed to yet?

I can talk about a couple of things. Do you know who Brianna is on TikTok? Brianna Chicken Fry. She has a podcast on Barstool. I’m going on the Barstool podcast, which is pretty cool. It’s called Plan Bri. That’s pretty cool. That’s all TikTok-related stuff. I have a project for acting that I’m working on right now that I can’t talk about. In 2021, there’s a movie coming out that I’m in called The Retaliators. It’s a horror action kind of movie. I’ve never done anything like that before. It’s pretty cool. My character goes through some pretty intense stuff, but I went through some intense stuff in Sno Babies anyways.

You should win an award for that. It was intense. Was it a lot mentally? I was hysterically crying.

It was twenty degrees outside. I was covered in pudding and cream cheese for the afterbirth.

What’s cream cheese?

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It’s for afterbirth special effects. They put cream cheese all over my leg.

Now I’m thinking, was that a real baby?

No, it was an animatronic baby. They could move it with a remote. I was eighteen so I was young. Mentally, it was hard, but my mom was there the whole time we were filming. She helped me out a lot. When I gave birth, I had a whole entire panic attack in the middle of the scene. It was a lot but we got the shot.

Especially with doing drugs. Did that add to it or was it giving birth in general?

It was giving birth in general. We shot that sequence for eight hours. My call time was midnight. We were shooting up until 8:00 AM. I had to give birth for that long. You’re hyperventilating. You’re screaming. You’re cold. You’re wet. It was a lot, but we did it. The drugs were another thing. You have to learn how to shoot up and how it affects you. It’s crazy all the research you have to do for stuff like that. Giving birth was the hardest scene we shot.

Are you friends now with that other girl?


I feel in real life, you guys would be friends because you went through this whole experience together.

We don’t like keep up. We’re acquaintances or whatever, but we had good chemistry when we were filming. I had known her before though. We were friends for a long time before we shot.

Where do you live?

I live in Dallas, Texas.

You do a lot all your shooting there or do you travel around?

No. All of my auditions, because of Coronavirus, you tape them at home and you send them to casting. I’m doing that all through Dallas, but if I had to go and film somewhere, usually right now filming is in New York and Philly. I don’t know why it’s up in that area. If I had to film, I would have to go over in that area. I’m trying to move to LA by January 2021. 

 I’m in Florida. Did you see my video where they wrote everything that I said in the thing?

Yes. I saw your Instagram story, but on my For You page, I saw that video of that guy praising how you’re a great mom too, which is super cool.

He’s super cute. I like him a lot. I’ve never watched YouTube like family bloggers and stuff. I don’t watch TV in general. I’m doing my own thing. When he was saying like, “Do you know these people, these family bloggers post their kid’s first kiss and put them together, when they got their periods and deaths in the family? They’re like, ‘Our dog died. We’re going to film the kids’ reactions.’” I’m like, “No.”

It’s torture. What is that?

I’m happy that he’s bringing awareness to that. I didn’t even know it’s a thing.

You know that one family, The Ace Family.

I’ve only seen them on TikTok. People would comment saying like, “You should do blogs like Ace Family,” to me and stuff. That girl is from where I’m from.

There’s some dirt on them on the internet right now. It’s like they’re exploiting their kids. It’s their job. Their whole brand is exploiting their kids. They’re getting backlash right now.

They have millions of followers. Why would people other than pedophiles follow them?

I know there’s even this clip of Austin, the guy.

I saw him yelling at her.

Did you see the one where he was spanking his daughter too but it wasn’t as punishment? He said something like, “Share,” or something like that. Everyone was like, “What is wrong with you?”

I would never do that to my son, put him out there like that.

I had to do some research to find anything on you. I was looking for your husband and your kid.

When you google me, other questions come up like, who is my husband? It says what my real name is. It says Barbi Benton. Do you know who that is? She’s the real Barbie. She’s the real person who Barbie was named after. In my comments, people will be like, “Her real name was Barbara,” and they go back and forth fighting with each other. Bunny wasn’t my real name. I changed my name to Bunny. I put comment filters on my real name on my page so no one can comment my name. People comment random names to each other and then fight over it.

How old were you when you changed your name? I love that you changed it.

I changed it in January 2020. It’s right before I joined TikTok.

Are people calling you Bunny before as a nickname?

My husband would always call me Bunzee, but I always use Bunny as a middle name. I never liked my first name. When I met my husband, everyone used to call me Barbie. He didn’t like Barbie. He thought it was too much. People stopped calling me Barbie and then started calling me Bunny because he liked it more.

I wish my name was Bunny. That is the cutest name ever.

Is your name Katie Kelly?

That’s my real God given name.

It’s such a good name.

It’s Katherine, but no one ever calls me that. I have three brothers and they’re Kyle, Kolby and Kevin. I’m Katie.

You’re like the Kardashians.

My parents love the letter K. None of my brothers are in the entertainment industry at all. They’re completely normal people.

Do they live in Dallas too?

Yeah. They all went to the same college at the same time. They’re regular people, nothing like how I am.

If you moved to LA, would any of your family move with you or just you?

It’ll be just me. I’ve been moving there often alone since I was sixteen. I’ve done it a couple of times, but they never move with me. I don’t know why. I feel they would like it better than Texas. They love it here.

You should move into a TikTok house.

Don’t get me started on the TikTok houses, but that would be crazy. I went to LA in July 2020 and I met a lot of those TikTokers. It was interesting to meet them and be like, “You’re like a real person with real feelings. You’re not just an internet thing.”

People are so mean. They think people don’t care.

You think that they don’t even read their comments, but that’s their entire life. They definitely do.

Even if they act like they don’t, I’m sure they do.

How could they not? Maybe not Charli because she gets thousand million comments per video. She’s about to hit 100 million.

Isn’t that like 1/3 of the US?

Yes, and she gains almost a million every day. How is that possible?

I’ve never seen her on my For You page, not once.

I follow her because who doesn’t?

I don’t know if I follow her or not. I have to go check. I never see her videos. She’s super cute.

I love Dixie too. I love them. I bet they’re pretty cool. I don’t think they deserve the amount of hate they get.

No, I don’t understand why people hate. What’s there to hate?

Nothing. They’re cute little young girls, why hate on it? People are like that. They’re just weird.

I saw this thing that we as a society love to lift up beautiful women and then tear them back down. Who’s your favorite TikToker?

My favorite is Payton King. You know who that is?


BTB Katie | GirlWithGreenBeanie

GirlWithGreenBeanie: At the end of the day, TikTok connects more people and helps them find communities that they would normally not be as open to finding totally.



He’s a comedy TikToker. He does like skits and stuff. He’s funny. I like it. He has so much commitment to his character. He only does character work and it’s always over the top. I would feel self-conscious being a character like that, but he kills it.

You’re an actress.

I get nervous when people see me act, which is so weird.

Have you ever done any acting on TikTok?

One time, I posted a POV like lip-sync to a scene in some movie and I do edit Noah Beck’s part of it, and all of the comments were like, “This is so cringy. You’re so cringe. Pack it up.” I was like, “I’m an actress. What are you all talking about?” One was like, “Another TikToker trying to be an actress.” I was like, “What? You don’t even know.”

It’s funny because I didn’t even know you were an actress until I followed you on Instagram and saw your movie coming out.

It’s a secret. I don’t know why I keep it a secret, but I’m pretty open about it now. I’ve gotten better at telling people about me acting. I usually keep it like a little secret, I don’t know why. It makes me a little bit like, “I’m an actress.” People are like, “Will I know you from anything?” I’m like, “No, you wouldn’t. Sorry.”

Can I tell you the reason I followed you? The first video I saw of you was the one when you were underaged and they found your ID when you were with the guy. I sent that to my friend and I was like, “This is literally us.”

I feel like I’m living your past, what you were living when you were my age. Sometimes on TikTok, you tell little stories, but you never give full details. I’m always like, “I want to know.”

My mom who I don’t talk to a whole lot, she was trying to blackmail me. She’s like, “I have these letters that you wrote and these stories. They’re disgusting.” I’m like, “What is she talking about?” When I was like 19 or 20, I wrote stories down from my past. I had her mail or something that she needed. I made her drop them off to me. I have not had the heart to go through them yet because I know they are going to be so intense. There are ten of them. I don’t even remember half of it. I’ll tell you one story. When I was fourteen, I had a boyfriend who had already dropped out of high school. He worked at McDonald’s. I lived in an apartment with my mom. He would come and sneak in and he would sleep at my house every night. He went to work after I would go to school, I was a freshman. I lived in New York. It was snowy. He would leave after me. He would leave out of my window and go to work.

One morning my mom was going to do laundry in the basement where everyone does laundry. This neighbor was like, “You left your window open. I saw your windows open upstairs.” My door was locked. My mom goes upstairs, picks the door. He’s standing there about to jump out of the window with a hoodie on, looking out towards the window. She’s like, “Who are you?” He turns around and he’s like, “I’m so sorry. I’m dating your daughter. I spent the night here.” She’s like, “What?” It was so bad.

If that ever happened to me, I don’t think I would see tomorrow.

He was like on parole. It was a mess.

You have the craziest stories. I need to up my story time game. I feel like from your stories that you tell, I can relate.

It’s hard to get them into 60 seconds or whatever.

I have to talk at the speed of light in order to do it.

You’re like screaming more. People are like, “Why are you screaming?”

I’m talking freaking fast. You try to talk really fast and quiet. Those story times are a bitch film. Let me tell you.

I love that you do them in your car too. It makes it super relatable.

I need to drop another one. I’m tired of talking about him.

Does he still reach out to you? I saw something that he was reaching out to you.

Yeah, he reached out to me.

Did he told you to stop?

I don’t know what he wanted. He texted me and he said, “Katie, I know we haven’t talked since I left you in Mexico, but I’ve been thinking about things. We need to talk immediately. Please call me in the next 24 hours. I’m unavailable after that.” I never responded. Are you kidding me?

He’s so powerful, “I’m unavailable after that.”

He’s way younger than me. It’s ridiculous. Who’s your favorite TikToker?

I liked that girl, The Nava Rose. Do you know who that is? She does fashion stuff. Every time I ask other TikTokers this, I never know who they’re talking about and they never know who I’m talking about.

I don’t have a lot of fashion content on my For You. It’s more like personality type people like me and you.

I get lots of personalities too. I never see any dancing, zero.

I don’t see the dancers. I don’t see like Charli, Sway or any people like that. Do you like TikTok in general?

I like the content. It goes through phases where sometimes I’m like, “This is horrible,” and sometimes, I like it. I also feel like creators don’t push your content and then push your content. Don’t push it and push it. Maybe it’s the flow of it.

Some months I won’t get a single video that has more than 200,000 views. The next month it’s millions of million views. I’m like, “How is that possible?”

It’s like a flow that they have.

It must be their algorithm. I don’t know. It a cool platform. It’s something we haven’t seen before.

It’s nice that it turns normal people into creators. It’s open playing field for anyone. Whereas Instagram, you had to know photographers that would tag you and stuff, people to find you. Now it’s easy for people to find you. You just have to be good at posting content.

You’re so right about how it’s an equal playing field. Your For You page is people that you have no relation to at all. It’s not people you follow. It’s random people. That’s the opportunity to see many different of theater.

Although it is crazy how much people hate each other and stuff, I do feel like at the end of the day it is connecting more people. People are finding communities that they would normally not be as open to find like LGBTQ communities and stuff like that, people that are trans communities. Although there are miserable people everywhere, but it’s connecting people in a way that it didn’t before. Moms will come on my page and she’s like, “My daughter loves you.” I’m like, “You let your daughter watch me. It’s crazy.” A few years ago, they would have been like, “This is the woman I do not want my daughter to follow.” They would have said that about me. It’s so weird that I’m a mom. Now they’re like, “You’re my idol. You’re the best thing ever.” I’m like, “What?”

All those moms totally wish they were you though. You’re like the hottest, coolest, youngest mom and they’re all wishing they could relive their glory days.

It’s me. It’s who I am. I’m not going to tone it down for whatever.

You don’t see a whole lot of creators like you at all.

Someone else said that to me too. You’re the same. It’s more your personality. Whereas some creators do like info and how to do this. Learning on TikTok and stuff like that. I don’t have any of those skills to teach you. You’ve got my personality.

I can give you my personal experience advice. That’s all I can help you with.

Are you dating? Are you single?

I’m single.

How old are you?

I’m 20. I’ll be 21 in January 2021.

I thought you were young.

I look young too, especially on TikTok. I look like sixteen. I’m excited to turn 21. I can go do anything. There are places I can’t even get into because I’m not 21. It’s going to open up a whole new ballgame for me, which is cool. I’m a home body. Turning 21 might push me out to be a little bit more social.

You can go to lounges or whatever. I had a fake ID since I was like fourteen though. When I turned 21, I was with my girlfriends and we went to Miami. It happened to be the night that Kanye West and Jay-Z did a tour together. We went to this nightclub called Makai and the guy put us at the table with Jay-Z and Kanye for my 21st birthday.

You have the craziest life of anyone ever. That would only happen to you. Corona is going to mess up my 21st.

Gabrielle Union was there. She’s stunning in person. She’s an actress.

Did you talk to Kanye?

We’re all hanging out.

Was he like on his rocker at the time?

It was before he ever met Kim. I’m turning 30 so it was a while ago.

You look so young.

Some moms are 35 and they’re like regular moms. I’m not a regular mom. I’m a cool mom. My husband’s ex-wife when I met her, everyone says that character in the movie is like her, which is funny. People compare me to her.

Do you guys get along?

Yeah. We all hang out. We look alike. She’s older. We’re both Scorpios and we took a personality test and we have the same personality. We’re like the same person. She’s more organized and regimented, whereas I’m more free spirit homeschooling.

I’ve been watching all of your unschooling videos. I’ve never learned about that until you started talking about it.

You were homeschooled too?

For a lot of years, but it was online. My mom had a full-time job.

You did it yourself?


Usually on set, they have teachers that they have to have for you?

Yeah. Whenever I would be on a set, I would get the teacher, but I wasn’t consistently working my entire life. A lot of times I was doing school on the computer.

You do it with other kids or just yourself?

It’s just myself. At the time, the program that I was using, you didn’t have to do anything. You said that you did it. No work was turned in or anything. You marked completion so that was my schooling. That’s maybe why I have such a big outgoing personality because my whole life I’ve been more focused on social settings, talking and learning about people.

That’s the career you’re in. It’s not like you need to know algebra.

I haven’t used the Pythagorean theorem in my everyday life. Education is important. Going to school like that is only important if you want to be a doctor or a lawyer, something that requires the specialized education. Otherwise, why waste your money?

I agree, especially getting into debt. That’s my biggest thing is these young girls getting into debt. All of my friends that have college degrees, they’ve never used them for what they’re for. I’ve never went to college, but even people will comment on my thing and they’re like, “How’s he going to get a high school diploma?” I’m like, “When did I us my high school diploma? To own my own business? No.”

People would fall into the capitalism 9 to 5 thing.

I also think that when he’s older, many more people are going to change. I can bring some more awareness to that to new moms that are the same as me who are all traveling down this journey together.

Our generation, we’re all changing a lot about the world and how people are living, working, being and seeing. Our parents’ generation was very much like men go to work, women stay at home, they raise the kids. It’s not like that anymore at all. I’m excited to see how the world evolves with that.

Your generation being more accepting of everyone. If you have differences in other ways, but not for who they love or other things like that. What else do you have going on? Tell me more.

I’ve been grinding out on the internet. You’re either consuming the content or you’re creating it. It’s one of the other. People that just consume the content all day long. They don’t even know how much work goes into it. It’s a lot, especially with YouTube. Now that I’m doing that, I spent literally three days straight editing a video. I’m sitting in my bed for three days. It’s brutal. It’s work for free.

To put content out there.

It’s true for other people to enjoy, but the goal is to make it where I can monetize it. For now, I’m doing all the work for free, which is cool. I like making content. At the same time, we’re creators too. We have bills. We’re normal people that have a different type of job. It’s cool learning about the internet and how things work and what people like to see.

It’s interesting to see what people like. Some videos that I think are going to do well, don’t and then random videos do well.

How annoying is that too? You spend an entire day making a video that doesn’t get views. You post a 30-second and it pops off. It’s the internet. What are you going to do? I’ve learned a lot. Getting involved with the internet totally changed me, which changed my entire life. It’s a blessing in disguise.

How long have you been on TikTok?

Since January 2020. How long have you been on TikTok?

I don’t know. I made my account in January 2020, but I don’t think I started posting for a couple of months. What blow up my account was that random face mask that I made.

I followed you maybe before that. I don’t really know. The second I saw you on my For You page, I was like, “Yes.” I was following you immediately.

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The first one I saw was that video of you talking about your ID.

I got pulled over. The police officer came and he was like, “Can I get your license?” I have a fake ID right now. I accidentally handed him my fake ID. That was bad.

Did you get in trouble?

Yes. He took it from me. It was bad. He was like, “What is this? Why do you have this?” I was like, “That’s my friend’s.”

I’m going to tell you another juicy story because that reminded me of this. One time me and my girlfriends went out and we were all underage. We’d go out every single night. The cops knew us. We’d go out every night, but they assumed we were older. I was eighteen. The night before, a girl had gotten run over by a car because she was drunk the night before in the road in front of the nightclub. The nightclub was under scrutiny because the girl was underage. We went up to the front and the police were watching or something. I’m partying with my friends. My one friend leaves and goes to another club to meet a guy around the corner.

I’m chilling there with my one friend and the police come into the club, into the table we were at and they were like, “Show me your ID.” I’m like, “Excuse me? I’m at a table.” They’re like, “Show me your ID right now.” I didn’t even have one. I knew everyone there and I would just get in. They bring us outside. They have us against the wall, outside the club. They’re like, “Give me your phone. We know you walked in with the other girl. Where’s the other girl?” I’m like, “I don’t know.” This is so illegal that they did this. They took my phone and texted her, “Can you come meet me outside of the club? Something happened, come meet me down here.”

She comes from the other club comes down. They’re about to arrest all of us. We’re standing there and I’m like, “You don’t understand.” He asked me where I’m from like my real ID. I don’t even think I had my real ID. I don’t even have a Florida license. I only have a New York license. He was like, “Where are you from?” I was like, “I’m from Albany, New York.” He was like, “Where in Albany?” I was like, “I grew up in Menands.” He was like, “I’m from Menands.” I’m like, “That’s so random, Mr. Officer. I can’t believe we’re from the same town.” He was like, “I’m going to let you guys go because you’re from my hometown.” He was like, “We don’t want to see you down here anymore.” I was like, “Okay.” We waited a month and then started going back.

Is that where you’re from though?


What are the odds of that? That came through right there. I don’t have any crazy cool stories like that.

You don’t want them, that’s not a good story.

I’d rather grow up and have stories like that than be like, “When I was twenty, I stayed at home. I read a book.” That’s so lame.

I am thankful that I had such a wildlife to where now I’m like chill. It’s given me so much life experience that I’m not judgmental on other people.

I feel the same way about that. People ask me all the time, “You’re mature for twenty.” It’s like because of the life experiences that I’ve had like the traveling, the meeting new people, going places where you don’t know anyone. That well rounds you. It does. That’s what it comes down to is living life. You got to get out there.

What’s your plan when you get to LA?

I’m not sure yet. All of my friends live in LA because I’ve been living there off and on. It’s weird when I come back to Texas. I don’t have an established life here.

Your friends are in LA?

All of them, every single one. My high school experience was in LA. It’s pretty interesting coming back to Texas, but it’s good family time for sure. The industries out there, which is the main reason I need to get out there. Live auditions start happening soon where I can go in the room and meet with the casting directors. As of right now, it’s to get out in LA and get in the scene of things, be active in what I’m doing.

Congratulations on being verified too.

Thank you. I don’t know how it happened or where or when or why? I woke up and saw it and I thought it was a glitch. I was like, “What happened?” I texted my TikTok manager and he was like, “That’s crazy.” Maybe he did it and he’s keeping it a secret.

I’ve done these podcasts with quite a few other people and they said that you have to fill out a form.

He filled that out for me and just acted excited. I don’t know, but it was so cool when I woke up. I can’t get verified on TikTok. I don’t know how or anything like that.

You have a TikTok manager guy?

Yeah. It’s how I do all my deals and stuff. That’s the benefit of having him. It gets busy on TikTok. You get one and then you get another that’s snowballing and all this stuff.

Do you do lots of ads?

Not a lot, but I started doing them in the past because I had to pay bills. I started doing them. I’ve only worked with companies that I like. I’m working with Tinder. They’re a good company in general. I do select deals, but I don’t throw them out all.

I feel like Tinder is a great one for you.

I love Tinder. It’s right up my alley. They send me cool merch. Sometimes ads are awkward though. You’re like, “Buy this.” It’s like, “What if I don’t want to buy it? Why tell them to buy it?” It’s been nice.

I don’t even do any ads. I get so many emails to do ads. It’s insane. Do you get a million emails?

My manager does. We decline 98% of them.

I can’t even believe how all these companies find me. I’m like, “How did you find me?”

Isn’t that crazy how some companies will slide in your Instagram DMs and be like, “We’ll send you this $5 product if you put it on your story for free.” It’s like, “My stories are getting 10,000 views.”

I had this major haircare company reach out to me. They were like, “I love your band. We’d love to work together,” whatever. I was like, “Yeah.” I have my cosmetology license. I get 50% off on everything because I have my license. They were like, “You can make ten videos or something like that and we’ll give you $75 on our website.” I’m like, “Are you kidding me?”

That’s what I’m saying. That’s not happening. You think you’re getting a commercial for free? No, it’s not.

That’s why I don’t run ads, because I know in a few years from now, my ads are going to cost a lot of money. I want to save it for that rather than do something now. They have photos of me using their product and then they promote it in a couple of years from now.

That’s smart. The Sway boys are getting paid millions of dollars per ad. Have you seen their house, the Triller house? They started working with Triller, TikTok’s competitor. Triller moved the Sway boys into this $50 million mansion. It’s the biggest house I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

I have to look it up.

BTB Katie | GirlWithGreenBeanie

GirlWithGreenBeanie: Everything comes down to just living life. You got to get out there, you know?


They gave them cars and everything.

Do they not use TikTok anymore?

They had to go on TikTok and say they weren’t going to use it anymore when they all signed the deal. They were just lying. They still use it every day. They just use Triller too.

I wonder if they’re under some kind of contract. It’s probably not going to take off.

Triller has been around forever and it’s never been. I remember when I was in junior high and my friends were making Trillers. I was like, “What’s a Triller?” It’s not a thing, but good for them. They’re chasing their bag. They are in their bag.

What happens in Triller?

That’s what I’m saying. It’s weird to think how much money they probably have. They’re twenty and they’re millionaires. Having that much money so young would be dangerous.

Can you imagine if COVID never happened? It would have been crazy for them. TikTok has blown up. I don’t know if TikTok would have blown up as much if it wasn’t for COVID. A lot of people weren’t at home.

COVID and TikTok was the perfect combination.

COVID brought older, not teenagers to TikTok and got it out there.

All of the fashion, humor, music and trends in 2020, it all came from TikTok. One of my friends made a dance to this artist’s song, and the dance is one of the most famous dances on TikTok. My friend told me that he made that song number one and they paid him.

Bella Poach, whatever girl, she has a deal with Columbia Records or something with the song that she uses.

They’re paying them well. I don’t know if you saw or not, but a ton of TikTokers went and hung out with this artist, Bebe Rexha.

I saw everyone with her.

Do you know how much money they paid all of those people to go hang out with her? They’re all getting majorly paid to freaking hang out with her. It blows me away.

I saw her on everyone’s page.

That’s how they do it. That’s how the dance trends. They make all the creators post this dance at the same time and it’s game over. It’s a powerful place, TikTok.

I’m so glad I wasn’t banned.

Were you going to get banned?

No, but TikTok was going to get banned.

That would have been crazy if TikTok would have been no more. I don’t even know what would have happened.

Do you know what else is crazy? Before I started getting followers on TikTok, I posted maybe 2 or 3 bikini videos and every single one of them got taken down for violating community guidelines, until I had a following and now they allow them.

Kylie Jenner can put the F-word in her caption for TikTok, but when I say the F-word, my video gets taken down. They definitely pick and choose who’s allowed to do what.

It’s horrible. They pushed out more attractive people onto the For You page because they wanted more people to stay on it. Did you see that?

Did TikTok get bought by someone else?

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It was Oracle, which is a tech company and Walmart.

I hope maybe they make some changes. Sometimes it’s hard to create good videos on TikTok because it’s not very user-friendly.

I was talking to another girl and she said she’s been on TikTok for four years. It’s been around for a long time. She said that before she couldn’t even write captions on the thing, she would literally write on pieces of paper and put it on her chest. If you were acting something out, it would be on their chest.

I guess it’s gotten way better, but it needs to get even more better.

Especially the way tech is now. I don’t understand why is there no spellcheck.

That pisses me off more than anything. I can’t stand that. I have to google almost all the words because I want to make sure I’m not a misspelling restaurant or something.

People attack you.

They’re like, “You’re dumb.” Hopefully, hey make some changes for the creators, but I don’t know. It’s rocking and rolling.

Thank you so much for spending so much time with me. I’m going to ask you two questions that I asked my son before he goes to bed at night. The first one is what was the best part of your day?

It was talking to you. That was the best part of my day. I had so much fun. I enjoy a whole lot. This is amazing.

Number two is what did you learn now?

I learned that you’re a Scorpio.

Thank you so much. I hope to have you again another time. Hopefully, you’ll get to LA and I’ll meet you there soon.

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